A Blast from My Past

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In 1985, when I was 18, I applied for a job in a clothing store in Richardson Texas. The young lady at the counter that handed me the application was HOT and very trendy with her punkish haircut and clothes. She introduced herself as Michelle, with the title of assistant manager. I filled out the application and returned it to her. As I was leaving she made a comment about my jeans and said that a different style would show off my butt better. As any teenaged boy would attest, if a beautiful girl mentions your butt and offers to make it look as good as it can, you take her up on the offer. She picked out a few different styles and led me to the changing room. The store had a few other customers and she was the only employee there while the other went to lunch. She asked me to show her each pair and she would pick out the best one.

With the first pair of Guess jeans on, I stepped out and found her. She grabbed my hand and lead me back to the mirrors. Her hand was warm and held mine firmly. I could feel my cock begin to harden. She put me in front of the three way mirrors and told me to turn around slowly. She told me to lift my shirttail up so she could see everything. She said she liked what she saw but thought that I could still look better. She nudged me towards the dressing room and told me to try on the next pair.

As a horny young man I followed her direction instantly. I tried on the other Guess jeans she had picked and walked out. She was waiting by the mirror and waved her hand to me to come over. This time she grabbed my hips and spun me around. As I was about to lift my shirt again, her hands beat me to it and she lifted my shirt up to my armpits. She commented on how firm my abs were and she wrapped her hands around my waist. My erection was full on with the touch of her fingers on my waist. She said that liked how my waist felt in her hands and leaned over my shoulder to see how my butt looked in the mirror. I heard a little sigh, as her mouth was right next to my ear as she looked. She said these were great and accentuated my ass very well. She told me to walk over to the dressing room and she would watch my ass as I walked away from her. I turned to look at her as I entered the dressing room to try on the next pair. She slowly ran her tongue over her upper lip and winked at me.

The next jeans were Z Cavaricci. I didn’t own a pair as I couldn’t afford them at around $100. I put them on and had to adjust my dick to avoid tent poling the front of my pants, before I walked out. When I opened the curtain Michelle was inches away. She asked me what took so long this time and if I needed any help fitting them on correctly. I stammered out a response that all was good. She pushed me back into the room a little and said we could use that mirror. It was definitely not made for two people and was a tight fit. She sat down on the seat and grabbed my hips again. She used her thumbs pressed in on my lower abdomen. It sent chills up my spine. There I was, 18, always horny, and I have a beautiful girl with her thumbs mere inches from my hard cock.

She lifted up my shirt again and mentioned that something wasn’t quite right with the fit and asked if she could try to fix it. I agreed (I would have agreed to anything right then). She told me to hold my shirt up high, then she tried to shimmy the waist of the jeans canlı bahis şirketleri around to the right a little. They barely moved. She quickly undid the button and unzipped the jeans before I even knew what was happening. She grabbed my cock through my underwear and said that, “it needed to be pointing straight up with these jeans” after she adjusted me she zipped and buttoned me back up. I was in shock and wanted her right then and there. She stood up and said lets go back out to the big mirrors so she could see my ass better. I walked out of that dressing room as horny as I have ever been and kinda in shock. She told me that this was the pair I needed and she ripped the tag off and said let me ring these up for you. I bought my first pair of Z Cavariccis that day.

As soon as the till was closed she thanked me for my purchase and greeted the next customer. I walked out of the store with my erection fading and confused about what had just happened.

The next day I called and asked to speak with the assistant manager but she wasn’t working that day. The woman on the phone stated that she was the manager and asked if she could help me. I inquired about the application I had filled out, to which she responded that it had never made it to her desk. I explained that I worked for one of her competitors in the mall and wanted to make a change. She asked me to come in and apply again and she would review it while I waited. I agreed and within an hour I had a new job. She explained that the asst manager was young, 19 years old, and that she was still being trained. She apologized for the lost application and scheduled me to start the next day. She and Michelle would both be training me over the next week or so.

The following day I walked in and Michelle reluctantly greeted me. We ended up working together for about 6 months before I decided to join the Air force. We never spoke about the time I bought the pants and never really got along…

Fast forward 25 years. In 2010, Angie my beautiful wife of 15 years convinced me to join facebook. She had been on there for a couple years and loved it. I didn’t see the need to waste my time on a social network. I spent a lot of time as the production manager for a large corporation and when I was home I didn’t want to spend time reading about frivolous things that my “friends” were doing.

She finally wore me down and I submitted. The first person I friended was my wife of course. Then I searched for current, real life friends. I sent out about 10 friend requests and couldn’t think of anybody else to add. I clicked on Angie’s profile and read through her page for a bit. Then I clicked on her friend list to see if there were any people I should add. One name stuck out almost instantly. It was hyphenated, but the first name and first part of the last name was Michelle, from my past. I clicked on it and barely anything was viewable. At first I assumed that she wasn’t very prolific in her updates, but later learned that she had to be a FB friend to unlock her page. I looked at the few pictures I could see and was very impressed with how well she had aged. At 44 years old she looked AMAZING.

After dinner that night my wife offered to show me how to facebook. She brought up her page and accepted my request, then she started the tour. I asked her how she chose canlı kaçak iddaa her friends and to show me a couple of their sites. She said that most were people from her past that she wanted to keep in touch with. Once she had scrolled down her friend list to Michelle’s name I nonchalantly mentioned that I knew a girl with that name in high school.

