A gay summer Holiday – Part 8

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A gay summer Holiday – Part 8

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Chapter 8
Living apart together.

That Sunday Christopher spend part of the day at Tom’s place. In the afternoon Chris got a lift back to his grandma’s home. But rather then go talk to her he decided to take a look at the renovation project first. The bunkers had progressed nicely. The 24 smaller cabins were all stripped and readied for plaster and paint on the inside. The biggest task there was on the roof repairs. The 6 larger cabins that set a few meters higher on the dune were bigger. These were once used for the higher officers, or so Chris was told. They had their own shower and were renovated on the insides a few years back. So not much work needed to be done to them, other than the roofs, a new kitchen and some plaster and paint on the outside.

Chris took a walk over to the barn where the volunteers had stowed the furniture and supplies. He collected a bed with mattress, a wardrobe, a table with chairs and the necessary kitchen utensils. And carted them over to one of the bigger cabins. He put the stuff back after cleaning the inside once more of the building dust. And then drove back to his grandmothers home to collect his gear. She was happy to see him leave. Not because she wanted him out of the house, but because this meant that our Christopher had overcome the issues he was facing. And Christopher was indeed looking forward to the next work week again. Sure, there would still be difficulties ahead. But at least now he could do as he pleases. He had created the one thing that was really important to him, his own domain. A place from where he could work and play without having to bother anyone else. He guessed that it must have been the same for Jelmer. And that it must have been the actual reason for him to get upset with Chris.

He left a message for the local builder to bring up the rebar and concrete form materials to the back of the 24 cabins. A large truck could easily get to there. The area in front of the bunkers was not really accessible for larger equipment.
After having unpacked his clothes, dress the bed and hanging the curtains he went to Ben and Frieda to tell them he had moved back in. They were very pleased about that and invited him to eat supper with them and their boy’s. As soon as they had suggested that, they realized that it may not have been such a good idea. Seeing as Jelmer would be there too. “Don’t worry about it… We have to talk sometime, may as well be tonight…”, sighed Christopher.

Christopher walked back to his cabin and fired up the high-pressure steam cleaner to clean the terrace in front of his cabin. The old concrete changed from a dull and grungy looking gray to a bright fresh concrete patio. The transformation was remarkable. Jesse had heard that Chris was back and ran to him. “Hey, cuz… glad your back… Oh wow… you moved in up here. Nice…”, he said giving Chris a warm cuddle. “Dinner is ready… I was told to come get you… Jelmer will come a little later.”, said Jesse.

“Cool. Let me wash my hands and change my clothes. Then I will walk with you to your mom’s place. I am glad you are still talking to me…”, winked Chris at his friend. Jesse sighed as he walked inside of Chris’s still bare looking cabin. “I guess you don’t need much to be happy…”, smiled Jesse at Chris. You can help me tomorrow put up the new kitchenette if you want. Once that is back in and connected up I could live here indefinitely.

Christopher dropped his pants in front of the 18-year-old guy. “Whoopty Doo! Still going commando I see! Jelmer does not know what he is missing. That crazy asshole! If I wasn’t planning on falling in love with Pieter I would certainly tap your beautiful ass daily!”, bragged Jesse. Giving the naked ass of Chris a playful slap. Chris looked around to him and smiled. “You and little big Peet… Hell Yeah… I could see that work out for you two!… Take it slow though… your both young and you should enjoy the rest of life as well!”, suggested Chris.

“Pieters birthday is coming up. We may need to get him some leathers that actually fit him.”, dreamed Jesse out loud. “You’d like that, don’t you. Peet screwing your brains out dressed in kinky leather gear.”, laughed Chris at the suggestion. But as he looked at Jesse he noticed that this was exactly what he was hoping for. “Get me his clothes sizes. Pants, shirts, and jackets. And I will see what I can order online…”, told Christopher kissing Jesse horny at the suggestion.

Chris put on his leather jeans and cowboy boots. And he threw a long sleeved polo shirt with an exotic print over his strong arms. He looked very cool that way said Jesse impressed. Together they walked back to the house. Chris had put a brotherly arm around Jesse. And because of the family resemblance, anyone would be forgiven if they thought the guys were actually brothers.

