A Drive in the Country

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It was a nice Sunday and we didn’t feel like staying home. We decided to take a long drive out into the country. We packed a picnic lunch, grabbed a couple of blankets, and hit the road. We didn’t plan where we were going we just drove. The radio was playing oldies but goodies. We talked and laughed, and just enjoyed our time together. We hadn’t seen another car for miles we were on a lonely country road.

“Are you okay baby?” You ask taking my hand and kissing it. I had been playing with the buttons of my dress.

“Oh yeah I’m good… ” I say looking at you, God I love you so much baby.

“Are you sure?” you say looking at me.

“Yeah I’m fine… ” I tell you.

“No you’re not… come on out with it… “

“Okay… honestly???”

“Honestly… ” you say watching the road.

“I’m am so horny baby… ” I admit.

“You are!!” you say pretending to be shocked. “Oh no! She’s horny!!” you say joking around. “So… what are you wearing under that sexy dress???”

“Red lace panties… ” I tell you.

“Anything else???”

“A matching bra… ” I admit.

“I see… I bet it’s sexy.” you say reaching over and sliding your hand up my leg.

“Very… wanna see????” I ask looking at you.

“Of course… ” you check to make sure there are no cars around.

My dress buttons up the front, and I slowly unbutton it, taking my time

Showing you a bit of Red lace, you reach inside of my dress and cup my left breast in your hand.

“Nice… ” you say gently squeezing my tit. I like when you do that.

“Wanna see more???” I ask innocently.

“Oh yes… show me more baby… ” You say giving my tit one final squeeze.

I unbutton my dress all of the way and spread it open, “You like???” I ask you as you take a look at my red panties.

“Very much… “

I lay the seat back a bit so I can recline, and you glance over at me trying to keep an eye on the road. I start to rub my tit’s through my bra, feels good. My nipples are getting hard.

I reach in and rub my nipples, noticing you squirming in your seat. “Are you okay baby?” I ask knowing your getting turned on.

“Uh… no not exactly… ” you manage to say.

” Anything I can do to help???” I ask as I pull my dress off of my shoulders and reach inside my bra and tease my nipples.

“you’re teasing me baby girl… ”

“I know… ” I say as I continue to rub my nipples, knowing your watching every move I make.

We continue like this for another few miles, you reaching over again and playing with my tits.

Oh baby it feels so good when you touch me. I slide my hand down to my crotch and rub my hand over my pussy, feeling myself getting wet. I can tell your a bit uncomfortable. I think your jeans are getting tight.

“Are you alright honey?” I ask as I slip my hand inside of my panties. I slide two fingers inside of my pussy, feeling how wet I am. I want you so bad.

“Damn!” is all you say as I take my hand away from my pussy and bring them to my mouth and lick my juice off of them. “You want some baby?” I ask as I pull my panties down just enough for you to see my bare shaved pussy. I get my fingers wet again and offer them to you, you take my hand and lick my fingers tasting my pussy.

“Baby… I want to suck your cock now… please?” I ask as I reach over and place my hand on your crotch, feeling your hard cock.

“Someplace off the main road… ” you say with a moan.

I rub your crotch and you reach over and rub my wet pussy.

“I need you right now… and I mean right now… ” you say finally finding a side road and you make a right turn and follow the road until it comes to some trees. It is so far off of the main road you can’t hear cars.

We get out of the car and spread the blankets down under the trees, I can’t wait any longer. I don’t even give you a chance to sit down. I get down on my knees in front of you and unzip your jeans, I pull your jeans and shorts down at one time. I reach for your hard cock, taking it in my hand, loving how it feels. I moan istanbul escort as I stroke your cock, I love your cock baby.The cool breeze feels so good, it’s exciting making love outside.

“Yeah baby… ” you say as I stroke you and I lick your balls, barely touching them, flicking my tongue across them.

“I like that” you moan as I take first one and then the other in my mouth and gently suck them, stroking your cock.

I love this baby, taking care of you, making you feel good.

“Suck my cock baby girl… show me you love me… ” you tell me. I lick your balls one at a time, slowly, as I stroke your cock, flicking my tongue across your balls. “Yes… ” you moan, and I look up at you. “You like that honey???” I ask taking your balls into my mouth one at a time gently sucking on them. “Oh yeah feels so good baby girl… ” you tell me grabbing handfuls of my hair. I continue to lick your balls and stroke your cock . It turns me on knowing I can make it so good for you. I slowly lick my way up your cock, licking you all over. “That’s it baby… you know just what to do… ” you tell me as I lick the underside of your cock, flicking my tongue across the head of your cock.

“Awww… fuck… ” you manage to moan as I look up at you. I tease you licking and sucking your cock, then I take the head of your cock in my mouth and suck it. I love sucking you baby, makes me so hot with your cock in my mouth. Sucking your cock gently, stroking your balls at the same time. The more I suck the tighter you hold my head, I start to fuck your cock with my mouth, taking as much as I can. I’m holding onto you, loving the feel of your cock in my mouth.

