A Billionaire’s Life Ch. 07

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— CHAPTER 7: The Pregnancy —



I awoke in the morning to feel a soft naked back against my chest. I tilted my face down to press my nose against her bare skin and I inhaled deeply, relishing the scent of her.

My hand slid down her side and up over her hips. I paused there and rubbed her ass with my hand. She made no real movements while I caressed the cheek, which made me think she was still asleep. Then I slowly moved my hand lower, stroking her thighs gently.

The gorgeous supermodel was on her left side, her left leg pointing straight down the length of the bed with her right pulled forward and then bent at the knee. She was in the perfect position for my fingers to trail lower into the cleft between her legs, and when my fingertip began to slowly rub up and down the seam of her pussy lips, she began to stir.

I kept my touch soft, and every time she moved or moaned I went softer still. And gradually, like a flower in bloom, her labia opened up. I began to feel the first trickle of moisture, and then I pushed my finger in with added pressure and managed to coat the tip in her nectar.

Now at least a little lubricated, I let my finger glide higher along until I found that her little ball of pleasure had just begun to peek out from under its hood. And ever so gently, I touched my moistened finger to it.

She began to moan, a softly erotic sound and her hips shuffled slightly in her sleep. I stopped moving for a moment, and then when she settled down, I returned my finger to her moistened folds to recoat with fresh nectar. Once sufficiently lubed up, I returned to rubbing her clit.

I kept this up for a good ten minutes. She nearly woke twice, but by the end of that time her pussy was a furnace, her labia were widely parted and showing plenty of pink, and her whole body trembled. It was time.

I shifted my hips until I was right behind her ass and just a little further down the bed. And then, with cock in hand, I guided it into position and began to lean my hips into her.

I heard the catch in her breathing as she came awake. By then, I already had the mushroom head inside her snatch, and it was just a matter of pressure as I slid the full rod deep into her body.

She moaned and rocked her hips while I reached around with wet fingertips and began to rub at her clit once again. And then I pulled my cock back out a few inches before once again burying it in to the hilt.

The beautiful, naked woman in my arms began to buck herself back at me while I picked up speed. My left hand went up to grasp her shoulder so I could use it as leverage to thrust myself into her pussy from behind. Her own hand moved down to take over rubbing herself, freeing me to shift my right hand to her hips.

Only I didn’t move it to her hips. I moved my hand around to Taylor’s stomach, resting my palm just below her belly button as I imagined the life growing inside of her. Her head bowed forward as she kept up the rhythm, and together my wife and I made morning love until we both softly moaned our releases, Taylor’s whole body shivering with pleasure while I spunked out my load against her inner walls.

When we were done, Taylor turned to me and brushed her dark bangs out of her eyes. Her eyes were a brighter blue than I’d seen them in a long time, and she kissed me wetly and hotly, moaning with passion and love for her husband.

“I love you, Johnny.”

“I love you, Taylor.”

She smiled at me and sighed. We both let our heads sink into the pillows to relax our necks after the tension of our lovemaking. But just while I was sighing in absolute contentment, Taylor’s eyes bugged out and she clapped a hand over her mouth.

Quickly, my wife rolled out of bed, oblivious to the creamy white jism now leaking onto her thighs. She scrambled for the bathroom and a moment later I heard retching sounds echo through the cavernous room back towards me.

I sighed again, this time in resignation. Then I quickly scooted off the bed and went to stroke my wife’s back while she vomited up last night’s dinner into the toilet.


Taylor was still looking a little green when I brought her down for breakfast. I’d offered to have her breakfast delivered upstairs, but she wanted to eat with everyone.

I held her hand the whole way down the stairs, and for the first time in memory, I actually had something to complain to Jeff Lee about. Why had my design architect not told me that lack of stairs might be more important to my wife during pregnancy than a second-floor view? At least we had an elevator. Maybe I could put in an escalator? It’d be tacky, but effective.

We were the last ones to arrive and breakfast was already laid out on the table. I had my arms wrapped around Taylor the whole way in. When we entered into the dining room, the first thing I heard was, “Aww… you guys look so cute!”

I glanced up to see it was Ashlyn, staring at us with a glow on her face. And when our eyes met, I froze. A flashback of last night came straight into my memory. The look of her face in the middle bahis firmaları of orgasm had been so erotic. The sound of her moans had set my heart racing. And the passion of our lovemaking had simply been extraordinary.