Angie said “Oh how cool would that be if it is the same person” and stated that Michelle was her first roommate in college. I couldn’t believe it. It is such a small world, considering my Angie had gone to college in Austin and happened to end up with Michelle as her roommate. Michelle had graduated a year ahead of Angie. She looked through her hundreds of pictures and I confirmed that it was indeed the same girl. I had told her, years earlier all about the trying on of pants and how the girl had grabbed my cock. I wasn’t sure if I should mention that it had been her friend. I threw caution to the wind and told her. She laughed and said that she should have known it was her. She went on to inform me that Michelle was the girl in college that she had had her first lesbian sex with. I had always loved that story and often times I would ask her to describe it during our love-making.

Later that evening I logged in to FB and to my surprise I had a friend request from Michelle. I accepted it and she immediately sent me a private message. She said that Angie had contacted her and explained how we all knew each other. She never put it together since we have a pretty common last name and I look different with my shaved head and goatee. It wasn’t long at all until she asked me why we had never slept together when we were young. I was shocked but reminded her how indifferent she acted towards me. She explaned that she didn’t want to lose her job, because the 28 year old manager always told her how much she had wanted to fuck me and how hot I made her. Michelle figured she would be fired if she had acted on it. She went on to tell me how turned on she was by my hard cock and was planning to suck it right there in the dressing room but she had heard the bell indicating a new customer had entered the store. She had thrown away my application and was going to call me for a date, but I had ruined it by getting hired.

We began to message each other daily. After about a week she sent me a few sexy pics that I beat off to several times. She asked me to drive a few hours and she would meet me to finally see my cock that she had dreamt about for years. I came to my senses and explained that I loved Angie and couldn’t keep cheating on her like this, I unfriended her. To be honest I was afraid she would tell Angie about our cybersex affair and ruin everything. She never did.

Months later, Angie and I decided to travel to San Antonio for a romantic weekend. The first night we took a dinner cruise on the river and drank way too many margaritas. Thankfully our hotel was on the river-walk and we managed to get back to the hotel safely. I took a hot shower and ended up falling asleep quickly. I woke up to some moaning and the bed was gently bouncing. I figured that Angie was masturbating with one of her toys and trying to wake me up with the sounds of sex, so that I could fulfill my husbandly duties. I reached over to her and cupped her titty then brought my mouth to suck on her hard nipple. canlı kaçak bahis I reached down to her pussy and to my surprise it was smooth as silk, Angie always kept a little triangle of hair regardless of the million times I has asked her to go bald for me. I could feel the large dildo gong into her wet hole and could smell her sex from every pore. I nibbled on her pouty nipple and rubbeed her clit as she came again. I was shocked because she squirted her pussy juice all over my hand and soaked the bed. Angie never squrts like that. It was amazing. She roughly pushed my head down so that I could lap it up. I slid my tongue into her gaping pussy and I slid a thumb into her asshole since it was so well lubed.

Her moans were louder now and her hips were bucking up into my face. As I finger fucked her ass and nibbled on her clit her thighs squeezed my head. I barely heard her say, “now is the perfect time”. I thought she meant the perfect time to slide my cock into her, but she held my head tightly with her thighs and kept my tongue on her clit. I felt something I never expected, Somebody reached up under me and grabbed my cock. She could not possibly do it from her position. My waist was being pushed up to gain access and I was confused but followed the direction. My rock hard cocked was being pumped like never before, almost to the point of pain. The thighs loosened their grip and I pulled free to ask “What the Hell?” At that point I heard Angie’s voice from behind me. She told me to relax and enjoy the party. I leaned over and turned the light on. Michelle was on the bed furiously rubbing her bald pussy. Angie slid in and began to eat Michelle’s pussy while I sat there dumbfounded.

Michelle reached out and grabbed my syill hard dick and pulled it towards her mouth. I quickly accepted the facts and pushed into her mouth. I positioned myself so that I could enjoy the view of my wife eating out Michelle’s wet pussy. I slowly realized that Michelle had squirted, I had eaten her pussy, and I had sodomized her ass with my thumb. I came powerfully into her mouth. I gave no warning and I held the back of her head tightly as I unleashed torrent after torrent of cum into her throat. I heard Angie squeal as Michelle squirted right into her face as I was cumming in her mouth.

I fell backward onto the bed as they continued to fuck each other. Michelle turned the large dildo onto my beautiful wife. She slid it as far as she could into her hole. Angie stared into my eyes with a powerfully lustful look. As Michelle fucked her brains out with the toy, Angie explained that she was the one that asked Michelle to send me the pics. Michele had forwarded all of my sexting messages to her and they had planned this trip as soon as I rejected the online affair. Her fantasy was that I would have been the one to initiate something physical. For the third time that night I was in shock.

As I watched the two ladies engage in 69 my cock began to swell again. I was happy because I knew that I would last a lot longer this time. I slid in behind Michelle as she continued to lick Angie’s pussy and rim her anus with her tongue. I grabbed her hips as she had grabbed mine 25 years earlier, and I impaled her sopping wet pussy with my hard cock. In that position, my balls were slapping against Angie’s forehead. She had the perfect view to watch her husbands cock slide into another womans pussy. I could feel her tongue as it licked the underside of my dick as it slid in and out of her friend.

I ended up cumming three times that night, and many more times during that most romantic weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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