A Birthday to Remember

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We had been seeing each other for a few months and things were going, well, amazingly good. My birthday was a little while ago and April treated me to a nice birthday full of surprises and fun; so, I wanted to do something nice for her too, and help her celebrate with style and romance. We had gone out many times, stayed at her place often, and travelled together a few times; however, she had yet to visit my house at all. It was time to rectify that.

But I didn’t tell her that in advance. I just told her I would pick her up at 7 PM and I would take her to dinner. Since she likes it when I wear a suit, I told her that’s what I would be wearing and suggested she wear a nice dress.

I park in front of her place. I hold the dozen roses behind my back as I ring the door bell. When she opens the door she breaks out in a big smile and says, “Well hello you! My, don’t you look dapper tonight.”

I smile back at her and admire her in the black dress she is wearing, sleeveless, tight around the top, flaring out at the waist. In my mind I’m thinking, “Man, she is so pretty.” Instead, I burst out with “Happy birthday darling!” Then I pull her close with one arm only, and give her a really good kiss. She keeps her lips to mine and I slip the rose bouquet into her hands.

She looks down and a grin spreads over her lips, then she looks back up with bright eyes and a beaming smile. “Thank you sweetheart, they’re beautiful!” I just love to make her happy and see her smile like that.

“So we are going to dinner and where we are going is a surprise. But you have dressed perfectly for the occasion and, of course, I wore as suit as you requested. Now put your roses in a vase and let’s scamper off.”

She smiles and turns to go back in to get the flowers into a vase and I watch her ass move as she goes down her hallway to the kitchen. I think she may have given me a little extra shake or maybe she was just enthused, but, either way, I enjoyed every movement.

I wait at the door and she comes back, slips her hand in the crook of my arm and reaches to close the door behind her. “Where to, honey?” she inquires.

I open the car door, watch her get in, and make sure her dress is tucked in before I close the door firmly. I get in the driver’s side and, as she is putting on her seat belt, I hand her a blindfold. The material is thick and opaque. “I hope this doesn’t mess up your hair, but put this on.”

She takes it while giving me a sideways look. “Before I do, what’s this for?” she asks.

“So you can’t see as we drive to dinner. You want it to be a surprise, don’t you?” I reply.

She gives me one of those quizzical looks that just drive me crazy and kind of nods. Then she puts the blindfold on, leans back, tilts her head back, and reaches across the console to take my right hand from the wheel, lacing her fingers with mine. “I hope you’re a pro at driving one-handed,” she softly says as she chuckles.

We have some small talk and just chat about our day as I drive one-handed. We keep touching. Since she can’t see, I think the tactile sense is important to make her feel comfortable. She traces hearts over the back of my hand. I look over and see her smiling to herself as she leans back and relaxes. Finally, we get to our destination and I park the car before getting out to open her door. “I’ll help you out and once you are standing I’ll untie the blindfold,” I tell her. When she is out I remove the blindfold. “Do you know where we are?”

She looks over and smiles. “Hmmmm… your house?”

“Yes, I’ve brought you to my place for dinner. It’s not a big fancy 3-star restaurant with a private dining room overlooking the city… is that okay?”

She slips her fingers up to stroke my cheek and smiles brightly into my eyes, “There is no place like home darling, and no place that I would rather be. Besides, I’m sure your cooking could beat any 3-star restaurant’s cooking hands down.” Her lips curl into one of her mischievous grins as she adds, “And we’ll turn your place into our own private dining room.”

I take her hand and lead her to the front door. While unlocking it, I whisper softly against her ear, “Well, I hope you will enjoy it. Come on in, baby.” I open the door and there are rose petals strewn all over the floor in the entrance hall.

She gives my hand the tightest squeeze and her mouth drops open as she glances around. Then she looks up to meet my eyes, her gleaming with happy tears, “This wonderful but you shouldn’t have, honey. You really shouldn’t have…”

I just smile. “Anything for you April, anything. Now let me get you something to drink… what would you like? I have a bit of everything…whatever your heart desires…”

She thinks for a moment before responding, “I’ll have what you’re having.”

I come back with, “I’m going to have a Pepsi. Want one?” I grin at her knowing that we both like Coke and never drink Pepsi.

She starts laughing. “You are such a fibber! Coke…or Diet Coke…or illegal bahis sparkling water. No Pepsi!”

