A Different Kind of Fire

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Volunteer Assistant Fire Chief Brendan Miles had been sick for the past few days. Being a dispatcher for his job, he was constantly exposed to everyone’s flu bug. At the age of 31, he thought that he could bounce back from everything. This flu bug, however, had other ideas for him. Brendan had been flat on his back in his bed for several days. “What a way to spend my days off,” he mumbled as he slowly made his way to the bathroom. Shower. “Maybe a shower will help.” His smoky blue eyes seemed a bit dull. He wondered if he could be able to hold himself up the shower.

A pot of water began to boil on the stove for some peppermint tea. He had been told it would help settle his upset stomach and with the nausea. He hadn’t been able to keep anything down, with the exception of the Gaterade and water. He shivered as the water rolled off his 6’4″ frame. Turning the water to HOT, he began to wash his brush cut, caramel brown hair. He realized his arms weren’t as weak as he’d thought. “Yes! I get to shave!” he yelled out in happiness.

The shower made him feel a little better; maybe as if he could actually eat something. He stepped out and wrapped a hunter green terry cloth towel around his sexy waist, covering his nice butt. He frowned at himself as he finished shaving. “Okay, I really need to drop a few pounds,” he said as he wiped the rest of the shaving cream off his face. He ran his fingers over his now smooth skin.

Slipping back into sweatpants and a t-shirt, he heard the water boiling over. Running into the kitchen, he pulled the pot off the burner. He didn’t exactly want to be known as the assistant fire chief who burned his own house down. He shuddered to think of the nicknames that would be bestowed upon him, as the fire service was cruel like that.

He settled into his recliner as the tea bag began to release its sweet, old age remedy. There was a knock on the door. Upon opening it, he saw the newest 22-year-old member to their tiny fire department. If given permission by their chiefs, they allowed the college students to assist them in fighting fires.

Katie smiled as he opened the door wider. “Hi, Brendan. Are you feeling any better?” she asked as she shifted the homemade chicken soup into the crook of her arm. Brendan smiled as he looked her up and down: gray drawstring pants that conformed to her tight ass very nicely, a tight “blaze red” tank top that had a low scoop neck and showed off her very full, nicely rounded chest. Her sandals were muddy from the walk up his driveway. She had just touched up her toenail polish with a spring, pastel color. Her reddish brown hair that was cut in layers flowed around her shoulders. Her soft brown eyes showed concern for him.

He stepped aside and let her in. Brendan stole a glance of her curvy bottom with a smile. Katie stood up and put her delicate hand to his forehead. “You seem to be lowering your fever,” she commented. She helped him back to the recliner. She draped a blanket over his legs as Brendan relaxed, inhaling the peppermint smell. Katie smiled as she caught a whiff of it. “I see you took my advice,” she said as she winked.

Brendan smiled and took a sip. “Yes, I did; and it’s actually working,” he said, sounding a little surprised.

Katie rested her hand on top of his. “Are you feeling any stronger?” she asked. Brendan nodded as he cocked his head against the chair. She felt her heart leap at his smile. He had full, kissable lips. She thought she might be blushing. “Ummm,” she stuttered, searching for words to keep the conversation going. “So, I see you took a shower. You smell great. What body wash is that?”

Brendan smiled and curled his kissable lips into a smile. “What else would I use? Irish Spring, of course,” he said as he glanced quickly at her full, rounded chest. Quickly bringing his eyes up to hers, he said, “Do you want any tea?”

Katie nodded. “Sure. I’ll make it. You sit back and relax. You need to get better,” she said as she, jokingly, kissed him on the forehead.

Brendan called out, “You make a great mother. You know that?”

Katie shuddered at that comment, for she knew that would be a little odd because of the sexual desire she had for him. She called out, “Mother, huh? I’m only twenty-two.”

Brendan corrected himself from the living room. “How about ‘concerned wife’, then?” Katie smiled as she licked her lips.

“That’s better, I guess,” she said as she joined him in the living room.

Brendan smiled at her and nodded. Katie recognized this silence. “Ummm,” she began, “have you washed your sheets yet? You’ll just keep getting yourself sick over and over again,” as she got up and walked to the room. Brendan followed her with his smoky blue eyes, focusing on her curvy bottom.

In his bedroom, Katie began to nervously strip his sheets off his bed. She even tossed some of his pillows into the washer. She heard Brendan walk down the hallway and stop behind her. She felt her pulse rise. She had the biggest tuzla escort crush on him for the past few years; only she tried very hard to hide it. A few times, she thought she saw him checking her out while she was rolling up hose, but she was never quite sure.

