A Broken Family

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Holly was just a normal 19-year-old: extremely opinionated, into partying, and a bit of a dreamer. Her three brothers were also typical brothers. They were very playful, slightly lazy, and always fiercely overprotective of their only sister.

Alex was the oldest at 23. He’d taken custody of all three of his siblings when their parents had been murdered five years previous. It had been a difficult time for all of them, but he managed to get them all through it. He invested half of the life insurance policies into a local internet service that hit its high point the year after, and worked two jobs that first year so that they could keep their two-story childhood home. After the internet service investment paid off, he started going back to college for his business degree. He now owned his own valet service, something that was very beneficial in their rich west-coast town.

JT was the middle brother at 21. He was the average college player: big time partier, sweet outer exterior, and a major lacrosse and cross-country jock. His muscles he earned in sports helped him in scaring off any of the frat boys on campus that tried to get with his sister. Holly was constantly meeting his one night stands in the hallway on her way to the bathroom in the mornings. The brothers often used JT as an example of how men could treat women they didn’t really care about.

Finally there was Eli who was a year younger than Holly at 18. Eli was soft-spoken, but radiated authority when he spoke that had nothing and everything to do with his football-toned stature. He’d only had one girl friend in high school and she had broken his heart, having him moping around the house for days during his senior year. Holly had been the one to tell him to cheer up, that some sexy college cheerleader would glue those pieces of his heart back together.

Holly loved the three of them more than anyone in the world. They had been there for her first kiss and tried to pummel the guy afterwards, her first period, and basically her first everything. They’d all helped each other cope with their parents’ deaths, bringing them closer than most siblings. The only thing she hated was how completely suffocating their over protectiveness could be. She’d never even gotten felt up by a guy before because it was as if they were always watching her, ready to bust her once she went further than a chaste kiss on the lips. She craved male attention and sometimes it scared her how deep her needs could be.

“Planning on transferring away from us, little girl?” There was a smile in his voice as he sat down on the bed behind her.

Holly jumped, almost knocking the mouse off the desk. “Just for my last two years possibly. I’m going to have to be free from you guys someday if you expect to ever have nieces and nephews.” She turned her chair around to face a grim-faced JT.

He shook his head, sprawling back across her bed and picking up her stuffed elephant she’d slept with since she was twelve. Her father had won it for her in one of those machines with the claw. “You’d think you’d know first-hand not to sleep with a college guy.”

Holly got up and took her stuffed animal away from him, hugging it to her chest and catching JT following it there, his gaze lingering a little too long. “I didn’t say I’d fuck anyone, and maybe I’d meet a guy at the video store somewhere. The point is that around here guys avoid me like the plague thanks to you and your two nut-head brothers.”

JT grinned at her. “We all share a bit of the same DNA, sis. Plus, we’re doing you a favor. What if you had actually stayed with Connor Fairchild? You might have ended up like Stephanie, knocked up at 16 and unable to lose the fat from the pregnancy.” He talked of the guy she had her first kiss with. It was true, she could have been Stephanie, but she also asked herself if it was really as bad as people saw it. They loved each other and had a beautiful baby who loved them too.

She smacked his chest lightly and got up, set her elephant on her bed, and walked to her closet. “At least I would have had passion-filled sex before I’m thirty.”

“Hey, that’s a good idea. Think you could wait that long? Sure would save us some effort.” His eyes followed her as she moved about her room, grabbing her swimsuit and suntan lotion.

Holly just glared at him and sat the stuff on her bed. “That’s not funny. Now get out of my room so I can change.”

“Nothing I haven’t seen before, sweet pea. I helped change your diapers,” he reminded her, but got up anyways. He ruffled her hair as he walked by, shutting the door behind him.

A few minutes later I slipped on my flip flops and grabbed my lotion and sunglasses before walking down stairs and to the back yard where our in ground pool awaited me. I smiled and slipped my shoes off beside a lounge chair. Eli was floating in the middle of the pool reading, completely oblivious to the world around him. I silently slipped into the pool and moved slowly to his raft, careful not to make too bakırköy escort many ripples that he’d realize I was there. Just as I was about to scare my little brother, I felt hands tickle my sides. I screamed, making Eli fumble for his book as he jumped, and turned around to see Alex laughing. I hit his chest with my fist.