Last night had been the most amazing sex of my life.

And from the look on Ashlyn’s face as she stared at me, it had been pretty incredible for her, too.

Taylor caught us gazing rapturously back and forth at each other and she squeezed my hand. “Looks like you two had a pretty good time last night,” she quipped before sitting down.

Ashlyn blushed, but I think I blushed even deeper. At least my tan complexion hid it better than Ashlyn’s ivory whiteness.

Kate chimed in, “Believe me, they had a good time. Everyone in the HOUSE could hear that they had a good time. I got myself off twice just listening to them.”

Now Ashlyn was beet red, and I’m sure I wasn’t much better. But Taylor pushed past the teasing and put her hand on top of Ashlyn’s beside her. “How are you feeling, Ash?”

“Better. Happier.”

“No more dark thoughts. No more morose depression?”

Ashlyn flicked her gorgeous blue eyes to me. “No. I feel great.” And then Ashlyn flashed me a smile so big I was blinded by the light.

Kate chuckled. “One night of sex with John and all her troubles are cured,” she said theatrically while shaking her head in mild disbelief.

“It’s not like all my problems went AWAY,” Ashlyn shrugged. “But I guess I’d just slipped into a rut of depression. I saw love around me and was convinced I couldn’t have it anymore. The one guy I dared to fall for beat the crap out of me. And when someone like me goes three weeks without feeling any happiness, you can bet a night with John does wonders for improving one’s mood.”

“Some of us are just sexual creatures,” Taylor mused. “Sometimes when you’re down, there’s nothing like an amazing orgasm to lift your spirits.”

“Or seven…” Ashlyn said under her breath.

“Seven? Someone had a REALLY good night,” Taylor teased and then she squeezed my hand.

Ashlyn squeezed Taylor’s hand. “Thank you, Taylor. Thank you so much for last night.”

My wife rubbed Ashlyn’s hand. “Don’t thank me. I think Johnny did all the work.”

The two gorgeous supermodels turned to look at me. I just blushed and looked down.

Ashlyn continued, “Still, I know the idea of me and Johnny makes you uncomfortable. It really means a lot that you would share him.”

Taylor leaned back and waved her hand kind of kookily. “Well, what are friends for if they can’t loan out their husbands to fuck your brains out when you get depressed?” The two ladies immediately began laughing at the absurdity of the situation.

“Am I just a piece of meat over here?” I grumbled.

“Yes, dear,” Taylor turned and patted me on the shoulder. “Now eat your breakfast.”

That caused the girls to start giggling again and this time, even Cassandra and Charlotte joined in.

But when they stopped, Ashlyn got serious. “You’re really okay with it?”

Taylor sighed and hugged her friend. “Yeah. I’m… I’m not jealous…”

Taylor got a surprised expression on her face. “I’m actually not jealous,” she said with wonder. My wife then turned and looked at me. “I know my man still loves me with all his heart.”

“I do,” I said earnestly, willing all my love to come through my expression.

Taylor smiled and then looked back to Ashlyn. “Just be careful not to fall in love with HIM.”

“I don’t know,” Ashlyn said wistfully as she looked at me. “It may already be too late.”

The room went awkwardly silent for a moment as something non-verbal passed between Taylor and Ashlyn. Ashlyn’s gorgeous blue eyes were sparkling as she stared at me with undisguised adoration. But then Kate asked someone to pass the eggs and we all launched into our usual conversation.

Breakfast was lively and chatter-filled. It was literally a night and day transformation for Ashlyn, who had gone from depressed and disheveled to cheery and radiantly beautiful overnight. She looked so lovely this morning that I found my gaze drifting to her repeatedly throughout the meal before I would catch myself and focus on something else. I was still reeling from the emotional high of being with her last night, and I knew I was dangerously close to falling a bit in love with the gorgeous woman. If I hadn’t gotten up and gone to sleep with my wife, I don’t know how much more attached to Ashlyn I’d be feeling right now.

Ashlyn caught me staring at her twice. Both times, she blushed and pointedly looked somewhere else. I caught her staring at me once also, and her sudden averted gaze made my heart jump a few extra beats.

