A Fantasy Fulfilled

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The two people know who they are.

They had only been chatting about it for a little over five minutes and already Jonathan could sense her reluctance. One moment she was so certain and the next all her insecurities forced their way forward again. He wasn’t confident either and her tentativeness only tempted him to leave things just as they were. He didn’t want to spoil anything but knew the chance for them to take things further was too good to miss and purposely he put the ball firmly in her court.

Jonathan: You can’t keep changing your mind, Kate. It has to be something we both decide to do and then stick with; you know that. I’m not about to force you into anything but I really do want to be with you.

There was a pause he tried to ignore.

Kate: Yes, ok, yes I’m sure. We’ve talked about it on and off for almost three months; I really want to do this too.

Jonathan: I’ll make the arrangements. It’s going to be wonderful but however much I want to be with you I can’t make your decision for you, you understand that don’t you?

Kate: Yes, I know, it’s just … I don’t want to spoil what we have; do you think that’ll happen?

His fingers flew over the keyboard as he thought about all the things the two of them had discussed from one end of the country to the other.

Jonathan: No I don’t, not if we don’t want it to. Like you said we’ve talked a lot and I hope from that you know me well enough to realize I won’t force you to do anything.

Kate: I do, it’s not you, it’s me, it’s always been me and my insecurities, you know that. I still can’t understand what it is you see in me.

They had exchanged photos the first time they ‘met’ six months earlier and Jonathan thought she was beautiful. Since then their conversations had been getting steamier and steamier.

Recently divorced, Kate had wandered into a chat room he frequented. They had struck up a conversation on her second visit and had soon moved on to private chats on MSN.

At first she had been shy, the messages stilted, cautious, but gradually her inhibitions and fears receded. He remembered the first time their words had gotten a little hot, had saved the entire dialogue and read it many times since.

Kate: Are you still there?

Jonathan: Yeah, I’m sorry; I got distracted thinking about you and what I want to do to you. You’re beautiful, hot, and I want to be with you, touch you, kiss you, it’s as simple as that.

A blushing smiley appeared on the screen and he laughed.

Kate: Oh you. I’m still worried you’re going to be disappointed. Maybe we should keep things just the way they are.

Jonathan: Kate, no! No way, you agreed, please.

His answer was typed almost immediately. Kate could go round and round in circles for hours and he had no intention of letting her do so this time.

There was silence for a minute or two and, his heart beating a mile a minute, Jonathan waited, wondering what was going through her mind but not having the confidence to ask.

Jonathan: Kate?

Kate: Yes?

The one word showed her hesitancy, she had said once ‘why use one word when fifteen will do.’

Jonathan: Turn on your cam.

He waited, watching for the instruction to appear on the screen, clicked ‘accept’ and then, after a few seconds of nothingness, she was there her face clouded with anxiety. He sent his own invitation so she could see, however many miles there were between them, that he was there for her.

Jonathan: Please, Kate, let’s do this.

He saw her concern but she nodded her head as she began to relax gradually and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Kate: Ok. Arrange everything, let me know and I promise I’ll be there.

Jonathan: You won’t regret it, Kate, I’ll make sure of it.

Kate: I have to go, but I’ll write, ok?

Jonathan: Oh, ok.

He inserted a sad smiley.

Jonathan: Are you sure you’re ok?

Kate: Yes, don’t worry. I won’t let you down, I promise.

The webcam blinked off and he was alone. Running a hand through his short hair as he let out a deep sigh he began to think. Maybe she was right, he didn’t want to hurry her but he had a feeling if they didn’t do this now they never would, and a chance at happiness for both of them could be lost. Of course, they might equally decide a one-night stand now and again was all they wanted from each other.

He ran his hand down to his throbbing cock. She always made him so hard, even if they only talked, and, as he had told her, the chance to be with her, touch her, kiss her, God, he could almost cum just thinking about it.

Clicking on his favourites Jonathan found the hotel he had chosen for their first meeting. Set in acres of beautiful gardens he could imagine them walking out to a deserted bench, sitting to talk, moving closer to each other. They would kiss, slowly, gently at first and then more passionately. She would move her hand over his erection, running her fingers up its length as their kisses continued. bahis firmaları Canting his hips would help her touch all of it as his own fingers brushed her breasts, causing them to harden beneath her clothes, making her moan into his mouth.

