A Fantasy that goes too far? Part 7

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A Fantasy that goes too far? Part 7
“Ask me why I want your hair up?” Dave ordered.

“Why Sir” she asked very carefully, “Do you want my hair up?”

“It’s because I want your slutty face exposed.” He said, “I want to be able to see your lips wrapped around my cock. I want to see your drool as you try to deep-throat me.” He went on… ”I want to see the look of pleasure contrasted by the look of discomfort, the look of pain. I want to see your ‘Fuck-face’ as I slam into you.” Dave paused a bit and then added:

“I want your husband to see all of that too!” He said, seeming quite satisfied with himself. “I want your husband to see those expressions… those slutty expressions that perhaps he’s never seen… at least from a different perspective.” Dave added with a ‘wink’.

My cock involuntarily began to swell with excitement. Dave then released my wife’s pussy from his powerful grip and told her to turn around, face me, bend forward and place her hands on the tops of each of my bound arms. This position put her body over mine, her adorable, round breasts hanging just over my lap and our faces only a few inches apart. Dave was behind her and I could barely see him since she was so close to me. Her stare into my eyes was intent and she was clearly in a very heighten state of arousal. Dave then used his foot to lightly push my wife’s’ feet wider apart, and I’m assuming, exposing my wife’s most intimate holes to our new friend. She closed her eyes, so I leaned forward and lightly kissed her forehead as a gesture of immense love, total support and limitless pride in her.

“Thank your husband” Dave said, his confident voice breaking our tender moment.

“Thank you, Baby” my wife said tenderly , as she opened her eyes and looked into mine.

“Now” Dave continued, “Tell him why you just thanked him.”

“Thank you for that kiss” my wide added, “… for the reassurance.”

“Now” Dave said, more firmly, “Tell him why it is that at this very moment, you REALLY feel gratitude toward him.”

My wife searched her mind, trying to figure out what Dave was wanting from her… Then, after a long silence, she smiled at me.

“Thank you, Baby” she said, loud enough so that Dave could clearly here, “for making kaçak iddaa this possible. For arranging this for me, for us… and making this fantasy a reality.”

I smiled back at her but before I could respond, her mouth dropped open and her eyes closed.

“Tell him.” Dave ordered, “Tell your husband what I’m doing right now.”

With my wife’s eyes still closed and her face inches from mine, she presented a detailed description:

“He’s fingering me” she said, “He’s toying with me.”

“Tell him your ‘condition’ back here” Dave said, adding a chuckle.

“I’m wet” she said, “I’m VERY wet and Dave is smearing my juices all around my pussy li….. UGHHHH!” she suddenly blurted out, her previous words cut off, as her eyes flew open.

“Tell Him” Dave ordered.

“He just… “she began to speak and then stopped, “He just roughly shoved his finger up into me”

“You think THAT was rough?” Dave said with an obvious laugh, “Just wait….

My wife’s head was now rocking toward and away from me and I could only imagine what Dave was doing… that is, until my wife told me and confirmed it.

“He’s fingering me, Honey.” She confessed in a breathy tone, “Two fingers… hard and fast….” Her eyes then closed again.

Meanwhile, my cock was ROCK HARD and pointed straight up at my wife’s beautiful, albeit anguished face. Her description combined with my wife’s facial expressions was VERY erotic. My wife was making little whimpering noises and where it was probably a bit humiliating, she also seemed quite excited. Suddenly, my wife grimaced with a bit of obvious discomfort.

“MMMMUMFFFF” My wife blurted as she exhaled sharply as her body suddenly jolted toward me.

“Tell him” Dave demanded.

“He pushed into…” my wife tried to relay but lost her concentration.

“NOW!” Dave demanded.

“He’s put his finger…” she tried again, “…in my butt.”

Her facial expression was priceless. Dave, on the other hand, was disappointed with her description. He suddenly wrapped his strong hand around my wife’s throat and pulled her up into a standing position, yet his other hand was still pushing up and in between her butt cheeks.

