A Financial Decision Ch. 02

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Donna and her neighbor Kevin sat in her living room, watching a movie. It wasn’t that unusual – Kevin was a sweet, sensitive guy who had really taken care of Donna and her kids while her husband Michael had been in Iraq. There was nothing sexual about their relationship. In fact, if Kevin hadn’t been married to Beverly, Donna might have suspected he was gay. It was just nice to have a friend to help her through the troubled times.

And the times were certainly troubled! On the bright side, Donna no longer worried about her mortgage situation. She knew how to handle the bank review committee so she felt pretty sure that she and the kids were secure in the house.

She looked down and stared at her new problem – her growing belly. Her first encounter with the bankers had resulted in an unexpected bonus – she was pregnant again. Fortunately her husband had come home a few weeks later, so for now he was convinced that the bun in her oven was his. The truth would come out in a few months, but for now she was safe.

The problem was that she was horny beyond belief! She was just over four months pregnant and into her second trimester. The hormones had kicked in, and her pussy was dripping wet 24 hours a day now. Morning, noon and night – all she thought about was sex. She dreamed about cocks – in her mouth and in her pussy.

As she lay there on the couch, her hand rubbed the small mound of her belly. Being her fourth pregnancy, she began to show very early. She enjoyed the feel of her bulging belly, and she was looking forward to it getting even bigger in the months to come.

Still, she would have to face the problem of the obvious paternity issue. There’s no way her black husband would ever believe the baby growing inside her was his. What would she do? How would he react?

Suddenly she snapped out of her day dream and looked over at Kevin. He was sitting in the leather recliner and he was staring at her as she rubbed her belly. She was a little embarrassed to be caught like that, but the look of hunger she saw in his eyes turned her on. Could it be that he was interested in her after all?

“Are you alright, Donna? You look a little upset. Is anything bothering you?”, Kevin asked. His tone had all the genuine concern she had to come to expect from him. Maybe her hormones were clouding her judgment and his look was just concern, not lust.

“I’m fine…just thinking about the baby, that’s all. I never expected to be pregnant again. It’s not exactly the most flattering state to be in!” Donna smiled at Kevin.

Kevin seemed to hesitate, not sure what to say. His eyes were still fixed on her belly. Donna knew that Kevin and Beverly had no children, and Beverly had no interest in being pregnant. She was a fitness fanatic, and there was no way she would let a pregnancy ruin her rock-hard body.

“Well, I think you look bahis firmaları absolutely beautiful. I’ve never seen anyone so….uh, sexy!” The way he blurted out the last part, he sounded like a teenager looking for his first kiss!

The innocence and sincerity of his statement made Donna horny instantly. Not that it took much these days, but the idea that Kevin found her sexy kicked her sex drive into overtime. She sat up and looked over at Kevin. Without a word, she stood up and walked to the recliner.

Kevin sat back in the chair, clearly unsure what to think or do. Donna knelt in the floor between his legs, and put her hands on his thighs. Kevin nearly jumped out of the chair at the contact, but Donna could see clearly that he was excited.

“Uh…Donna – I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I have no right. I think I should go”. Kevin tried to stand, but Donna pushed him back in the chair and shook her head.

“Sorry, Kevin. You started something so now you have to finish it. You may not realize it, but pregnant women get extremely horny. You called me sexy and that made my pussy wet. I can’t wait 4 more months for my husband to get home, I need satisfaction – tonight.

Kevin was in shock. He didn’t know what to say, but he knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to bury himself in Donna’s pregnant pussy until he drowned in her juices!

Before he could say or do anything, Donna reached out and began to unbuckle his belt. Kevin groaned softly as he felt the pressure against his swollen cock and balls. As she lowered the zipper, his cock strained against the fabric of his briefs. He shivered as she ran her finger along the underside of the bulging shaft. He nearly jumped out of the chair as she released his cock from the confines of his shorts.

Donna just stopped and stared. She had always known that Kevin was athletic and good looking, but she had no idea he was so well endowed. His cock was rock hard and nearly 10 inches long. It wasn’t overly thick but it looked perfectly proportioned. The tip of his cock glistened with precum and she could see the wet spot that had been forming in his underwear. She licked her lips in anticipation as she moved forward to engulf him.

Kevin watched as his sexy neighbor swallowed his cock. He groaned as she ran her tongue along the shaft, applying just the right amount of suction and pressure. His ass puckered as she ran her teeth lightly up and down his shaft. Her technique was mind blowing and he was surprised to feel a stir deep in his balls already. He wasn’t too concerned – he knew that Donna was hot enough that he would be ready for round 2 in record time.

Donna continued to work his shaft, really getting into it now. She loved the way it felt in his mouth, and the squirms and moans coming from him made her as hot as a firecracker! She was going to town, both hands on kaçak iddaa his cock and balls, waiting for him to reward her with some salty cum.