“Ohhh, fuck, I’ve got to stop this or I’ll never get anywhere booked.” He resolutely removed his hand and pushed the images he had created to the back of his mind. It was still early enough for him to put a call through to the hotel and he quickly punched in the number wondering how far in advance their main suites would be booked up.


Kate’s breath caught in her throat as she looked at the scene before her. The hotel, set up on a hill above beautiful gardens, had a turreted section, sweeping horseshoe shaped steps leading up to huge double doors, and an exterior befitting its history as a vital fortress and stronghold.

She had been gazing at the view for just a few minutes when she realized she was no longer alone.

“So, what do you think?”

“Oh, it’s amazing, thank you, Jonathan.” She smiled at the man who had come quietly up beside her.

“You are even more beautiful in person.” She felt herself being pulled closer to him and then his lips touched hers for the first time and, unable to stop herself, she stiffened slightly. “It’s ok. Just relax.” His voice was soft, loving and she nodded as he captured her lips once more. This time she melted against him as he gently, tenderly kissed her.

“Shall we go and announce ourselves then? We can get into the room now.”

Already there was a huskiness in his voice and Kate watched as Jonathan checked his watch before nodding. For the entire train journey she had been certain he wouldn’t turn up, wouldn’t look as he had in the pictures, or would see her and say ‘sorry, I don’t want to do this any more’. Even though she had seen him on the webcam her self-esteem was so low she was sure she had been duped.

He took her hand and eased her along the path as she grasped her overnight bag tightly against her, trying to calm her breathing and not spoil anything.

“Good afternoon, Sir, Madam, welcome to the Royale.”

“Hi. We have a booking, Mr and Mrs Lyndon.”

Kate managed not to gasp, a married couple, she hadn’t thought of that. In fact, she now realized, she hadn’t thought about the practicalities at all, all she had focussed on was the chances of one of them, probably her, being a disappointment.

“Oh yes, of course, Sir, The Suite Royale.” The receptionist smiled at both of them and then handed over an ornate key with a large tag on it.

“Thank you.” Jonathan looked at Kate, winking as he did so and she felt herself smile.

“A porter will take your bags. The restaurant begins serving at 7.00 and finishes at 11.00. Enjoy your stay at The Royale.”

A young man, smartly liveried, touched Kate’s bag and she surrendered it. Jonathan had a similar sized case and both were carried for them as they were directed towards the lift.

Not a word was spoken. Jonathan’s hand on her back was a reassuring presence and Kate realized her doubts were already disappearing. She turned slightly so she could look into his eyes and all she saw was the honesty she had recognized on line. Leaning against him she moved so her mouth was next to his ear.

“Thank you.”

“It’s no problem. I love you, Kate, you know that.”

The doors opened and the porter prevented her from saying anything in reply.

“If you would like to follow me, Sir, Madam, your suite is just along this hallway. There is no one else on this side of the building. He took the key from Jonathan and inserted it in the lock. The door swung open under his hand and again Kate felt herself gasp.

“Oh, Jonathan, it’s … it’s just wonderful.” She looked around and smiled. There was a four-poster bed, a sofa and chair in a lounge area as well as tempting glimpses of an ornate bathroom. Huge floor to ceiling windows brought the beautiful grounds into their suite and, belatedly, she realized they were in the tower she had so recently admired from outside.

As she turned back towards her ‘husband’ she saw money changing hands and then the porter was leaving them alone.

“So, Mrs Lyndon, what do you think, will I do?”

“Oh yes, I think so.” She moved closer, seeing for the first time the doubt in the younger man’s face. “I don’t want to let you down, everything is so perfect, but I’m scared, Jonathan. I’m so much older than you, and you are so handsome, so friendly.”

His lips met hers as his hand wove its way into her hair. Kate could feel his arousal as he ground against her and she moaned into the kiss.

“Oh God, Kate, I have waited so long to do this.”

She found herself being carefully moved back until she felt the side of the bed behind her.

“Remember how we talked about foreplay? Please, Kate, let me take the lead.”

