A Further Step

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Journal Entry | about 1 year ago

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Journal Entry on Dec 4, 2011

A further step

Today December 3 2011 Miss decided to ‘have’ me this morning and again at lunch time.

She loves her Chi Chi LaRue Big-Balled Brown dildo which she uses as a strap-on. She’d been annoyed the previous night because she hadn’t got to have her way with me and today took her revenge. I was so glad she did as I was hanging out for an extremely hard, deep arse fucking.

She had me dress in stockings, a red and black satin was pie and red stilettos and cock-ring, lie on my belly over the end of the bed and proceeded to grease my hole. We’d already been kissing and fondling each other and I was rock hard and drooling from cock and my ever horny arse. She had me orally pleasure her and fist her to ensure she was satisfied and I was horny beyond description and by the time she kicked my feet as wide apart as they’d go I was literally begging for her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to, ”Just mount and fuck your anal sluts arse.”

I felt the thick blunt head contact my sensitive loose sphincter and she grasped my hips. Then there was the stinging moments of exciting pain as she heaved her hips forward and pushed the wonderfully thick textured shaft right in to me. She held it there for a few seconds and then began to FUCK ME!!

I’d been ordered to, “Sniff the poppers” and had done so and as I moaned, groaned and begged MISS just went wild on my arse fucking me hard and deep. I really couldn’t get enough and was soon forcing myself back against the onrushing dildo as she fully withdrew and slammed back in on each stroke. My arse was coming, my cock drooling and MISS still hammered on. She regularly orgasms whilst fucking me and I could feel her urgency through the length of the dong. I reached back and pulled my hole as open as I could and felt güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her use the full length to open me up over and over again.

She eventually collapsed on to my back, she’d cum, hard and I was fully impaled. She then pushed up off my back and began to slide one hand in alongside the strap-on. I was besides myself with lust and passion begging her to wank it off in my hole. I grasped the end of the bed and propelled myself rearwards onto the dong and her hand. I could feel my hole stretching to new sizes when she withdrew her hand, took my hips and pounded me to orgasm. I collapsed to the floor, exhausted and she groped my loose hole before making me kiss her ding and having me climb back onto the bed and lie on my back.

She put my stocking clad legs over her shoulders and shoved the full length of the strap-on back inside me. I began to cum immediately in one of those massively intense orgasms which almost cause you to pass out. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I spammed and she pulled out allowing me to fall in a heap on the floor at the foot of the bed once again. Exhausted we stripped and climbed in to bed for a cuddle, then showered and got up for the day!

At lunch time, MISS had been to work and I was meant to be on my belly awaiting her but I was asleep on the lounge. She took me to the bedroom, stripped and had me face down, memories of the morning. MISS then quickly slapped lube on my hole and slammed the huge cock all the way in. It hurt so good I was soon once again forcing myself back onto it as she repeatedly withdrew and slammed back in to make me gape. I lost count of the orgasms, they seemed to just meld into one long scream of pleasure. She fucked me for forty minutes, again rolling onto my back and finishing me off watching my face as I again began to pass out in orgasmic bliss.

Two huge fucks today, both amazingly rough and deep and passionate and for filling. MISS is amazing in her passions and we seem to enjoy each other immensely.

Tomorrow I’m to be hanging on the new wall hooks when she gets home at lunchtime time and she’s going to fuck me, fist me and double fist my hole.

I am so lucky, randy and slutty for this woman.

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