At the kitchen table, they chatted a while with ‘uncle’ Ben and Frieda. Jelmer came walking in with a girl on his arm. She was beautiful, no more than 16 years old, and had long brown flowing hair. “Mom, Dad, this is Christine. She is my girlfriend, she comes from Paris. I have invited her to dine with us.”. Jelmer had completely ignored the presence of Christopher at the dinner table.
Instead of the normal greeting, Jelmer’s parents and his younger brother Jesse started to chuckle.

Chris told Christine; “Bonsoir, mademoiselle Christine. Je m’appelle Chris. Comment ça va C’est un plaisir de vous rencontrer. Nous allions juste manger.”. The family looked a little strangely at Chris. They knew that Chris spoke his languages. But that he was this fluent in French amazed them never the less. He spoke Spanish, French, German, English and of course Dutch. And recently he also started to learn Italian illegal bahis and Arabic. It was Chris’s goal to not only speak the languages, but also to read, write, and understand them.

Jesse knew that his brother even had trouble completing the most basic of English conversations. So he was completely unaware of how he managed to talk to Christine. Let alone how he got her to become his ‘girlfriend’.
“What the fuck, Jel!… You are joking right!…”, screamed Jesse at his brother. “Language Jesse! You have guests…”, said his mother stern. “Jelmer has the right to find himself a partner. She looks nice. They look nice together. So let us make her feel welcome.”, said Christopher looking at Jesse and his parents. Jesse would have none of it. “Yeah, well you and Jelmer looked nicer together, Chris!”.

“That may be so. But it’s still Jelmer’s choice, to make a fool of himself! He is only doing this to taunt me. But after being called a liar straight to my face, after I told him the truth, I have learned to read his emotions even better. And I did not like what I saw then. And I am not at all surprised at what he is showing us now!”, said Chris very calmly. Grabbing an extra chair for Christina and shuffling the dinner plates so she could join them.
Jelmer started to cry. And Ben guided Christina out of the kitchen, thanking her for the visite. He told her it would be better if she left now.

“Let’s not let dinner go cold. It smells really nice Frieda.”, said Chris calmly. Dinner got served and Jelmer was about to walk away. He got a slap around the head from his father. His father told him, no he ordered him very sternly, to sit at the table with them.
Jelmer broke down sobbing. He sat down between Christopher and Jesse. “Jelmer, is there something you would like to tell Chris?”, asked his mother as she filled his plate. “You boys need to talk, other ways you will get nowhere fast.”.

“We don’t need to force the issue. Jelmer knows where he went wrong. And if I did something wrong then I will say sorry in advance. But honestly, I don’t know what that could be, other than to fall in love with someone who values his private space even more than I do…”, spoke Christopher softly enjoying the nice meal. Again Jelmer started to whimper hard. It was only after dinner that he managed to speak again. “Chris, I am so sorry. You are very right. I should not have called you that, but I was so surprised at what you said that I could not believe it. Yes, I guess I was looking for an excuse to make you leave. I am so Sorry.”, gasped Jelmer.

“I know buddy… I should have seen it coming. Actually, I did notice it… That’s why I went riding my bike that afternoon. To give you your space. I guess your not ready to have someone move in with you. So I decided it would be best for me to keep living in one of the bunkers here. I except your apologie. But at the same time, I am not ready just yet to get back with you either. You first need to learn to trust me.”, said Christopher to Jelmer. His mother put some desserts on the table as Jelmer started to cry again. “May I be excused?”, he asked his father. “Sure. But you two still need to talk some more! You are not done. You fit too well together and you still have a lot to learn from each other.”, set Ben fatherly. He got a pat on the back from Jesse as Jelmer left the house.