“Let me lay down baby girl… ” you say pulling away from me. “Let’s both get comfortable… ” You lay down on the blanket and I get down and kneel next to you as I take your cock back in my mouth. You hold me down as I suck your cock, turns me on knowing your watching me. I move back up to the head of your cock, pulling away from you and just barely licking the tip of your cock, stroking your balls.

I take just a second to remove my dress, and I rub your balls gently as I start to take the head of your cock back into my mouth. I love the feel of your cock in my mouth baby, turns me on so much and makes me so horny. I lick the head of your cock, as I look up at you.

“You like that baby???” I ask as I take the head of your cock a little deeper as I rub your balls.

“yes baby girl… feels so good… ” I hear you telling me as you reach for my head, holding me down. Licking the head of your cock, I tease you, licking and sucking taking you a bit deeper.

You let go of me for a second and I move down to suck your balls into my mouth, licking them.

You reach for my hand and tell me to “Stroke my cock… ” I do as you say and stroke your hard cock as I lick your balls.

I can feel my panties getting soaked, just like the first time we made love years ago. I take one hand and reach down to rub my pussy, feeling the wetness through my panties.

“Oh yeah… just like that baby don’t stop… ” you say I move back up and take your cock back into my mouth, licking the head I moan it taste so good baby. as I take your cock as deep as I can

I love when you fill my mouth or pussy with your cum. You hold me back down on your cock, slowly fucking my hot, wet mouth, in and out, making it last. “That’s it baby take my cock… “

I want to suck you faster and harder making it good for you. I want to make you cum baby.

Feels good when you hold me down and fuck my mouth baby, thrusting in and out a bit faster now, hearing you moan as I take you deeper. “suck it… just like that… yeah… ” you tell me.

Taking your cock deeper and faster, knowing your going to cum and fill my mouth. Suddenly I stop and pull away and go back and suck your balls again, gently stroking your cock. “baby I was getting close… ” you say.

I look up at you “I know I want to make it last for you baby… ” I say and go back to avcılar escort sucking and licking your balls.

“You’re a tease little girl… ” you say as I take your balls one at a time back into my mouth. Back and forth I go between sucking your cock and balls, driving you crazy, until you look at me “Do it… suck my cock… make me cum… ” You tell me pulling my mouth back down on your cock. You hold me down on your cock and start fucking my mouth hard, in and out, I am taking your cock as deep as I can, wanting to taste your cum, swallowing it all. “Yeah take that cock baby… that’s it, suck it… ” you’re fucking my mouth like a pussy ramming your cock into my mouth. “Suck it… suck it… ” I can tell your ready to cum baby, give me your cum.

Your cock gets harder, and I suck as hard as I can, I’m ready to take your cum baby. Give it to me.Tightening my mouth around your cock.

“Yes… fuck… here it comes baby… take it… ” You moan as your cum fills my mouth and you hold me down, I take every last drop. I’m moaning around your cock, I love the taste of your cum baby…

Part 2

We lay back on the blankets trying to catch our breaths, and you pull me up next to you, take me in your arms and kiss me. “Thank you baby girl… that was great… ” you tell me.

“You’re welcome… I enjoyed it too.” I say feeling happy and content just being with you and in your arms, the way it should be.

Later after a long leisurely lunch, we clear away the food and just lay back on the blanket, I’m still just in my bra and panties. You bend over me and start to kiss me taking me in your arms. You kiss me all over from my neck to my tits, barely touching me, feels good when you do that to me. drives me crazy. “I like that… ” I say as you unhook my bra in the front, the air feels good on my tits. You remove my bra and throw it onto the blanket. “You don’t need it… ” You tell me, licking my left nipple as you caress my right one.

“Just lay back and enjoy… relax… ” you say taking my nipple into your mouth and gently sucking on it. “Yes… oh that’s good baby… ” I tell you, oh it feels good, you know just how to take care of me. You stop long enough to get undressed. You lay down next to me and start playing with my tits again. Your cock is hard again.

You flick your tongue across my nipples one at a time, sucking on them, licking them. I love when you do this.

You take your time, making it last, showing me how much you love me. I reach for my pussy, you pull my hand away. “Nope… ” you tell me as you start to kiss and lick your way down my stomach, caressing my thighs, but not touching my aching wet pussy. You get between my legs and spread them, then gently, barely touching me you lick me from my thighs to my pussy.

“Oh look what I found… a nice pretty, wet pussy… ” You say as you bend down and lick my pussy through my panties.

“Yes baby.” I moan I love this feeling of you licking me through my wet panties.