“I have all of them. I’m going to pour a couple of champagne flutes with sparking water and some raspberry syrup. I do have champagne if you want some. It IS your birthday celebration after all.”

“Let’s go with the fizzy water. Champagne might make my clothes fall off.”

I reply with a sexy grin, “Well if you insist, but, after you said that, I’d have hoped you’d have picked the champers. Ah, opportunities lost.”

With a teasing smile she answers, “Did I say that opportunity was lost?”

I pour a dash of syrup in, fill the flutes with bubbly water, and offer her a glass. We curl our arms around each other’s as I offer a toast. “To the wonderful woman that I’ve come to know so well, on her birthday. Cheers!”

As she clinks glasses with me she says, “And to you, the most amazing man in the world who makes every moment an adventure. Cheers!”

“Happy Birthday April!” We clink glasses and take a brief sip before engaging in a kiss. I pull her close with the hand that is not holding the glass. Really close. And it’s a really good kiss. Not quite good enough to make her dress fall off, but good. She curls into my side, keeping her lips to mine, murmuring against them lightly as her fingers press into my back.

I break the kiss suddenly and tell her, “Now, we have to eat!”

She gives me a little pout, “Oh yes, food.”

“Come to my kitchen April. A few things have been readied in advance, but I have a few things to take care of.” I slip off my jacket and put on my apron. I put on a pot of water and check the oven, “Good… good… appetizers are almost ready.”

She slips behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist, just to be close but not inhibit my movements.

‘”I know how much you like Poptarts, but I just couldn’t do that, so this is about as close to Poptarts as I could get without compromising all of my culinary integrity.”

Then she peers around to see what I have taken out of the oven, and she gasps, “You seriously made spanakopita. And you put feta in them. I love those!”

“Is this better than Poptarts?”

She looks up at me with sparkling eyes and gives me a teasing grin, “Actually there is nothing I would rather eat right now. Well… maybe one thing…”

She takes one and leans back against the counter, lifting it to my lips. I pick one up too. “Let’s feed each other,” I say. I take a bite of hers and I give her mine to taste.

She takes a bite and savors it. “The spanakopita is delicious,” she says as she raises on her toes to brush her lips over mine, “and so are you.” She slips her arm around my waist and tucks herself gently into my side.

I see that the water is boiling so I move to the stove, dump in some pasta and stir. “So did you guess what I made for dinner?”

She wrinkles her forehead with a quizzical look. “Well since you put pasta on the stove, umm… maybe spaghetti?

I shake my head. “Jeez I wouldn’t just make you spaghetti for a birthday dinner! Give me a little more credit than that!”

I take another bite of spanakopita, chew a little. “Hey these taste good! But not as good as you.” And then I lean over and kiss her neck and add a little nibble too, making her sigh a bit.

She slips her fingers to the back of my head as my head tilts to the side. She closes her eyes as she feels my lips, sighing softly. “Mmm baby, that feels so amazing…”

I whisper in her ear as I kiss and nibble, “Do you have any idea how many times I thought about having my way with you right here on my kitchen counter?”

She raises an eyebrow, “Are you talking about just tonight? Maybe 5? 8? It can’t be nearly as many times as I’ve thought about being taken by you like that, tonight or otherwise,”

I reluctantly remove my lips from her neck and hustle to the stove where the pasta is now ready. “Okay we need to have some dinner; the pasta is done and needs to come out. I’ll take care of the final prep and get our main course ready. Would you go into the dining room and light the candles on the table?”

She grabs my ass while I’m draining the pasta then picks up the grill lighter for lighting the candles before heading to the dining room. Glancing back over her shoulder, she smiles and says, “You know you look pretty hot when you are cooking.”

I get the main course ready, take off my apron, and put my jacket back on. I bring out the dinner and place it on the table. She smiles as she figures it out. “Ahhhh it’s your specialty – osso buco!”

I smile as I begin to prepare our plates. I cut a few slices of the meat, serve some pasta, and then spoon out the savory juices on top of it all. I dim the lights so the room is now lit only by candlelight. I pull out her chair and, as she sits down, I just cannot resist a little pat on her ass as I push her chair in.

She bites her lip momentarily as she shakes her head, “That better illegal bahis siteleri not be the last time your hand is on my ass tonight, mister.”

