A Blow to Remember

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You watched me come out the bathroom from the shower wrapped in a towel I suddenly drop it showing you my white chest cyan fur all across my back and the top of my fluffy tail little white swirls running along it. I strutted up to you making sure you can see my hips and tail swish side to side. Your Cock growing and stopping at a foot. I leaned against you wrapping my arms around your neck and kiss you deeply I rub my tits against your chest allowing there smooth soft texture to excite you more. smiling I Turn around and sit on your lap grinding your Cock rubbing myself all over it. Suddenly you put your hands on my shoulder. “Kneel.” And so I did reaching out I start to jerk you off.

I looked up at you from my kneeling position on the floor. As I slowly jerked you off your glistening 12 inch Cock inches from my face.

“You like that Don’t you?” I smiled as it twitched some more. Some pre coming out your tip. Opening my muzzle I slowly lick your Cock from the bottom to the top a couple times teasing you on whats to come… Leaning below you I canlı bahis şirketleri start to lick your balls while jerking you off. I start to suckle on your right one then your left one licking them aggressively but softly… I pull away.

Back at the tip of your Cock I teasingly lick the head of it a couple times. Pulling back I open my muzzle and slowly start to bob on your Cock jerking off the rest my mouth doesn’t touch. I could feel your hands as they brushed through my hair slowly I could feel you pushing on my head closer and closer to your pubes you suddenly stepped forward my muzzle hitting your pubes your Cock pushing into my throat as I controlled my gagging. I moaned into your Cock Vibrating it.

You slowly start to Fuck my face speeding up as you went along my face was just another Vagina to you and I liked it that way. I once again moaned as You continued to increase your pace I hummed a little as my throat massaged your long juicy Meat. suddenly you stopped and pulled out. I wondered if you were already finishing when I felt canlı kaçak iddaa you lift me and put me on the bed “Head over the edge.” I did as you told me getting just as excited as you were

I hung my head over the edge and stared at your Cock in a new View opening my muzzle you pushed in going as deep as possible once more into my throat. “Mhmmm mhm mhmm” I pretended to talk to you as my Throat Vibrated on your Cock. “Ohhh yesss” you moaned out as you started to Fuck my mouth even harder your balls slapping my face. I could feel tears forming as you continued to Fuck my mouth even harder…

You were getting there but you pulled out. “Not yet I want some more grinding” I once more followed your command getting off the bed and turning around as you sat were I was and once more sit on your lap my tail curling around your waist.

Slowly I once more started grinding your Cock with My ass letting your pre trickle onto it. You would moan every once and awhile. suddenly You pushed me to the side and into the bed Somehow getting my head once canlı kaçak bahis more over the edge.

My muzzle was open and you took it you shoved your Cock all the way into my throat your pubes giving off a sweet smell. You grabbed my sides and started to roughly fuck my Muzzle your Groans getting louder and louder breathing heavier and heavier then you slammed into my face and held it there. Buried as deep in as possible “Take it all Bitch.”

I felt your Cock twitch and twitch as you exploded deep in my throat your cum flowing into my stomach. Your precious fluids continued to flow into my stomach as I started running out of oxygen Tears escaped my eyes as you continued to Cum and cum and cum loads down my throat your Grunting and breathing and Groaning being the only indication you were still Cumming suddenly you pulled out and started Cumming on me I quickly caught my breath before opening my muzzle once more allowing you to shove your Cock once More down my throat as you continued to cum. It started squirting out of my muzzle before you finally stopped

Falling back onto your ass you breathed heavily “Did I do good master?” I asked you.

You looked at me and smiled. “You were a Good Girl Furby.” Was All you had to say.


I was Horny so…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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