A Girl and Her Family

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Big Dick

My Dad’s massive 10 inch cock rammed deep inside my pussy as I lay flat on the bed, my legs tightly wrapped around his waist.

‘Oh Daddy, it feels so good when I feel your cock rubbing against my womb!’ I moaned.

‘Me too, baby, me too! It feels amazing when the tip of my cock meets my sweet little girl’s pussy-end!’ he exclaimed.

I hugged him tighter against me, making my massive 36DD tits mash against my Dad’s rock hard chest. ‘Then no more talk, Daddy, no more talk! Ram that cock deep inside me again and again, make your little girl feel like the only woman in your life! Spray all you’re jizz inside your baby’s pussy! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me so hard that your sweet little girl’s cunt gets battered and ravaged!’

‘I will, baby, I will!’ he promised.

And with that he mercilessly pulled out then rammed his cock inside me so hard and so fast that I couldn’t breathe! I could barely catch my breath as my Daddy pounded inside me hard and fast. Again and again, he made sure that with each thrust, I felt his cock head rubbing against the entrance to my womb. Dad showed no mercy as he stormed inside me with all his might and I clung to him for dear life.

The bed was creaking so noisily that the springs sounded like it couldn’t take the battering my Dad was dishing out to me on top of it! Well, that was nothing new; we had already damaged two beds so far this year and we hadn’t even reached the middle of the year yet!

My pussy juices were leaking out of me in generous streams; trickling down my sweet, pink little ass hole and pooling on the bed sheet as Dad pounded inside me. His balls were slapping against my ass cheeks as he tore in to his little girl’s pussy. As he would plunge deep inside me each time, a delicious squelching noise was made; and as he pulled out, another delicious, wet noise that is only comparable to a massive cock being pulled out of a nice tight little twat, was made! In addition to being 10 inches long, Dad was also 3 inches wide. Only I knew what it was like to enjoy this massive cock of his every single day as he woke up in the morning. I was a lucky, lucky girl and I thank all my lucky stars for having such a well-endowed, sexy father who didn’t hesitate to fuck his daughter’s brains out any time she asked!

My pussy was enjoying a nice little exercising this morning! It was being stretched to its limits as well having the life pounded out of it. I was leaking so much juice that the bed sheet around my ass was soaking wet. Oh well, I might have to wash it later… being the only woman in the house, I did such chores happily! Tee hee!

Dad thrust inside me so hard and so fast that I clearly saw a sprit of my juice flying in an arc and landing on the wall behind us. Dad had also installed a mirror on the ceiling above his bed so that we could watch with gusto this incestuous mingling of the father and daughter sex! Is he sweet or what? I so love my Daddy dearly!

Finally, I couldn’t take it any more; I could feel the tingling of my orgasm starting at the toes of my feet — it’s only a matter of seconds before I cum.

‘I’m gonna cum, Daddy, I’m gonna cum!’ I wailed.

‘Shhh!’ Dad whispered desperately in my ear. ‘Not so loud, Mia baby! You know Grandpa is sleeping next room; you’ll wake him up, baby!’

‘I’m sorry, Daddy!’ I managed an apology even as Dad shoved his massive cock inside me so hard that I felt the breath being crushed out of me. And that did it for me; I was cumming so hard that I had to bite my lips to stop myself from screaming. Dad still kept plunging inside me again and again, faster and faster, harder and harder he ravaged my tiny pussy. I felt the bed springs finally give away with an almighty groan; oh well, that would be the third time this year; but I didn’t care as Dad was finally emptying his balls inside me — copious amount of cum was washing over my womb. As I experienced my father’s exquisite thick, warm cum load after cum load being emptied inside me, I came a second time, then a third, and then finally, a fourth… is he the world’s greatest Dad for making his daughter cum so much, or what?

As we lay still, basking on the after glow, I felt Dad going soft inside me. I so loved this feeling early in the morning! This is the way dad preferred me to wake him up before he left for office every morning — with a fervent fucking; and I was happy to oblige. Tee hee!

Mom had died years ago and my father, Dave, was the only parent that I had known for a long time. He was a good father, a good provider and an excellent fucker! He wasn’t a bad looker either, six feet tall with dusty blonde hair, broad shoulders with a well toned runner’s body which he meticulously looked after in our down stairs gym (that was the official version, anyway; the true version is, of course, he maintained that body by fucking me regularly! Tee hee!), deep blue eyes and a massive 10 inch cock that bulged to its full glory under my expert lips completed his physique! Is he dreamy or what? When halkalı escort I was at school, all my friends had a crush on him, but I was the only one who got to fuck him!

