A Cool Night

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Big Tits

Kyle had been anxiously awaiting this weekend. Maybe, just maybe, he’d be able to Karen alone. His thoughts drifting back to another day when she used to give him head anytime he wanted. Her smooth moist lips looked even more luscious wrapped around his hard slick member. Now maybe this day he’d get a better reminder. After arriving at his sisters house, he’d try and play it cool. The throbbing piece of meat in his pants wanted nothing to do with that, though.

Upon first seeing Karen again, Kyle’s prick proceeded to give her a standing ovation. She knew it too, as his blood filled digit pushed the front of his khakis out. Hmmm. . . . she thought, maybe I will need to suck that monster and help him out of his situation. Kyle could wait no longer, he quickly asked if she wanted to step outside and talk so it would be a little more private. And being it was cold, it may not have been as obvious to the rest of the people at the house, what they were up to. Kyle bursa escort stepped out first, Karen eagerly following. After a few moments of idle chit chat, Kyle just blurt out what was on his mind.

“Karen, I really need to feel your warm wet lips on my cock. “

Karen was at first startled, but then decided to play along. She said “ We’re just out in the yard, where could we do that and not get seen?” “Who cares who sees us” was Kyle’s response. Karen worried that anyone looking out the kitchen window into the yard would be able to view them. Kyle quickly stepped in front of his sisters minivan and pulled Karen with him. “Now they can’t see us!” No THEY couldn’t, but anyone else in the neighborhood lucky enough to be out this late could. Kyle could wait no longer, he quickly yanked his trousers down past his hips and released his throbbing man meat. “Put your hand on it” he commanded Karen.

She did as she was told. The cool night air made his thick bursa escort bayan steel hard shaft feel even hotter. She loved to feel the smoothness in her small hands, how good it felt there, and how good it felt buried in her nice tight pussy. But that would have to be later, for now she was just able to stroke it. Kyle moaned as she squeezed his rock hard cock, loving the sensations she was causing. Karen bent down and slowly allowed his fat manhood to enter her mouth. “Auuuuummmmm” kyle groaned as the feel of her hot lips passed over the head of his cock.

The cool night air, in contrast to Karen’s wet warm mouth was driving him crazy. He grabbed her by the hair and tried to stuff even more of his cock down her throat, fucking her face hard and letting his balls slap against her chin. Karen had one hand on his slickened bone and one under her skirt, rubbing her now dripping wet snatch. She rubbed harder and sucked harder, barely able to catch her breath escort bursa between the strokes of Kyle’s hardened cock. Her pussy filled with her fingers and her mouth stuffed with cock was more than she could handle.

Karen moaned in ecstasy as the warmth of her orgasm overcame her and she worked her cunt even harder. Kyle was nearing orgasm himself as he furiously banged Karen’s mouth. She took her hand from under her skirt and wrapped it around his fuckstick. Still juicy from her own orgasm, it slid easily up and down his shaft. Her other hand worked his balls. The feel of the crisp air and her warm hand on Kyle’s nutsack sent him over the edge. Grabbing Karen’s head he forced all of his thick manmeat down her throat. He let out a deep sigh as he emptied his balls deep in her throat.

She almost choked between all the cum and all the cock being there at the same time. She gulped it all down though and thought how she really liked the taste when it was blended with her own pussy juice. Kyle felt drained and slowly pulled up his trousers. Karen winked and said, “Betcha can’t get it hard enough to stuff up my ass!” “ Man” thought Kyle, this is going to be a great weekend!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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