“Your BUTT?” Dave yelled, “What the Fuck! You’re not talking to your neighbors at a perabet güvenilir mi dinner party!”

I’m not sure how my wife felt at Dave’s sudden loud outburst and corrective discipline toward her, but it had a very arousing effect on me. My cock throbbed as he clutched her naked body and yelled at her.

He was still roughly fingering her, between her butt-cheeks as he pulled her head back into his shoulder.

“Let’s begin with some simple terminology” he said, somewhat sarcastically, “shall we?”

Dave dropped both of his hands from my wife’s body, telling her to lock her fingers behind her back. Naturally, she did as she was told. Dave then produced another strip of leather from his bag and quickly bound her forearms together, her hands locked close to her elbows. This left her chest arched out and required that she stand quiet straight. In a very bold and surprising move, Dave then reach out and took my wife’s left nipple in between his thumb and index finger and pulled! He pulled her left breast, by her nipple, as far out as it could go without pulling her over. While her breast was pulled away from her chest, Dave used the flat of his other hand to deliver a swift, open-hand slap of my wife’s left breast!

“AHHHHOOOWWW!” my wife yelled… but then I noticed a very subtle smirk spread across her face, perhaps indicating that it hurt less than one might believe… in fact, perhaps indicating that my wife enjoyed this treatment more than I had realized. A swift, second open had slap of the same breast resulted in no verbal reaction – just a sharp inhale from my very excited wife.

“You will need to learn the vernacular terms” Dave instructed, “since we will be engaging in very adult activity. Do you understand, slut?”

“Yes Sir” my wife responded with a hint of a smile.

“Good Girl” he replied, still holding her left nipple. “Then what am I holding here?”

“My nipple” my wife responded.

“And your nipple sits on top of your…..” He continued.

“My breasts.” She answered.

The third open-hand slap came quickly, and my wife never saw it coming. My wife yelped just a bit and a red area was now clearly visible on the side of her very round breasts.

“TIT” perabet giriş Dave announced proudly, “The correct answer is TIT. Mothers have breasts… sluts have Tits.”

“Yes Sir” my wife responded.

“Good girl” praised Dave, “Let’s continue.”

He then released her nipple and fingered between her legs.

“And this?” He asked. “This wet, syrupy area down here?”

“My… pussy?” my wife hesitantly replied. I’m sure that she was hoping that Dave was not looking for the “c” word.
“Very good” He replied. He then reached around my wife’s hips and spread her ass-cheeks, providing me with a very clear view of her little virgin hole.

“My ass?” my wife replied, appearing very embarrassed.

Dave slapped her ass cheek HARD.

“Your ass-hole.” Dave announced. “I just slapped your ass.” He added with a chuckle.

Dave then unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them open to reveal his thick, semi-hard cock. My wife inhaled sharply with obvious excitement. He reached inside and pulled it free and held it out for her and I to see.

“And this?” he asked.

“Your cock” my wife answered… and for the first time, my wife seemed VERY confident in her reply. “your amazing cock, Sir.” She added with a smile.

With Dave’s cock still exposed, he placed his strong hands on each of her shoulders and gently guided my wife into a kneeling position on the floor right between he and I. They both had their sides to me so that I could see his cock, her excited eyes and her subtle smile as she stared intently at his growing member only a foot from her face.

“Kiss the tip on my cock, slut” Dave ordered, as he leaned a little closer to my wife’s face. She leaned as much as she could, and he was obviously teasing her… and me! Every time she got her lips close, he would lean just a little bit out of her reach. It was obvious that both she and were very much wanting her to taste him. She was whimpering in frustration and I my cock was throbbing in anticipation!
Finally, once she extended her tongue all the way, he allowed her a little lick followed by a soft kiss just on the tip of his cock.

“You want to suck it” Dave said, “don’t you, slut?”

“Very much” replied my wife, adding her cute smile.

“Close your eyes” ordered Dave, “and open that slut mouth.”

My wife did as she was told and closed her eyes, opened her mouth and even stuck out her tongue in a very seductive presentation of desire to offer herself and suck off our new friend.

To Be Continued….

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