Dad gave me one last deep kiss and a tight squeeze to the tits before rolling off of me and heading for the shower before going off to office. My pussy suddenly felt lonely at the stark empty feeling.

I caught a reflection of myself on the ceiling mirror. The first thing that would catch any ones eyes would probably be my massive 36DD tits — they were my pride and joy! Me being just 19 meant they were as perky as they were as massive! I had a flawless peach and cream complexion that echoed to my tits; two lovely pink, small, perky nipples were the strawberry-icing to the cake, so to speak! Tee hee! I remember at school, I used to keep most of the top buttons on my blouse undone. Many a male teachers had sucked on them and promised me top grades — but they needn’t have as I was brainy, like my Dad, and achieved top grades all by myself. I just fucked them because it was fun! Anyways, the next thing that came to prominence was probably my bright, green eyes — which many guys said looked simply exotic. Long, jet black hair splayed like dreams on the expensive, red, silk bed cover. I’m 5’10 in height and right now my legs were still bent in the V shape from the time me and Dad were fucking, and I could clearly see our intermingled, incestuous father-daughter juices still pooled around my ass… it was white, so, so white! I could feel a pang in my pussy, but I knew that Dad and I couldn’t fuck for the day any more as dad was close to running late for work. Oh well, guess its cereal for breakfast for him today again. Too bad these massive tits can’t squirt out fresh milk for my dear, sweet Daddy every morning! Hmpfh!

Pouting, I carefully got up as the bed was making its last desperate groaning noises, it was broken alright, no doubt about that! I could hear the shower running on the en suite bathroom; I quickly peeked inside and reminded Dad to look for another bed if he had time after work today. He reassured me he would and I tore myself away with all my might from watching his toned, wet body covered in creamy white suds. Even though he wasn’t facing my way, Dad still looked sexy from behind; my pussy twitched again! Damn!

But I had other worries to think about; as the sole woman of the house, I had every responsibility to take care of it. My grandfather was a sweet, old man and he was staying next room to dads. Normally, he wasn’t a problem and liked to have a proper sleep-wake cycle. So as not to disturb him, I had been muffling my fuck cries every night for a while now. I think I might have to call the proper people to make Dad and my room’s sound-proof as we did most of our fucking’s there. I looked at the bed side alarm clock; it was nearing 8 in the morning so they wouldn’t be open yet. Wrapping the earlier discarded white sheet around myself, I went to check on grandpa.

Increment by tiny increment, I opened the door to his room so that it didn’t creek. Grandpa Phil looked so peaceful sleeping there, his small breathing rising and falling with the blanket on top of him. A small smile curled my lips; I had such fond memories of him and he was the best Grandpa a girl could ever ask for. Tee hee!

Tip-toeing across the room with dads thick, white cum still trickling down my thighs (for I refuse to wipe them), I stood beside my sleeping Grandpa. Love filled my heart and I bent down to kiss him on the forehead; the tips of my massive tits scraping him on the face. As if on cue, Grandpa took the one nearest to his mouth and started sucking even through the white sheet.

I laughed and playfully swatted him away. ‘Why you devil, you!’ I chided him, pointing at the dark stain he made on my nipple over the sheet.

Grandpa then, very cutely, opened one eye stared at that tit. ‘That wasn’t me!’ he denied jovially.

‘Oh, come on!’ I said, still laughing. ‘That was so you, you old man!’

‘Hmmm,’ Grandpa said thoughtfully. ‘Come closer, honey-pie; I might have to take a better look. With old eyes like mine, I can’t see as well as I used to!’

Since he was an old man, I tried to make him do less work. So I got on the bed on all fours, my hands on either side of his head on the pillow, and presented my massive tits to his eyes. ‘There, you go old man, do you see what you did to my nipple? It’s all wet now!’ I accused him happily.

‘Hmmm,’ he said again as he groped that tit and examined it this way and that on the bright morning light. ‘It is wet…’ he said finally, rubbing one coarse thumb across that wet nipple.

A moan escaped from deep inside my throat as I slowly threw my head back, closing my eyes.

Suddenly, Grandpa’s massive pecker was standing up straight through the thick blanket and was poking my pussy even through my wrap-around bed-sheet. I gently moved my hips taksim escort back and forth, making grandpa’s cock head rub my pussy through all those layers of fabric. With my eyes still closed, I felt his hand bring that tit to his mouth and he started to suck again through the fabric; I sighed happily. He rubbed my back with the other hand, his coarse skin scraping against my smooth ones, then my waist, my hip, my ass cheek… he groped it a fair few times before bunching the sheet around my waist to get to his granddaughters pussy. He traced one, coarse finger around my wet pussy lips before dipping it inside. Another moan escaped my lips at the invasion of my fuck hole. The coarseness of my Grandpa’s rough skin was providing abundant pleasure to my cum drenched, slippery pussy; and Grandpa would poke me here and there every now and then.