Christopher sighed. “Was I too harsh on him?”, he asked the family. “No, I thought you were very fair. Strict but fair.”, told Frieda. Jesse agreed. “I knew you were punishing him when you told him ‘it was his choice to make a fool of himself’. Man, you can be subtle with your words.”, laughed Jesse. Chris asked Jesse to bring his guitar. He wanted to let them hear the song he and Wessel wrote about it. Jesse quickly got up and brought Chris the acoustic guitar. Chris played the song for Jesse and his parents. They were happy and sad at the same time. The song was very nice. But for those that knew the background of the story it had a much deeper and more painful meaning.

Chris thanked Frieda for the lovely meal and helped her do the dishes. While Ben and Jesse watched TV. After dinner, he said goodbye to the family and went to his cabin. He found Jelmer there naked on the single bed. Wearing Chris’s new leather jacket. “Get dressed silly boy!”, laughed Chris. “I need to get my sleep. There is a lot of work I need to get done before I can start on the roofs.”.
“Don’t you mean we?”, asked Jelmer. “No bro. I meant what I said. When have I ever lied to you? I think it’s best if you give me some space the next week. Please get dressed, buddy. Your dick is very tempting… But I can’t right now!”, said Chris harsh.

That Monday morning, after the early morning workout at the gym, he got back to the campground. Finding a lot of people gathered at the foot of the dune on the back road. The entire builder’s crew was there. So was the group of volunteers, with their fathers, brothers, uncles, and friends. Chris was amazed at the gathering of about 40 to 50 islanders. All willing to lend a hand. Looking at Chris to put them to work. The narrow street at the foot of the dune’s below the bunkers was full of people, trucks, and supplies.

Chris, not fully awake, had to think fast. He knew they looked to him for guidance. He had experience working with a smaller group. But this was a bit overwhelming, even for him. He welcomed them and looked around him. He directed the volunteers up the stairs to the bunkers. As he instructed the builder’s crew and the truck drivers to take the supplies up via the main entrance of the campgrounds. They were told they needed to drive one by one along a specific path. And offload the goods in a specific order. There was only space for 1 truck back behind the cabins.

That worked very perabet efficiently. Chris told the volunteers to wait while he instructed Jesse to grab some folks to start steam cleaning the roofs of the 6 larger bunkers. Jan-Thijs was given the master key to the cabins and was told to start to fill gaps and prep for paintwork of the walls inside. Pieter was told to go to Sipke to arrange something sweet to eat for the large group. Chris directed the rest to wait there a second, or to come help unload the trucks. The entire volunteer crew set out to work quickly. Some were put on duty to get the necessary supplies from the barn. While others were told to gather the IKEA kitchen cabinets and divide them over the 30 bunkers.

When Chris had put all the volunteers to work, his uncle Burt and the owner of the local builder discussed the French drain system with Chris. They told him that they had a second-hand tank that could be used to collect the rainwater from the bunker roofs. Chris liked the sound of that idea. Being ever mind full of the costs he did ask the builders about it. But they said they would do that for free as well.

The carpenters set to work building the formwork for the roof and jackhammered the rotten concrete edge of the roof overhangs away. They asked Chris about the details of the new edge and he showed them the drawing he made. Impressed by the completeness of the drawings they set to work prefabricating the concrete forms. The ironworkers and plumbers started the work on the roofs. And the electrician’s checked each cabin and exchanged the damaged or outdated electrical equipment. It was a well-oiled machine. A lot of workers in a relatively small space, yet none got in the way of the others.

The preformed rebar spacers were put on the roofs, as fast as they were unloaded from the truck. The first rebar panels were fastened on top of them. The roof extensions at the back of the 24 cabins got formed and the french drain gully was dug out. The crane driver dug out the huge hole for the tank. And Chris stopped the work there for a moment to make the area safe. He put 2 younger guys on either side of the digger to guard the area so no one would get hurt.

Frieda and Ben kept the workers supplied with tea and coffee and Sipke brought some traditional islander cakes. They had lunch together in the outdoors, and the violins and guitars cheered the tired workers up. A large campfire was made with the broken up kitchen cabinets. More and more islanders dropped by either to watch or to lend a hand in their own special way. Wessel supplied some beer and soda’s later that afternoon for the volunteers. And again the necessary music was provided for as well. They drank, ate and were merry. Singing traditional sea songs or islander folk songs.