She felt Brendan place his big, strong hands around her shoulders. “You take such good care of people,” he whispered into her ear. A small sigh escaped her lips as she curled them into a smile. She let her head fall gently backwards, finally resting it on the front of his shoulder. She wondered what it would feel like to be rolling in bed with him for a sexually blissful night.

Quickly she opened her eyes and stepped away from him. She smiled coyly and said, “What are you doing out of that chair, Mr. Miles?” She gently led him back to the living room and set him in the chair. His smoky blue eyes never left hers.

She tucked her hair behind her ears. “How about something to eat?” she asked. “I made you some chicken soup.” Brendan nodded his head and agreed. Before Katie could pull away, Brendan pressed his full, kissable lips to hers. She almost melted from the heat of his kiss. He placed his hands on the side of her face. Katie was locked in his kiss and loving every moment of it.

When Brendan pulled away, he noticed her fair Irish skin had a bit of a blush to it. She smiled, finally, “B-B-Brendan,” she stuttered. He smiled as he pulled her to himself. “Yes?” he asked with anticipation. Katie drew a breath in and said, “I hope I don’t get sick from your cooties.”

Brendan gave an exacerbated sigh and rolled his eyes. Katie was in a bit of shock. Brendan cocked his head to the side. “Katie? What kind of statement was that? I just gave you the hottest kiss I’ve ever given a woman and you say something like that?”

Katie blushed even more. “But Brendan … you’re not supposed to have a crush on me. That’s not how things work with me,” she reasoned. Brendan stood up and placed his strong hands on her hips and curved them around to her bottom. He pressed her hips close to his … as close as they could be. Katie stood only five feet, four inches. Brendan towered over her by one full foot. Katie glanced shyly up at him. “Damn. You’re a big boy,” she smiled as she wrapped her hands around his butt. Brendan snickered as he lowered his head and began to kiss her neck slowly.

Her legs felt weak. “Brendan,” she sighed as she surrendered to his kiss. He tightened his grip on her to keep her upright. Finally, Brendan picked her up into his arms. Katie gasped. “Brendan! Your back! Put me down!” she pleaded out of concern. He smiled as he carried her out of the living room. Katie tried again. “Brendan! You’re sick! Please! I don’t want you to make yourself sicker or throw your back out.”

Brendan carried her into the bedroom. “Katie, hush, hunny,” he pleaded as he placed his lips on hers. He gently laid her back onto the sheetless bed.

A few more passionate kisses made her say, “Oh, Brendan.” She smiled at him, his eyes reflecting the moonlight from the window.

He slowly ran his hands over her body. She smiled at this. His fingers seem to find the perfect spots on her. He slowly crept his fingers up under her tank top.

He kissed her and said, “I’ll be right back.” He left the room and left her wondering what was happening. She giggled as she bounced on the bed. Brendan Patrick Miles just kissed me! she thought. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard his scanner go off with a series of beeps.

“Tree Port fire monitors, Tree Port Rescue … for the confirmed structure fire.” The Dispatcher began to relay the address. Brendan came running back in wearing his firefighting gear: black Nomex bunker pants and a white Nomex bunker jacket with the word “CHIEF” on the back. Lunging at the pager, he grabbed it off the charger.

Katie grabbed him by the elbow. “Where do you think you’re going?” she asked with a demand in her voice. “You’re not well enough to go fight a fire!” Brendan set the pager back down and realized she was right. Instead, he glanced out the window and saw the fire was just across the street from his house and down the sloping road a bit.

He sat on the bed mesmerized by it. Katie crawled up to the foot of his bed and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She whispered, “You like it, don’t you? That kind of turns you on, huh?” in a bit of a naughty tone.

Brendan winked at her and smiled. “Every firefighter loves to watch a fire,” he said as he kissed her cheek. He turned his gaze back to the roaring blaze.

She nudged him a bit. “Brendan?” she asked. He looked to her. “Why are you in your gear?” He smiled wide and kissed her lips again. This time, it was a bit harder. They twisted and turned in each other’s grasp. Brendan was facing the window now. He peeked over her shoulder as he continued to lock her into an intense kiss. Katie pulled away. “So, who’s turning you on more? Me or the fire?”

Brendan smiled, tuzla escort bayan “Both … but mostly you, Katie.” She smiled as she ran her tongue around her soft lips.