Now, I know Grandpa was going a little senile, but I wasn’t entirely sure at this point if he knew that his sons cum also made up the wet, squishy juices inside his granddaughter pussy, and frankly at this point, I didn’t care! Suddenly, he stopped doing everything he was doing and my eyes flew open at the lack of the exquisite touch, but I needn’t worry for he had busied himself in undoing the sheet around me. I looked at him lovingly — at the hungry look in his eyes. As soon as he had me naked, he threw away the sheet and I pulled back the blanket and found him naked under it. Grandpa was just like any other 78 years old: he had grey hair with a bald spot on the middle, a massive pot-belly, the mandatory wrinkles around his neck, under his eyes, the loose skin in his hands… but one thing that still looked as youthful as any horny, red-blooded young male out there was his massive cock with their angry veins sticking out crudely.

‘Grandpa, I love you!’ I said bringing my lips down to kiss him.

He chuckled ‘I love you too, honey-pie, I love you!’ he said jovially when we emerged from the kiss.

‘Here, let me do it,’ I said, grabbing the base of his warm cock and aligning it to my dripping wet cunt; his veins felt like wire under my fingers. I rubbed his bulbous mushroom-head along my clit a fair few times before ramming it home inside; a thick sprit of the previously intermingled father-daughter juices flew out in a tiny arc as my Grandpa’s cock was forced inside.

Grandpa chuckled softly. ‘You are the best granddaughter an old man could ever ask for, Mia!’

‘So are you, Grandpa, you are you!’ I said savoring his delightful cock inside me. His massive pecker throbbed inside, the veins sticking out as more and more blood pumped through them. I could feel every single rivulet in the cock rubbing along my pussy walls in details. Even though I was drenched in Dads cum, I still felt the slightest pain as Grandpa grew bigger and bigger inside me, stretching me further and further with is massive 11-incher!

I moaned. ‘Grandpa, you’re huge!’

He chuckled and my body mirrored his involuntary movement. ‘That’s what you’re sweet little Grandma used to tell me when she was alive. God bless her soul!’

I smiled. ‘Lucky Grandma, then!’

‘That she was, honey-pie, that she was! Now, how’s about moving your sweet little ass a bit more for me — you know I haven’t got much time to live in this world!’

‘Grandpa,’ I scolded him. ‘Stop saying such bad things, or you’re gonna make me cry!’

‘Sorry,’ he pouted.

‘Oh, I forgive you,’ I said, smiling down on him.

He wrapped his hands tightly around my waist, his face buried between the mounds of my breasts as my ass hung in the air with his cock deep inside my pussy. He started licking the valley between my tits, his hips thrusting up to get me going. I complied and rammed my pussy down on him. He thrust up and I rammed down; harder and harder, faster and faster we pounded into each other. My Dad had fucked me just half an hour ago and now my Grandpa, his sweet little father, was fucking me. Am I the luckiest girl on earth or what?

Phil, my loving Grandpa, was now suckling away at my tits like a new born baby even as his cock pounded at my pussy. I rejoiced every time his pole was inside me and felt a sense of loss when he slid out of me; but then, when he would return to his granddaughters pussy, he would make sure that he rubbed the inside of the clit, and the entire opening to his granddaughters womb with his bulbous mushroom-head. He was such a considerate guy when fucking that I felt tears of joy welling up in my eyes!

Someone cleared their throat from the open door; I gasped and turned my head around to see my Dad standing there, wiping away tears from his eyes.

‘It warms the cockles of my heart to see my daughter caring for her sweet little grandfather so well!’ he said happily, staring at the point where his father’s massive cock was ravaging his daughter’s tiny pussy. Grandpa was anything but little.

I chuckled. ‘You can join in too, Dad!’

Grandpa squeezed his eyes shut as the şişli escort chuckling had made my pussy clamp down on him hard.

Dad shook his head sadly. ‘Alas, baby, not today. I have an important meeting to get to. Dad,’ he addressed his father. ‘How much lube did you put inside my daughters pussy? She’s dripping wet! Maybe you really have gone blind, putting so much in!’ there was a humorous note to his voice.