Even Chris and Wessel sang their new song together. Only interrupted by the screech of a seagull. The islander volunteers and some tourist that wanted to get in on the fun applauded enthusiastically at the nice blues song. Jelmer, who had been working in the camping grounds office, heard the song too. He had been looking from a fair distance but within earshot. He came over to thank Wessel. It was eerily silent. Most of the folks there did not fully understand what was going on. But they understood enough to feel there was some tension between Chris and Jelmer. Chris handed the guitar back to Jesse as he opened his arms to Jelmer. They hugged and Jelmer again apologized to Christopher.

Chris pinched Jelmer playfully by the ear after a while. And made him follow him to his cabin. Jelmer played along as a large group of people got ready to leave. Knowing that the boys needed their space. It was dinner time anyway. Time for them to get back home. The fences were put back up, as the last of the volunteers and builders left the area.

“We can do one of two things. Either we talk until dawn like your father suggested… Or I can fuck the shit out of you!”, said Chris with a naughty smirk on his face. “Okay, Lets talk then… “, laughed Jelmer.
Chris laughed as well but walked into the shower. “Where are you going, Chris. My ass is over here.”, joked Jelmer. “You don’t want sawdust up your bum now do you? Prep your hole boy! There is lube in my shaving bag.”, said Chris as he took a quick shower.

Stark naked and fully erect Chris came walking back in the bedroom area. Jelmer had put on the leather chaps and leather jacket from Chris. He lay with his legs in the air waiting for Chris’s cock to nail him hard. “Hmmm… Let me make a picture of that godly asshole for the priest… Maybe we can convert him.”, joked Chris slapping Jelmer’s ass hard. Leaving a red handprint behind on his buttock. He took a few photos of horny Jelmer. And Jelmer was fully prepared to have the best sex he could imagine. Looking at Chris’s naked body in the distance he could already feel is ass relax to take the 22 cm stiff cock up his butt. He was mentally ready for it. And was looking forward to a hot night.

Chris sat between Jelmer’s legs and he pushed them back to his chest. That raised Jelmer’s butt in the air. Jelmer started to moan in anticipation of his boyfriends prick penetrating him roughly.
Christopher had other plans, however. He dropped his head between the buttocks and tenderly started to give both of them small kisses. Teasing his buddies asshole but never actually touching it. Breathing out some hot air over it. But making damned sure his lips and tong always stop short of the hot rose butt.

After a while, Chris unzipped the leather chaps and removed them from Jelmer. Dropping them on the chair next to the bed. Neatly folded as if he was going to wear them tomorrow morning.
Christopher licked Jelmer’s balls. And Jelmer anticipated getting sucked off. His cock started to throb perabet giriş anxiously awaiting Chris’s hot tongue. But although Chris did lick the base of his cock shaft he never went up all the way. He never even took the dick head in is mouth or even kiss it. He skipped it completely.

By now Jelmer went crazy in anticipation. It was as if Chris did not want to have anything to do with Jelmer’s horniness. Christopher gently kissed Jel’s belly button. “Jelly Belly, baby…”, he softly joked, tickling Jelmer’s sides under the leather jacket. Moving his hands ever so slowly higher, Jelmer started to imagine how Chris would play with his nipples. But his fingers, mouth or tongue never went near them. Chris moved his hands to Jel’s shoulders. Pushing his leather biker jacket slowly off his back. Grabbing Jelmer behind his neck to pull him up off the bed. Taking the jacket off completely, undressing his stud. And hanging it neatly over the back of the chair. Moving very slow and deliberate.

Letting Jelmer back on the mattress he gently lowered himself on top of his mate. Finally, Jelmer gave up. He did not know what to expect any more. And that was exactly the state Christopher wanted him in. “Are you giving in finally?…”, asked Chris of Jelmer. “Boy, you think too much!… you never allowed the unexpected to happen…”, sighed Chris looking deep in the eyes of Jelmer. “You need to learn to expect the unexpected… but to let yourself go completely, to allow it to happen…”, spoke Chris softly. Moving his lips closer to Jelmer. Jelmer pouted his lips and closed his eyes in anticipation of a warm tender kiss from his boyfriend.