She nodded. All along it had been clear to her that, if they ever did get together, Jonathan would, kaçak iddaa at least initially, instigate everything. She knew he wouldn’t force her to do anything and that knowledge alone was enough for her to relax, move away from him, and slip her shoes off. She lay back making herself comfortable against the mound of artfully placed cushions at the head of the bed before smiling and waiting for him to join her.


The sight of Kate lying contentedly as he moved around to the other side of the bed was almost too much for Jonathan. He wanted to take her right away, to put her mind at rest, and show her his intentions were honourable, but he also wanted to live through as many of their easier to accomplish fantasies as possible. In the back of his mind was still the notion that this may be a one off. He wanted to have as many wonderful memories as he could to take home with him as well as providing Kate with the same thing.

Sliding his shoes and jacket off before loosening his tie Jonathan climbed onto the bed beside her and, just for a moment, rested his forehead against hers.

“I wish you could see what I see. You are beautiful, gentle, kind and so sexy. You know I’m only interested in older women, they turn me on almost exclusively, but since I first saw you online I’ve only been fantasizing about one older woman, you. Now you’re here, right next to me, God, Kate, there is nowhere else I want to be, ever.”

He moved so his body was touching hers and then claimed her lips once more. This time all hesitancy was gone; he leant against her as her ample breasts brushed his chest and he felt himself harden beneath her.

The time slipped by as they kissed and touched, hands roaming over clothed bodies, hips moving as they rubbed against each other, moans escaping as the kisses became more and more passionate. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime experienced in a few moments, they pulled apart.

“I love you, Kate, how can you ever think I would be disappointed?”

“Shhh, I was wrong. I … I love you too. Jonathan, please, I want more.”

His hands framed her face as he smiled and nodded.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Totally and utterly. Make love to me, Jonathan, please. I want to feel you inside me, I want to do all the things we talked about with you.”

He couldn’t contain the moan which escaped him and reaching forward his fingers began to work at the buttons on the cream silk blouse she was wearing.

“Sit up for a minute.”

Gracefully Kate did as she was told, her dark hair already tousled from their embrace and her face flushed.

The blouse slid sensuously down her arms to pool behind her and Jonathan helped it on its way to the floor. Her pale skin was now within his grasp and he ran a finger tentatively along her jaw line before leaning forward to kiss the junction between her throat and neck.

As he watched Kate reached back and undid her bra. The peach lace cups fell forward releasing her breasts and then, as she eased it off her body and away to join the blouse, he feasted his eyes on her russet coloured nipples.

“Fuck, Kate, let me touch them, please.” He looked into her eyes, remembering how she wanted to be enticed to give her body to him. “I want to feel them so badly, baby, please.”

A nod was his only answer and he rested his hand underneath the left breast, lifting it gently before running his tongue across the tightening nub.

“Ohhhh, yes.” Kate’s back arched pushing more of the flesh towards him and he took it into his mouth. The soft warmth filled him and he began to suckle against her.

Silence filled the room again, the only breaks were as Kate moaned her arousal and he moved from one tit to the other, teasing the unattended one to keep it tight and ready for his lips to take over.

A hand moved down and suddenly he too felt warmth against him as Kate’s fingers began to trace the outline of his hard cock through his pants.

“Let me see you, Jonathan, please. It’s my turn now.”

“Yes, want to feel your eyes on me, baby, want to show you what you do to me.”

Quickly Jonathan removed his tie and then watched as the pale peachy varnish on Kate’s nails sparkled as she began to undo the buttons on his soft white shirt. The same fingers ran through the chest hair he knew she loved and then found his own tight nipples.

“Suck them, Kate, please, suck them for me.”

Instantly he felt the soft lips he had so recently plundered latch on to him and he ran his fingers back into her hair, holding her in place as she pulled on his skin. A hot, wet tongue moved across the hair plastering it to his chest as Kate made her way from one nipple to the other and then, just when he was desperate for more, she looked up.

“Let me strip you, lover.”

Kate knelt up on the bed and Jonathan could only nod. He did the same and then watched, fascinated as she began to undo his belt, his cock already pressing hard against his pants, desperate for release.


“Yes, kaçak bahis oh God, Jonathan, it’s so big, so much bigger than it looked on the cam.”

“Suck it, take it all in, take it, bitch.”