Chuckling, I reply, “Oh don’t worry about that.” I change the topic back to dinner as I take my seat too. “You’ve never had osso buco before, right?”

“I had never heard of it before you told me it was your special dish. You made it; so, I’m sure I’ll like it. It smells delicious, baby.” She inhales the savory smells, then leans over to brush her lips on my cheek as she settles into her chair. “Thank you, Alex, it all is so wonderful.”

“I’m glad you like it April, I wanted to give you a special treat. One of many tonight I hope.”

We talk and eat and as always, just enjoying each other’s company.

When we finish dinner, I tell her that it’s time for dessert. “I have to apologize, I have no birthday cake. But I do have ice cream…and lots of it! Let’s get a bowl of ice cream to share and go into my living room. Would kind would you like?”

She tilts her head to the side in that adorable way I have grown used to and replies, “I’ll have what you’re having.”

I chuckle slightly, “Then black raspberry it is. Why don’t you go into the living room and get comfortable.” I lead her into the living room.” Would you prefer to sit with me on the couch by the fireplace? Or would you rather on the big rug on the floor and sit nearer to the flames?”

“Oh definitely the rug Alex,” she replies and slips passed me with a teasing grin on her face. I watch intently as she stretches out on the soft carpet with her back propped up against the couch. .

I quickly get the fire going strong and then retreat into the kitchen. I quickly put two scoops of ice cream in a bowl for us to share, bring the bowl back into the living room, and place it on the coffee table. I slip off my jacket and throw it on the chair.

“Shall we enjoy some ice cream? It will get melty pretty quickly by the fire. Let’s get comfortable.” I start to lower myself to the floor but wanted to set the ambience even more to make the evening perfect, “Or, better yet, how about some music?”

I rise and go to the stereo to turn on a tune.

She rises and moves behind me while I fiddle with the music, slipping her arms around my waist, pressing her fingers into my stomach and then up my chest slowly while we hear the song, “Miracles” by Jefferson Starship, softly playing. She raises up on her toes while her fingers glide to the back of my neck. Then, she moves around to my front and we lock our gazes. Her eyes close and her lips move to mine and begin to kiss me gently. Eventually, her tongue pokes through my lips to slide along mine. Moving closer, her other hand wraps around my waist. I take her tongue into my mouth and enjoy the taste of her. She tastes so good; it always makes me want more.

She breaks the kiss long enough but leaving her lips pressed to mine and murmurs, “How about we dance first?”

She turns to turn the music up and then back to me. She wraps her arms around my neck to pull my head down a bit. We slowly start swaying to the music and enjoy being in each other’s arms.

I lean in closer to whisper sexily in her ear, “This is the best idea you have had all night.” I rest my forehead against hers and meet her eyes as a sly grin moves over my lips and add, “So far.”

We slow dance and kiss then I whisper in her ear, “Are you enjoying your birthday, my love?”

She slides her fingers up to trace the side of my face, smiles softly up and me, and moves even closer to let her body press firmly against mine. “You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am honey. Just being her with you is enough but all of your attention to details makes it perfect.”

Just when I think I couldn’t feel more content holding her in my arms, she huskily whispers, “Will you kiss me?”

I bend down a bit so my lips are hovering just above hers and pull her closer as we slow down, barely swaying. My eyes lock on hers, “You know you don’t even have to ask.”

As my lips move in, I watch her eyes flutter closed. I press my mouth to hers as softly as possible and kiss her as tenderly as I can. She slides up on her toes while her fingers glide to the back of my neck. Her lips move under mine and part to poke her tongue through. I instantly take her tongue and deepen our kiss. She tastes divine, just as she always does, and, as usual, makes me want more.

“I think we should get more comfortable?” My hand finds the zipper on the back of her dress. “Do you want me to pull it down?”

She tilts her head to the side and put her lips to mine for an even deeper kiss. Her hand presses more tightly into my back and she moves her body completely against mine. Without speaking, her only reply is, “Mmmm hmmmm.” Her breathing grows more heavily, as she slides her hand down to rest on my ass.

I murmur at the pleasure of her hand and tilt my head so that my mouth opens even more for her. I tug canlı bahis siteleri her dress zipper down and it lowers easily. I slip my hand inside the now open back and massage her smooth, warm, nice skin.