“Oh, God, Donna – that feels so good. I love your mouth on my cock. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I don’t think I can hold back – I’\m going to blow!”

All Donna could do was grunt her approval and brace herself for his load. Almost immediately she could feel the throbbing in his cock, and she readied her mouth to receive his cum. With a sharp gasp, Kevin thrust his cock into Donna’s mouth and began to unload what seemed like a year’s worth of cum down her waiting throat. Donna gulped and swallowed as fast as she could, turned on by the salty, musky taste of his seed.

Kevin collapsed in the chair and his cock plopped from Donna’s mouth. If he thought he was done, he was sadly mistaken.

“Okay, Kevin – you started it. Time to finish it! My pussy needs a good licking and you’re going to give it to me!”

Donna moved back to the couch. As she did, she slipped off her sweat pants. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, so her swollen belly and shaved pussy were completely exposed. Kevin watched in fascination as she laid back on the sofa and spread her legs.

“Okay, stud – get to work. Momma needs to be satisfied!”

Kevin didn’t need to be told twice! He jumped between her lags and dove into her pussy like a starving man at a buffet. Donna gasped as his thick tongue attacked her clit. She was aching – it had been over three months she’d been with Michael. Unfortunately she’d been able to keep up with the mortgage, so her banker friends hadn’t had a return engagement. So Kevin’s attention was most appreciated.

Kevin licked her pussy like a madman, savoring the sweet, tangy taste of her pussy. His tongue tickled her clit, then pierced into her fuck hole, spreading her just a little. Donna loved the way his tongue seemed to burn in her pussy – it was so hot and moved so well. As he licked her, Kevin used his fingers to play with her snatch and her ass, gently slipping the tip of his finger into her puckered ass, which was slick with her free-flowing juices.

It wasn’t taking any time at all for Donna to reach her climax. Her pussy had been in desperate need of attention. Before she knew it, Donna was thrashing on the couch in the throws of a huge orgasm. Her pussy literally gushed juices that shot out and drenched Kevin’s face. He lapped them up as quickly as he could, not wanting to miss a single, sweet drop.

Not missing a beat, Donna turned around and offered Kevin her ass. She held onto the arm of the courch as he knelt behind her. He stroked his hard cock while his fingers explored her wet pussy. When he as sure she was ready, he began easing all ten inches of his manhood into her pussy. As he did, he reached around with one hand and cupped her swollen belly.

Donna kaçak bahis was going wild with excitement. There was something strangely erotic about having another man’s cock inside her while she was pregnant with someone else’s baby. She felt like such a naughty, naughty girl. The fact that it wasn’t even her husband’s baby growing in her belly just added to the excitement.

Now that he was lodged in her pussy, Kevin grabbed Donna’s hips and began to drive his member in and out of her. She gripped his cock like a vice, milking and squeezing him with every stroke. The feeling was incredible!!

“Donna, this is fucking amazing! You have the sweetest pussy! I could fuck you all day long, you fabulous piece of ass!”

Donna had her head buried in the couch as Kevin worked her pussy from behind. He filled her perfectly and the head of his cock hit her G-spot with every powerful stroke. She had already cum twice from his fucking, but she felt another orgasm building deep in her pregnant belly.

“Oh, God , Kevin – yes! Just like that! Don’t stop! Your big cock feels so good inside me! I’m coming over and over!”, Donna yelled. She was too caught up to worry about whether the sounds would carry to Beverly next door. Her loss – she should be taking better care of her man!!

Kevin continued to banging his cock into her pussy in a fury. His balls slapped her ass in a relentless rhythm and he could feel the next load of seed boiling up deep in his balls. He had always wanted to fuck a pregnant woman and this was beyond his wildest dreams. He thought about how his seed would blast into her womb and mix with what was already growing in there. The thought drove him wild and he began to pound her even harder.

Donna could tell that Kevin was about to pop. Her own orgasm hit and she screamed out loud. Two more strokes and Kevin drove his cock into her pussy. He pulled her hips and buried himself as far as possible while his cum blasted her insides. His balls were aching by the time her finished filling her pussy. As he pulled out his cock, a huge gush of cum poured out of her hole, soaking the microfiber of the couch.

Donna turned around and lay back on the couch. Kevin moved next to her and leaned down to kiss her swelling belly. Donna stroked the back of his head and closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of his lips on her skin.

“You realize, Kevin, that Michael won’t be home for four more months. After that performance, you’re on the hook to keep me satisfied until then. Think you can handle it?” Her eyes twinkled with mischief as she asked him to fuck her silly for the next four months.

“I think so,” he answered, “But are you sure it’s okay? Won’t Michael be upset if he finds out?”

“Sure,” she said, “so let’s make sure he never does! Besides, there are other things that he doesn’t know that are going to blow his gaskets anyway. What’s one more?”

Kevin was confused by her tone, but he didn’t try to figure it. He was still trying to process the fact that he had stumbled into the dream of a lifetime with the hottie next door!

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