A Country Road

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It all started when I had a conference to attend on the East Coast. I decided to take advantage of the fact that I was stateside and took a few extra days to spend with you. I hopped the flight down south and the entire flight I just fantasized about how the next few days would go.

When I first saw you standing at baggage looking all sexy as ever in your cargos and tight t-shirt, which just hugged the contours of your chest I just wanted to find an out of the way place and just do you right there. Of course you had other plans, and grabbed me for a quick hug and kiss. Then you picked up my bag in one hand and settled me into the crook of your other arm reaching down to caress my ass on the way to the car.

Little did I know you’d bought a new one… we walk up next to this sweet ’67 Camaro Coupe, painted electric blue with white stripes. My god the car alone almost made me cream. We continue the small talk until we got out on the highway and I just couldn’t resist any longer… I reach over and started just rubbing my hand up and down your cock through your pants with one hand. With my other I reach inside my dress and just started tweaking my nipples — first one side and then the next. I’d thought about this on the flight down and it was wonderful making it a reality. Just lightly stroking for a bit while you groan and try to keep your eyes on the kocaeli escort road. I then can’t take it any longer and undo my seatbelt and scooted as close as I can with the bucket seats and undid your pants… slipping my hand inside as your cockhead twitches above the waistband. I then lean over and slowly slide my mouth over the head of your cock… swirling my tongue around the edge and then inching my way downward.

That causes a definite reaction, the car swerves a little until you get it back under control. You then decide to return the favor and slide one hand down my back gripping my ass cheeks as they peek out from under my short sundress. I’m sure anyone driving by us has an ideal view of both my head bobbing up and down on your cock, and my ass just barely covered by my thong and the edge of my dress. You start to slide my thong downward but can’t reach all the way because of your seatbelt, so I reach back and finish what you started all the while sliding my mouth up and down your rock hard cock.

Then you start to glide your fingers around my slit, just flicking my clit ever so gently. After making me squirm you slide one finger deep inside causing me to jump. Of course this makes your cock go even further down my throat which again causes the car to swerve. In the interests of safety, you take the next exit and start searching for a side kocaeli escort bayan road.

Once the car safely parked, you unbuckle your seatbelt and get out and then open my door. You swing my legs towards you and kneel between them, grabbing my ass with both hands you pull me to the edge of the seat. With my legs spread wide and up over your shoulders you lower your head between my thighs. Normally, you would take your time nibbling your way up one thigh and blowing lightly on my clit before moving down the other thigh, but I teased you too much earlier and now you’re in the mood for paybacks. Instead you push me backwards and spread my lips apart and just dive right in with your tongue. Almost fucking me with it, before sliding out and biting my clit over and over again. You slide first one finger in and then two stretching me in preparation for your thick cock. You’ve decided to make me beg and just keep them deep inside while you return to flicking and nibbling on my clit while I squirm and beg for more. Eventually you take pity on me and stand up pulling me with you. You slide the straps of my dress down and bend downward biting my nipples through the cloth, then you reach inside and pull them out exposing them to the summer breeze. I’m in such a daze, I just stand there clinging to you with your hands on my ass and your kocaeli escort mouth on my nipples.

You then release them and take my hand guiding me as you walk me to the front of the car. Once we get to the hood you step behind me and continue to pull on my nipples while you grind your cock in between my ass cheeks pulling me against you. Then you push me forward so that my bare breasts are against the hood of the car and my ass is fully exposed. You start to rub your cock up against my slit, just teasing me with anticipation. With your other hand you grab my hair and tug my head backwards. Reaching down you plunge your tongue into my mouth and at the same time your cock enters my pussy in one deep stroke. You barely give me enough time to adjust to your thickness before sliding in and out again. I begin to cum, but this one isn’t for me, it’s for you and you aren’t stopping at all. You continue to fuck me hard and deep with one hand wrapped in my hair and the other grabbing my hip pulling me backwards urging me to take you deeper. All I can feel is the warmth of the car against my chest and you buried balls deep in my pussy. You plunge in and out with no care for my comfort; spreading my ass cheeks with both hands so you can see your cock going in and out, until finally you cum with one last thrust and stay deep inside. Collapsed on top of me pressing me against the hood of your new car. This allows me to finally come down from the continuous orgasm I’ve been riding for the last 10 minutes. My legs are like jelly and you have to help me back into the car. Hmmm… I can’t wait to see if the rest of my fantasies come true…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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