‘Ha, ha, ha;’ Grandpa said rolling his eyes even as he thrust inside me, the above mentioned cum, squirting away copiously from my pussy. ‘Your daughter needs no lube put inside her cunt! She’s not one of those dried up old hags, you know? Her pussy produces just the appropriate amount of juices! You should know that — as her father you’re the one who gets to fuck her the most! This girl is simply divine!’

‘Thank you, Grandpa!’ I said, kissing him happily on the forehead; burying his entire head being in between the massive, plump mounds of my breasts.

‘Besides,’ he continued from between the mounds of my breasts where he continued to suckle even after resurfacing. ‘I know my sweet little honey-pie here, and I know that you were enjoying her heavenly cunt just this morning, son! Her fuck cries woke me up, and that bed too — broken isn’t it?’

I was holding my pussy still so that Dad could enjoy the view better as he watched his father’s massive cock tearing into his daughter’s weeping cunt!

‘Yeah, yeah…’ Dad said absentmindedly, his eyes still fixed on the incestuous fucking in front of him.

Poor Dad, I knew he wanted to join in, but he would be running late for work if he did.

‘Well, I have to go now,’ he said sadly as the wet, squishy noises filled the room and the sweet scent of cum — his, mine and his father’s wafted all around us.

‘Awww!’ I cried disappointedly, but still happy that Grandpa’s cock was here to keep me company, and was pounding inside me from below, walloping against my womb. Whap, whap, whap! Damn, that old man was good! Grandma from up in the heaven must be really proud as she watched over us!

‘Mia, baby, take good care of your Grandpa Phil, alright?’ Dad reminded like a good responsible father. ‘Let him cum inside your pussy as much as he wants to, okay? You know he can’t stay awake during the night; so you’ll have to let him fuck you to his hearts content during the days, okay?’

‘Yes, Daddy!’ I said happily as I bounced up and down on Phil’s massive pole.

‘Oh and,’ Dad suddenly lowered his voice. ‘Be a little more quiter, will you? Your brother Brian might wake up; you know he came in late last night… oh-oh!’

‘What is it, Daddy?’ I was full of concern even as the sweet man’s cock was throbbing inside me.

Another male voice spoke from the point where dad was staring, I couldn’t see but I heard the irritant tone.

‘What the hell is going on with all the commotion-? Oh my god!’

My 18 year old brother, Brian, suddenly came in to view; his blonde hair tussled and eyes still small from sleep, he now stared full on at me and Grandpa fucking on the bed.

Brian’s eyes went as round as coins as all sleep was chased away from them.

‘Sorry, Brian!’ I apologized. ‘I know you were out with your buddies late last night! I didn’t mean to wake you!’

Brian finally shrugged. ‘Oh well, it is the holidays after all — I could sleep in as much as I want to!’

I gave him the smile he deserved. ‘You are an understanding brother, Brian!’

He blushed. ‘Don’t mention it, sis!’

Brian was rather cute when he blushed. Like me, he had our fathers flawless complexion, so when he blushed, he did it prettily. Out of the two of us, he looked the most like Dad, but only more handsome.

Dad clapped him on the shoulder. ‘Well son, I must be going now. Unlike you, I still have a job to get to.’

‘But you’re the boss, Dad; you could just delegate your work to others if you wanted to,’ Brian reminded.

‘Uh-uh!’ Dad wagged a finger. ‘You mustn’t talk like that son; remember, that with great power-‘

‘Comes great responsibility!’ Brian and I finished simultaneously, rolling our eyes at the same time; Grandpa used both his hands to squeeze my ass together so that I clamped down on his cock as the veins on it rubbed prominently against my pussy walls!

Dad smiled sheepishly. ‘I have taught my children well!’ he wiped away tears of joy from his eyes.

‘And don’t forget who taught you!’ Grandpa reminded letting go of my one pink nipple from his lips (it dislodged with a tiny pop), to yell at his son.

We all laughed at his insistence.

Dad smiled and shook his head. ‘It was you Dad, it was you!’

‘Damn straight it was me!’

We all laughed again.

‘Grandpa, you’re so cute that I want to pinch your cheeks!’ I cooed.

He just nodded and went back to sucking my nipples and squeezing my tits.

Dad’s pager went off. ‘Oh, I must go now!’ he said hurriedly.

Brian spoke, fishing out his cock from his pajama shorts. ‘Hey Mia, your mouth looks lonely, wanna suck my dick?’

‘Now, now Mia, attend to your brother as well, that’s a good girl!’ Dad urged.

‘Oh, come here little brother; let your older sister suck you off!’ I said happily.

Brian enthusiastically gamboled over the bed and stood in front of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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