“Is there anything else you want for your birthday April?” I ask.

She just nods and utters breathily, reply. “Yes. You…I want you.”

I inhale sharply the moment I hear her reply. The attraction and electricity between us is so apparent. The want, desire, need is growing by the second. “I’m all yours tonight, my dear.”

She steps back a bit and moves her hands between us to unbutton my shirt from the waist up, running her fingers over my flesh as she opens the fabric. Her lips never leave mine until she gets the last button at the neck undone. Then, she moves her lips to my throat, nibbling my Adam’s apple as her fingers slide down to untuck my shirt and unfasten the last few buttons until it hangs open.

“The best gifts should be unwrapped slowly,” she whispers huskily.

As she caresses my flesh, I slide my hands back up to her shoulders and pull the top of her dress forward to let her slide her arms out.

In response, she glides her fingers up my bare chest and across my shoulders letting the fabric of my shirt slip down my arms. The second my shirts floats to the floor, she sways toward me to let our skin touch. I listen as she gasps instantly at the warmth and wraps her arms around me. She presses her fingers into my back and glides them up and down. My body tingles as I feel her fingers and the ache is building within me. As if she senses the urgency rising, she looks up at me with a wanton expression. Next her nimble fingers move around to unfasten my belt and unbutton my pants. As she slowly unzips them, her lips press against my chest and glide toward my nipple. As she swirls her tongue eagerly around it, she pushes my pants and boxers down over my ass. I step out of them quickly and easily.

I’m amazed at how deftly she has gotten me naked so quickly, so easily. Feeling her hands on me as she undresses me; it’s such a good feeling and my body reacts with my cock stirring.

Her breath is getting ragged as she moves closer again. Her mouth begins again at my neck then her lips descend, flicking over my nipple, and down my stomach. As her body descends slowly, she takes my hand and kisses each fingertip, presses a kiss to my palm and then caresses her cheek with it as her lips kiss my hipbone. Her lips are moving over every inch of me, as if I’m the birthday gift she is relishing. When her knees hit the floor, she looks up at me adoringly, and slips her hand to the back of her head to unpin her hair and shake it loose. Then she moves closer again, her eyes locked with mine as her lips softly kiss the shaft of my cock.

I stand their awestruck and savor each and every kiss, lick, and touch. My fingers slide along her cheek, loving how soft and smooth her face is. I stare deeply at her pretty smile and glowing eyes. I’m completely stunned by her loveliness. Her seductive movements have enraptured me and suddenly I’m under her spell the instant I feel that kiss grazing my cock. My head immediately rolls back in pleasure.

“You are a sweet sexy birthday seductress April,” I whisper as she starts to work her magic on me.

Then she starts to really go wild. Swirling her tongue slowly around the head of my cock, watching my reaction, before gliding my cock into her mouth, her eyes closing as she savors every millimeter. Her fingers slip behind her to unfasten the sexy black bra I had given her as an early birthday gift, hoping she would wear it tonight. Her nose presses into my base as her tongue swirls and flicks over me. Her fingers slip her dress and the matching black panties over her hips and to the floor.

As her mouth starts moving up and down my shaft, it lengthens and thickens. I watch her move to her left to pull her right knee out of her dress and panties, then to the right to take care of the other side. She pushes her garments across the floor, and then her fingers move up my calves to the backs of my thighs. Taking a little break she responds to my comment. “It’s easy to be a seductress when there is an irresistible man involved.”

Watching her wiggle out of her clothing as she does those wonderful things to me, it’s just amazing. As she reveals more and more of her body, I look, admire, and enjoy everything about her. Now with her in front of me and both of us naked, my cock is growing and reacting to her and to everything she is doing to me. When I feel her hands on me too, I take her head in my hands and thread her long, dark hair in my fingers.

My eyes lock with her momentarily and I can’t barely murmur, “My desire for you, April, is unbounded.”

She purrs with my cock in her mouth, and slips her fingers up to caress my backside and tease between my cheeks. Pulling me completely inside of her mouth, she lets the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat. Then she just holds still as she tilts her head up to meet my eyes. Her eyes are locked with mine as she slides my cock out of her mouth. She takes my hand and kisses my palm, then tugs me down to join her on the rug so both of us are on our knees, facing one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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