“That was not funny, Alex!” I punctuated each word with another blow to his chest, and he caught my fist on the last word. I found myself smiling in spite of it all.

“Hey now, I was just protecting Eli. I can’t have his older sister deliberately scaring him all the time. I might have to start buying him a night light if I did that.”

Eli mumbled something about us being crazy as he paddled to the side of the pool and got out, making sure not to drop his book in the water. “Either of you want anything for lunch?”

I looked up at the brother that looked most like me with his shaggy blonde hair as he sat his book down in a chair and started walking towards the house. “Strawberries?”

“You’re going to turn into a strawberry someday,” he called back to us as he entered the house, holding it open for Alex’s best friend Drew to walk out.

“He’s right you know,” Drew said and walked to the pool. Alex let go of my hand and swam to the side of the pool. “You’ve got an unnatural love for them, Holly. It’s like JT and his endless supply of women.”

“Hey at least I’m not getting STDs from them,” I replied, floating on my back and closing my eyes against the summer sun. It was silent for a few minutes.

“Holly, get out and change into your other swim suit.” I opened one eye at Alex who was standing next to a staring Drew.

“Alex, go away and change Drew’s eyes out.” I closed my eyes and proceeded to backstroke. He started to talk to me as I hit the wall and flipped, swimming freestyle back to the shallow end I came from. My right hand grasped the wall and I stood up in the water, dipping my head back to get my waist long hair blonde hair out of my face. Despite being in a pony tail, my long bangs fell out and blocked my vision. Alex said that mom always wanted me to grow out my hair but I never wanted to when I was younger and she wasn’t going to force me into anything. Ever since he’d told me, I never cut it short again.

“Sorry, what’d you say, Alex?”

“That he wasn’t kidding and that he was going to call me out here.” JT dove in right by me. He tugged at my legs, pulling me towards the steps. Once I obliged, he resurfaced.

“I don’t see why I have to change. It is my house; I should be able to wear what I please.”

“I don’t see why store clerks sell skimpy bikinis to little sisters. Or why God lets sisters have bodies like yours. It’d be way simpler if guys weren’t always after you.”

“Bodies like mine? You do know most of those girls you’ve been with are sisters to someone. Besides, would you rather me look like the ugly stepsister?”

“Yes. Now get out and go change into your one piece.”

“He’s not out here anymore, so I’m not going to.” I dove back under the water and breast-stroked to the deep end before coming back up.

“If he does come back out here and you’re not changed, I will not hesitate to throw you over my shoulder and take you upstairs.”

I ignored JT and swam to the side as Eli came outside. “Strawberries?”

“Here you are,” he dropped down onto the side of the pool with my strawberries in one bowl and ice cream for him in the other.

“Actually,” I took his spoon from him and took a bite. “Thank you.”

“Of course, because I so said you could have a bite.”

“Didn’t have to. I’m the older sister; I get to claim what’s mine. By the way, I have no idea how you don’t gain weight.” I eyed his abs, wishing I could magically make them disappear.

“So since I’m the older brother, I get some of both, huh?” JT had gotten out of the water and now sat beside Eli, taking a strawberry and the spoon.

“Hey!” we both said as JT took a bite of ice cream followed by the strawberry.

“JT stop antagonizing the children,” Alex said as he and Drew walked outside.

My eyes widened as JT turned to look at me, Eli taking over defending how we weren’t children. I quickly pushed off from the wall as JT dropped himself into the pool. I really didn’t stand a chance as he grabbed onto my ankle. He dragged me to where he could touch and then swung me over his shoulder, heading towards the ladder.

I beat on his back. “Bending me over like this isn’t helping his imagination, Jesse Tyler.”

“If you were so worried about it, you should have gotten out and changed when I told you to, Holly Elizabeth.” He started walking towards the house as the three boys grinned at us.

I received a smack to the ass before I was promptly dropped onto my feet in my room. He took my wrist, pulled me over to my drawers, pulled out my green one-piece, and put it in my hand. “Now, dress. I will be right outside of the door. You beşiktaş escort are not leaving this room until you are changed.”

“You’re a party pooper, JT. Drew is a harmless little teddy bear that is fun to tease,” I said through the door as I quickly pulled off my bikini and pulled on my single.

“You can only tease a man so much before he cracks, Holly.”