“Nice wet panties… ” you say, giving me a slow lick across my panty covered Pussy. “Please baby… ” I ask you, wanting you so bad. You bend back down and suck my pussy through my panties, it feels so good. “I love the way your pussy taste baby girl… your panties are so wet… “

“You make me this wet baby… ” I say and you take a hold of my panties and start to take them off of me.

“Lift up a bit baby… ” I do and you slide them off of me, throwing them to the side.

You then start to gently open my pussy lips, “You are so wet baby girl… ” you gently lick my pussy lips.

“You taste so good baby girl… love eating your pussy… ” you say as you tongue my slit, licking me deeper and deeper. I can’t lay still it feels so good baby.

I reach for my tits, tugging on my nipples, loving the way you are making me feel. When you lick me drives me crazy baby, you hold me down and lick me as you gently finger the outside of my pussy, teasing me with your fingers.

“Please baby… ” I beg you as you slip two fingers inside my şirinevler escort wet pussy.

“Is this what my baby wants???? Wants her pussy sucked and fingered???”

“Yes… “I gasp, feels so good. “Don’t stop… please… “

“I won’t… ” you tell me fingering me a bit deeper, making me feel everything. I spread my legs as far as I can so you can get deeper inside of me.

“Your pussy is so tight… ” you tell me fingering me faster and harder. You start to lick my pussy, sucking on my pussy lips, sliding your tongue deep inside of me, fucking me.

I can’t lay still it just feels too good baby, I’m moaning and getting a bit loud.

“Tell me you like it baby… “

“yes… oh fuck yes… I love it baby, make me cum… ” it’s not going to take me long, I can feel my climax building. I’m breathing heavier. “Your going to make me cum baby… “

“Yeah… you like this baby girl?” you ask me as you go back and finger my pussy deep and fast knowing it will make me cum.

“yes… fuck me… please baby fuck me… ” I beg you.

“I will… ” you say as you move back next to me again you pull me towards your hard cock. “Lick me… ” you say. I take your cock in my mouth sucking you, slow and deep, feeling your cock getting harder.

“Not so fast… ” you say as you reach down and rub me . My pussy is throbbing baby, I need you inside of me. ” Slow down a bit, I want to make it last… ” you say continuing to rub my pussy a bit faster. “You want to cum… yeah… want me to make you cum and then I’m going to fuck you… hard… would you like that baby???”

All I can do is moan around your cock, wanting to feel your cock inside of me.

You move enough so you can finger my pussy again, deep and fast. I am so close baby, make me cum. “Oh yeah… that’s it baby… yeah… tighten that pussy around my fingers, cum for me… ” you tell me ramming your fingers deep inside of me. I have to just stroke your cock, gasping for air, feels so good baby. I stop sucking your cock and try and catch my breath.

“Yes… yes baby… gonna cum… fuck… ” I moan loudly as you fuck me faster and harder. I close my legs around your hand as I climax. “Oh fuck… cumming baby… ” I moan as I cum so hard.

“Cum for me baby… yes… ” you say holding your fingers inside of me as I cum. “I’m going to fuck you now.”

You turn me on my hands and knees and you rub the head of your cock across my throbbing pussy. “You want my cock baby… huh… feel my cock fucking you hard???”

“Yes… please… fuck me… ” I ask you, wanting you inside of me. My pussy is still throbbing from cumming so hard.

“Your pussy is so tight… ” you say as you put your cock inside of me, all I can do is moan. Loving the way your cock feels going inside of me.

“Fuck me… ” I beg you, needing you.

“I will… ” you grab my hips and slowly fuck me, in and out, giving me your cock. You reach under me and grab my tits, as you give me your cock, faster and harder. I start to move back aginsted you, fucking your cock. “That’s it baby… yeah take my cock… ” you say holding still and letting me take your cock. “Take it all… “

“Harder… fuck me harder… ” I say as you pound my pussy fast and deep, I can tell it’s not going to take me long to cum again.

“Yes… fill my pussy with cum baby… give it to me..” I beg you.

“Yeah… not long now baby… gonna cum… ” you say as you hold me tighter, “I’m gonna make you cum… ” you tell me. I want to feel you cumming inside of me.

“I love the feel of your tight little pussy around my cock… yeah… so good… gonna cum… cant hold on much longer… ” you moan fucking me hard, ramming my pussy.

“Oh yes… yes… cumming baby… yes… fuck me… ” I moan loudly as I cum again, my pussy tightens around your cock.

“Fuck me… “You hold still and I can feel your cock throbbing in my pussy as you cum deep inside of me. “Yeah… take my cum baby… ” you say filling me with cum. We fall onto the blankets, holding each other.

“What do you do to me???” you ask me.

“I love you baby… I love you… “

“That was one hell of a love making session I may have to crawl to the car… ” you say kissing me.

“You are so good to me baby… ” I tell you kissing you.

“You’re good to me too… and I love you.” you say kissing me back.

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