Chris slapped his cheek meanly and hard. “Fuck man! You also need to learn to listen! I just told you NOT to anticipate!”, Chris got up from Jelmer and went to dress himself in only his leather jeans. Playing the angry lover.
Christopher left Jelmer laying bewildered on his single bed. And went to the kitchen. Jelmer did not know what to think anymore. So he took Chris’s advice and thought nothing. Or at least try to as good as he could. He started to cry a little. Chris could hear him whimper from the new kitchen. He had put a stew in the oven earlier that day and let it slow cook. By now the one pot dinner was fully cooked and he placed 2 plates, a candle, and some knives and forks on the table. He opened the pot and the wonderful smell filled the cabin.

“Dinner is served…”, yelled Chris to Jelmer who lay on his belly watching Christopher provide for him. “Put on your pants boy… I won’t allow dick at the dinner table!”, joked Chris. “Aren’t we going… Don’t you want… Huh?… Fuck… What the hell is going on Christopher?”, said Jelmer angry.
“Look man I have not eaten since 7 this morning. Apart from the cakes from Sipke’s bakery. If you want me to spend a load up your ass I need some sustenance first.”, said Chris smiling at Jelmer’s confusion. “Now,… do you plan to join me Jel… Or did I just waste half this stew I cooked for the two of us…”, said Chris laughing at Jelmer, gesturing him to come sit at the table across from him. Chris scooped Jel’s plate full, then his own and lit the romantic candle.

Jelmer put on his pants again and set down across from Christopher. Confused and bewildered at the things his man just did… Or we should say did not do to him. “Wait one fucking moment, Chris! You could not have known I would eat dinner with you tonight!”, said Jelmer thinking on what Chris just told him. “See… You think too much!”, laughed Chris. “You are eating my lunch for tomorrow actually.”.
“But explain to me, if you would, what it is I need to do. To not get a repeat from last Friday.”, asked Chris softly caressing Jelmer’s hand with his. Jelmer had to think hard about what he needed to say. “I am so sorry Chris. This was all my fault. You were right yesterday. I guess I was not ready to share my home, my thoughts, my life with anyone. Well, I was. But I just did not know how.”, sighed Jelmer. “Are we okay though? Would you still have me as your boyfriend I mean…”.

Chris said nothing. Instead, he grabbed a few more bites to eat of the very tenderly cooked stew. Then removed his legs from under the table. And gestured Jelmer to come sit on his lap. Jelmer did just that kissing Chris on the lips and hugging him. “I am willing to give it a try again… But… I really need my own space too. So… let us try living apart for now… There is time enough to learn about each other’s needs before we move in together.”, whispered Chris kissing his boyfriend again.

After the meal, they did the dishes together, and Chris stood behind his boyfriend and rode his semi against his bubble butt. Jelmer just let it happen. As he dried the last plates. Chris kissed his neck tenderly as he rubbed Jelmer’s naked torso. They closed the curtains and lay on the single bed again. Removed their pants and caressed each other warmly. Chris pulled the blanket over them. Put Jel’s head on his chest and he ever so softly penetrated his butt hole with his huge dick. Jelmer rotated his ass back and let Chris in all the way. Chris slowly and tenderly fucked his boyfriend. This was not the kind of makeup sex Jelmer was anticipating. No this was much nicer, much more intense. But on a very different level then he had experienced until now.

This makeup sex was indeed extraordinary, to say the least. And Christopher got as good as he gave. But before the day was out he told Jelmer to find his own bed again. And Jelmer left a bit disappointed on that anticlimax. But he knew that his friend would come around eventually.

That thought alone was enough to help him through the following sexless days. Chris was just way too tired after the 9 or 10 hour work days. At the end of the 3rd week, the walls inside were painted. The first of the blocks of cabins had a new roof and French drain. The rainwater collection was put in and most of the kitchenettes were put in as well. Slowly the bunkers came back together as updated holiday lets.

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