Katie continued, “You never answered my question, Mr. Miles. Why are you in your gear?”

Brendan curled his full, kissable lips into a sexy smile. He stood from the bed and set Katie down on the comforter. She grinned, as she knew where this was going. Brendan kissed her sweetly and ran his hands over her full and round chest over her tank top. He glided his hands off her body and onto the D-rings of his bunker coat. Slowly, Brendan began to unbuckle the rings, teasing her. He stifled a laugh as his smoky blue eyes locked onto her. Katie gently bit her bottom lip in anticipation as his long, slender fingers made their way to the bottom D-ring and then to the zipper.

Slowly, he drew the zipper downward, revealing the red straps of his bunker pants. Underneath he wore a white shirt that conformed to his chest. He tossed the jacket onto the floor. Katie smiled as she watched him seductively slide the straps down off his shoulders. His bunker pants now hugged his body and looked so sexy as they hung, and rested perfectly on his hips.

Katie sat forward and smirked. She ran her delicate fingers over his chest and down around his midsection. She slid her fingers between the bunker pants and the bottom of his shirt. She paused and planted a kiss on his hand and she pulled his six feet, four-inch frame down for a sensual kiss.

Brendan ran his hands through Katie’s long, flowing hair and then down her back. He gently pushed her back onto the bed, falling on top of her. She smiled as she tugged at the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up and over his head. Tossing it onto the floor, she ran her hands over his chest.

He laughed as he placed a kiss on her cheek and trailed it down her neck. Tugging her tank top down, he smiled seductively. She gasped a bit as his full lips kissed every perfect spot on her chest. Brendan slowly ran the tip of his tongue down between her rounded breasts and placed a kiss right in the middle of them. “Assistant Chief Miles,” she said in a low, sensual voice. He raised his smoky blue eyes to hers. She ran her hand over his short cut hair and pulled him in for a kiss.

Brendan had almost completely forgotten about the fire until he heard his radio begin to squawk for several pieces of apparatus. He again turned his head to see this blazing fire. Katie lightly ran her warm tongue around the outer curve of his ear. He smiled and closed his eyes as he was enjoying this feel. It was very obvious that this little 22-year-old mutual aid girl knew how to treat firefighters … especially “hot” ones.

Katie pushed him upright so he could get a full view of this fire. However, she added to his delight. She smiled, as she stood off-centered from the window, so he could still get his view of the fire. She began to slowly pull her tank top off, revealing a beautiful, lacey red bra along with a bellybutton piercing: a fire engine red, sparkling jewel. Her pants hung low on her hips. She was actually a bit shy about standing there shirtless.

Brendan smiled and stood up. He walked over to her and kissed her hungrily. He backed her against the wall as he grinded his hips against hers. She could feel his erection forming through his bunker pants. The kiss made her legs feel like Jell-O. Brendan held her up with his strong arms. As best she could, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She slyly slipped her tongue into his mouth, exploring his sweet, warm tongue. Brendan graciously returned her sweet French kiss. She gasped, as she wasn’t expecting this.

Flashing lights from the arriving trucks began to reflect their strobe light bars into his bedroom. Brendan couldn’t keep his eyes off the fire now. Katie pulled him back for another hot kiss. His erection seemed to get harder. “Brendan, darling. Would you like to be alone to jerk off to the fire?”

He stopped and looked at her wide-eyed. He wasn’t sure whether or not to smile. Katie smiled a bit. “Ummm,” Brendan began, “no, babe. I’d love to have some company while I did it.” He laughed as he watched Katie’s reaction. She was wide-eyed herself, as she was certainly not expecting that reaction.

Not to be outdone, Katie quickly countered with, “Oh really? Well, just to let you know, I love to watch guys do that.” Brendan smiled as he felt her fingers travel down his tummy and down to the snaps on his bunker pants. She locked eyes with his as she pulled the snaps apart and undid his buckle. She slid them down and stepped out of them. Her eyes gazed upon a slight bulge in his sweatpants. Katie smirked, “I see someone’s feeling better.”

Brendan pulled her to a standing position and nodded with a smile. Katie ran her hands down his bare chest, tickling the dark hair. Brendan pulled her over to his bed. She straddled him grinding her hips against his erection. Brendan let out a soft escort tuzla moan and a smile. Katie leaned forward, showing off her full breasts. His eyes fell upon them. He reached around her and undid the clasps of her bra, releasing the scrap of lace. Tossing it to the floor, he hugged her close to his chest feeling the softness of her breasts. Katie giggled as she got off his lap and stepped out of her pants in stripper like fashion. She kicked off her socks and sauntered over to him. She playfully knocked him onto the bed and Brendan slid out of his sweatpants.