I opened the door and he was leaning against the opposite wall. “I’ll take it you know from experience.” I turned and walked towards the stairs.

“You would be correct to assume so. Be nice to Drew; he’s like family.”

“I know. Which is why it’s fun to mess with him.” I turned my head and winked at him before opening the door to go outside. The boys all looked up at me and I smiled. “See, Drew still looks at me.”

“Drew, quit looking at my sister,” Eli said, returning back to his book and nodding to my strawberries that were still there.

Alex whacked him in the back of the head and they went back to playing their card game. I sat in between Eli’s legs and started eating my strawberries. JT started swimming laps in the pool and I watched him.

“How does your hair not turn red or something?” Eli asked me, looking over his book at me.

“Not sure really. I imagine I must be half strawberry now.”

“Great, more guys trying to take a bite out of you,” JT said, stopping for a breather to look up at us.

“Sounds lovely to me.” I smiled and ate my last strawberry, setting my empty bowl down on the ground, and jumping in right by JT. I resurfaced to him shaking his face free of water. “I win.” I started my leisurely backstroke again. “My birthday is coming up soon.”

“In two weeks,” Alex said.

“Exactly. So, Alex, what are we doing for my birthday?”

“Want a back-yard party?”

I put my feet down in the water and looked at him. “Will there be alcohol?”

“Not for you or Eli.”

“But it’ll be my party, that’s not fair!”

He smiled at his cards. “Never said life was fair, Holly.”

“Screw you. I’ll go out to a club with Amy and get her to buy me liquor.” I started swimming again with a satisfied smile on my face.

“You’re not allowed to go out with Amy anymore.”

“JT, shut up. Alex didn’t say I couldn’t.”

“You can’t go out with Amy on your birthday, Holly.”

“It’s not fair to gang up on me like that. Eli, side with me?”

“Sorry, but I don’t get to drink either way. At least if you’re here, no guys will be copping a feel.”

I turned to look at them, splashing water at a smiling JT.

“You guys suck. I want you to know this.”

“They’re just trying to protect you,” Drew put in and I glared at him until he went back to his cards.

“If you wouldn’t stare at me, maybe I’d be able to get Eli on my side.”

“Nope,” Eli said, keeping his eyes on his book.

I pulled myself up on the ladder and grabbed my towel. “I really don’t like you guys sometimes.”

“So, Drew, want to help me plan this party?” Alex asked his friend as I closed the door behind me.

“Come on,” I giggled to my friend Amy as we pulled the door shut behind us a couple of nights later. I’d had her stay the night and wait until the boys fell asleep before we snuck out. JT was still out finding a girl to screw, but that just made it easier. “I’m going to get a boy before I turn twenty, and the only way to do this is if they aren’t around to step in.”

She laughed with me, keyed up on the exhilaration of sneaking out like a little high school kid again. “We still going to Jared’s house party?” She started up her car on the side of the road and quickly pulled away. I nodded and she laughed again. “Your brothers are going to kill whatever poor boy you find.”

“Nah because they’ll never find out. Well, until my party when I kiss him in public, but by that time it won’t matter.” I smiled as we pulled into the big house about a mile away and got out.

“Amy! Holly! I haven’t seen you two sexy ladies in a while,” a deep voice said and two dark, well defined arms fell around our shoulders. I looked up at him and could smell the alcohol on his breath.

“Hard to get away from the prison wardens sometimes. Any new people show up?”

“Of course! A pretty little redhead I’ve had my eye on all night,” he nodded towards the girl laughing with her friends and smiled. “Other than that, you’re on your own. Steven’s upstairs playing pool.” Amy and Steven had gone out on a few dates, nothing serious, but they flirted like two people who really cared about each other.

Amy tugged on my arm as we reached the stairs and Jared dropped his arms from us. “Thanks, Jared. Go talk to her!” I prayed as we climbed the stairs that there’d be some poor new guy who had no idea of my psychotic brothers.

“Amy!” Steven called as we walked through the door of the game room. Several people looked up from the three pool tables and I spotted a nice-looking, tall, beylikdüzü escort tanned, and dark-haired boy lining up a shot. I nudged Amy as we walked over to the table the hot guy and Steven were at.

Steven kissed my friend and took the stick from the guy. “Girls, this is Michael. Michael, Amy and Holly.”