Kate felt her pussy tighten as the gentle, loving language was replaced with the obscenity. The one word turned her on even more, making her feel owned and she did as she was told, taking just the head in at first before moving slowly down until all eight inches were hidden from sight.

“Yes, fuck, yes.”

Her gag reflex tried to repel the intruder but Kate worked against it. Moving back just a little she took more and more hard flesh in until she was inhaling the musky, sexy scent from Jonathan’s thick pelt of fur around the base of his cock and then she moved so she could gently roll his balls against her palm.

Slowly she began to move back up his cock establishing a rhythm and listening as he moaned and encouraged her.

“That’s it, bitch, take my cock into your sexy mouth, get me ready for your tight pussy. Gonna fuck you till you can’t take any more. Is that what you want?”

She looked up, never breaking the regularity of movement and nodded. As she did so Jonathan reached forward and she felt the waistband of her skirt loosen.

“Let me take this off you, ohhhh, fuck, Kate.”

She sucked harder on the head of his cock as he spoke and then moved away.

Her skirt was removed and she smiled as she saw him realize that, all along, she had been wearing no panties just silk stockings and a peach suspender belt. Her hand went towards the clasp but he grabbed at her.

“No. Leave it. Let me fuck you while you wear those. God, that is so hot.”

“I thought you’d like them. I know we can’t indulge in all our fantasies in the time we have but these might bring another one closer to fruition.”

“Thank you. Love you, baby, love you so much.”

“I know; I love you too. Tell me what you want, let me please you.”

“It has to be what you want too, Kate. Don’t let my fantasies take over, this has to be good for both of us.”

“It is, already it is so much more than I could have ever hoped for. Please, Jonathan.”

“Then suck me again, bitch. Share your body with me.”

Kate was pushed flat against the mattress and she felt him begin to fuck her mouth. Relinquishing control Kate looked up at him submissively knowing he wanted to take her, to be in control of her body until he came for the first time. Then, as he had told her so many times, he could concentrate on satisfying her needs.

Kate ran her hands up over his hips and onto the soft cheeks of his arse. She felt him clench the muscles just for a moment before he relaxed again. Her fingers ran down into his cleft and he stopped moving.

“Fuck me, Kate, before I cum, please, baby.”

She nodded her head and felt his cock move out of her mouth, a string of saliva still joining them until it broke to drop down across her tits.

Kate watched as Jonathan got onto all fours next to her and she moved behind him. She began to place kisses against the skin she had so recently caressed and then started to suck as well.

“Ohhhh, Kate.” Jonathan’s back arched, pushing the soft globes across her face and she took in his manly, earthy scent before gasping for air.

Gently she parted his cheeks exposing his darker crease. The tight opening pulsed before her; she blew across it and ran her tongue from the edge of the crevice down across the star shaped pucker and on until she could take one of his balls into her mouth and lavish her attention there.

“Ohhhh, Kate, Kate, Kate.” She heard her name over and over and watched as Jonathan grasped his cock tightly in his fist. He didn’t move but instead increased the pressure at the base. “Don’t wanna cum yet, baby, fuck my arse, please, take it, can’t wait much longer.” His pleading disappeared into moans and groans as she extended her tongue and began to gently run it across his opening waiting for the right moment to plunge it in.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Sucking her fingers Kate knew she had to pull Jonathan back from the edge. Instead of taking it slowly and gently she pushed firmly forward until she was accepted up to her first knuckle.

“Shit, Kate, bit by bit.” Jonathan’s words, spoken through clenched teeth told her she had succeeded and she leant forward to place a kiss on his soft thigh.

“Sorry, baby, didn’t want to make you cum too soon.”

“No chance of that now. Fuck me with your fingers, Kate.”

Gradually Kate moved her finger further in. The grunts and hip movements telling her she was back in favour and, as she slowly moved out, she began to kiss and suck at Jonathan again.

“Two fingers now, lover, I’ll go slow this time, promise.”

True to her word Kate let Jonathan’s body guide her but almost as quickly as before she was accepted in. Scissoring her fingers Kate searched out his prostate, finding it easily and laughing aloud as he bucked against her.

“Ohhhh yes, Kate, again, do that again.”

She ran the pads of her fingers across his sweet spot, enjoying his involuntary reactions and then his moan of anguish as she backed off totally.

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