Katie tried to hide a smile. “I knew it … boxers,” she said. Brendan blushed for some reason. Katie took his hands and led them up to her hips to the straps of her thong. It was a gray color and was tiny. Brendan’s smile tripled in size as he began to remove her thong over her silky skin. She helped him by crawling out of it and straddling his chest.

She sat completely naked in front of him. Brendan’s breathing became a bit fast as he took in her sight. She never viewed herself as perfect or even beautiful for that matter, but it all changed when Brendan stuttered, “Y-Y-Yaay for yoga!” Katie blushed and hid her face from him. Brendan moved her hand down and smiled at her. Katie returned it as he pulled her tiny frame down for a kiss.

She almost melted from the heat of that kiss. She slid down on his body and traced her fingers around the waistband of his boxers. She playfully tugged at them. Brendan encouraged her, “Go ‘head.” For some reason, she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She blushed as she rolled off him. Brendan smiled and rolled onto his side. Caressing her face, he asked, “You have a crush on me, don’t you?” She nodded with a smile. Brendan kissed her ear and whispered in a sensual tone, “Well, then you should enjoy this.” He slowly, playfully, slid his boxers off, revealing his perfectly formed seven inch erection with pleasing width.

Katie gasped with a smile. “Wow,” she said as she began to hiss him harder. “You really are a big boy.” Brendan wrapped her in a hug and kissed her passionately and heavily.

Katie could feel herself beginning to drip wet with sexual excitement. Brendan slid his hand between her thighs and began tracing her every fold. She closed her eyes as she cocked her head on the soft pillow. A smile spread across her face as she enjoyed every touch. She gasped as she felt him slide his finger deep inside her, hitting her G-spot perfectly on the first try. Brendan smiled as he watched her reaction. “Hmm,” he said, “apparently I still got it. I can make a twenty-two year old squirm with pleasure and sexual desire.” Katie sighed and opened her eyes. A smile graced her lips as she slid her hand down to his perfect erection.

The strobe lights still reflected around the room. This, actually, was turning Katie on as well. A smile curled across Brendan’s lips as he felt her grip tighten a bit. Slowly, she began to stroke it as his breath came quicker now. Brendan smiled as moans and groans escaped his lips. They were quiet at first, but then became louder as he was really enjoying his “medicine.” He stiffened even more.

He lightly brushed her hand away as he rolled over onto his side to face Katie. He ran his big, strong hands over her silky naked body. Brendan kissed her neck, and then trailed it down to her breasts. He wrapped his warm mouth around one of her breasts and began to suck lightly. He ran his tongue over her erect, sensitive nipple, causing a rush of ecstasy to jolt through her body. She gasped his name loudly. She ran her hand up his strong back and caressed his shoulders.

Brendan spread her knees apart with his. Katie’s legs fell open gently and invitingly. She smiled as she ran her hand over his hair. Her smile tripled in size as she felt him slowly enter her. “Wait, Brendan, wait,” she whispered into his ear. Brendan immediately stopped and pulled out. He nuzzled her cheek with his nose. Katie smiled and said, “Maybe you should go get a condom.”

Brendan smiled, “Are you sure?” She nodded. Brendan gently caressed her face with a soft smile. He reached into his nightstand and grabbed one without looking. “God, I haven’t used these in so long,” he said with a small laugh.

Katie giggled. “Check the expiration date,” she advised. Brendan did, and it was good to use.

He held it up. “Hmmm. Look at that. Irish green,” he said referring to the color of the condom. Again, a small giggle came from Katie.

“I want to watch you put it on, Assistant Chief Miles,” she said, sensually. Brendan smiled as he unwrapped the plastic package.

He unrolled the condom onto his perfectly formed erection as Katie gladly watched and enjoyed this sight. He wrapped her in a tight hug and began giving her sensual, hot, sexy kisses, slipping his tongue into her mouth. Katie melted in his arms. He gently laid her back against his bed as he slid his finger inside her. He then slowly drew it out and began to rub her in the most perfect spot on a woman possible. Katie immediately became wetter with desire.

“Assistant Chief Miles,” she panted. “I want you.”

Brendan smiled as he kissed her. “Katie, are you sure?”

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