He’d passed Amy over as Steven’s and he smiled at me. “Play any pool?”

“I was made to play this game.”

“Then I’ll take you on my team and Steven can have your friend. We just started. You and I are stripes.” He took the offered stick from Steven and handed it to me. I carefully leaned over the table, hyper aware of my short skirt, and knocked a ball in. I handed it back to Michael for the second shot and he gave me that smile of his again, showing perfect white teeth. “Steven, you guys are in trouble.”

“Like I wasn’t already before,” he said absentmindedly as he talked to Amy.

He missed the shot and Amy took the stick. “So, Miss Holly, are you from here?”

“Sure am, but you must not be. Transfer into the university here?”

He nodded. “Political science.”

“Interesting. I’m going for pre-law in the fall actually. Maybe we’ll have some classes together.”

“We could always get to know each other before then.” This was totally playing into my hand. We talked through the game and beat the other two who wandered off to do God only knows what. We abandoned the pool table and took up the vacant foosball table.

“First one to five gets a kiss?” I challenged and received a grin.

“You’re on.” He dropped the ball and five seconds later it was in his goal. “Good at this game, too, I take it?”

“I was taught well.” Three competitive brothers tended to do that, but I wasn’t giving up that information. Five minutes later, we were tied and I knocked the ball in again. Michael came around, lifted my head, and covered my lips with his. It wasn’t a sloppy kiss, I couldn’t taste any liquor on his tongue, and when his hands wrapped around my waist, I pulled mine up to his neck.

Somehow we’d ended up against the wall and I felt his fingers on my skin along my lower back. He pulled away and latched onto my neck. The room was filled with the sounds of pool and I didn’t hear the footsteps ending right behind me. The hands left me and I pulled away to ask what was wrong when an arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me back. My eyes widened, wondering which brother it would be this time.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend?” were Michael’s words.

“She doesn’t. She has brothers who will kick your ass if you touch her again.” I dug my nails into his hand and he let go of me.

“Go away, JT.” My eyes caught on the scantily clad blond beside him. “Go fuck your plaything and leave me alone.” The girl gasped, taking a hold of JT’s arm. His eyes narrowed at me.

“Go home or I’m calling Alex.”

“You’re an asshole.” I turned back towards Michael. “I’m sorry. I’ll see you in class maybe.” I pushed around JT to go find Amy and he followed.

“Amy is with Steven in the room down the hall, which is why I knew you were here.” I kept going towards the stairs. “I’ll take you home.” There was a whine from the slut.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll walk.”

“You are not walking around at night alone, Holly.” JT ignored the girl who whined again.

“I don’t want to take you from Miss STD, JT, so go on up and find yourself a room.” Another shocked gasp from the blond interrupted her whining as I hit the ground floor and turned towards the front door.

JT caught my wrist and turned me around. The blond had stopped on the stairs and was shooting daggers at me. “I’m driving you home.”

I ripped my wrist from him. “Leave me alone.”

He wrapped an arm around my middle and I knew what was coming so I pushed on his chest. It didn’t work and I found myself over JT’s shoulder. I looked up to see the blonde’s eyes widen in surprise before I was carried out the door. I hit his back several times. “JT, you are flashing people!” We hadn’t gone past any people so far, but I didn’t know if there were others on the lawn as he walked down to the street.

“You should’ve thought of that before you wore that skirt.”

“I’m not wearing panties you fucker, let me down!”

He tightened his hold on my legs, forcing them closer together. “Then I guess it’s a good thing there’s no one out here. Did you plan on getting laid, Holly?”

“No!” I smacked his back again. “This skirt just looks bad with panty lines.”

“It’s called a thong; most girls wear them.”

“I’ll pass on the butt floss, thank you.”

He unlocked his truck and dropped me into the seat. “It’s a heck of a lot better than walking around without anything like a common whore.” He slammed my door and walked around the front. “And thank you for interrupting my good night.”

“I interrupted you getting an STD, so you should be thanking me,” I said to the window.

“It’s called a condom, Holly.”

“It’s called those only have a small percentage of protection from a few types of STDs.”

“How would you know?”

“Because if I have sex, I will be 100% ready. Knowledge is power, not that you would know that.” I gritted my teeth as we pulled up the driveway. Oh fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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