It actually took Cassandra reaching over and putting her hand on my arm to get me to stop. My beautiful assistant stared me down, her blue eyes turning a sharp grey. I may not have been experienced with female non-verbal communication, but I got the hint to cool it.

I did my best to stare at my food then. It was all just so overwhelming. I was in love with my wife Taylor and felt kaçak iddaa a surge of satisfaction knowing she was pregnant with my child. I felt a comfortable, secure love with Cassandra. I had a concerned, protective love for Kate. And I now felt a passionate, energizing love for Ashlyn.

Could one man really love four women at the same time?

Meanwhile, Ashlyn talked about calling the agency to resume taking modeling gigs, and she, Taylor, and Kate gossiped together like her depression had ever happened.

“Hey, isn’t Taylor’s birthday coming up soon?” Ashlyn glanced at Kate and then at Charlotte, who would certainly know.

Charlotte spoke up, “Late next month.”

Taylor piped up, “Ah, it’ll be exciting to turn 29 again.”

Everyone around the table got a chuckle at that. And then Taylor spoke up again. “Hey, Ash, Kate. Why don’t you guys work with Charlotte to plan my party? Friends always know what to do.”

And then Taylor reached over, touched my arm, and batted her eyelashes at me rapidly. “Money’s no object, right honey?”

I cocked my head and grinned. “Are you going to have another big orgy where I get to bang half a dozen beautiful women like last year?” I was thinking back to our inauguration of the Playroom.

“Yes…” Taylor giggled.

“Then money’s no object.” Everyone laughed and we went along to finish up our breakfast.

When it was done and we all got up to stand, Ashlyn came around and stood right in front of me. I looked at her flowing copper hair and her bright blue eyes. Involuntarily, my gaze traveled down her luscious body and my memory began to fill in how she looked naked. It was so easy for Ashlyn’s beauty to distract me, and a part of me cursed how she could have such an incredible effect on me. But then I caught myself and looked back up into her eyes.

Ashlyn seemingly just waited patiently while I fought to collect myself in front of her. And when our eyes met again she asked, “You guys are going into town today?”

“Yeah.” I glanced at Cassandra, who was behind me and to the right, as if this were a business meeting and she was standing by in case I needed assistance. “It’s been a busy month. Decembers usually are right before the holidays.”

Ashlyn nodded in understanding and when she looked up at me again, she actually looked nervous. But instead of detracting from her beauty, the nervousness made the young woman even more endearing to me, and I took a deep breath as I felt my heart tugging to fall more in love with her. “I, uh,” she began before pausing. “When you get home, can you come to my room? We should probably talk about last night.”

I glanced at Cassandra again, as if she would be my conscience. I didn’t trust my own feelings with Ashlyn, but Cassandra didn’t visibly react. So I turned back to the redhead and said as calmly as possible, “Sure.” My delivery wasn’t that calm. I think I actually squeaked it.

It turned out, Taylor was also right beside us. “In the meantime,” Taylor began as she slipped her arm through Ashlyn’s. “WE should talk about last night.” My wife had a warm smile on her face and Ashlyn nodded. The two of them turned and walked out of the room.

I exhaled loudly, not realizing I’d been holding my breath. Cassandra smirked at my obvious discomfort, but I steeled my spine and held my head high. “Let’s go.”


It was late when we finally flew home. We’d missed dinner and Cassandra had ordered in at the office. By the time we landed, every muscle was sore and my body ached from the tension of work.

But the moment the door popped open, I felt a fresh energy rushing through me. My heartbeat sped up and adrenaline coursed through me as I felt pure excitement.

I was going to see Ashlyn again.

That thought almost stopped me. I wasn’t just excited to see my wife and rub her belly. I wasn’t just excited to be returning home. I was excited to see a woman I wasn’t dating and had no official relationship with. I couldn’t help it.

Still, I first went in search of my wife. Taylor was in the Master Lounge with Charlotte. They were poring over pregnancy books and week-by-week guides to her symptoms and other such advice. I grinned at the thought of having my very own rugrat playing in this very room, and when my wife looked up at me, she absolutely glowed. “Hi, Johnny. Long day?”

“Yeah.” I crossed the room and tenderly kissed her. My hand slid down and patted her belly. I couldn’t wait to see a real bump forming, but Taylor had said I would have to wait until her 2-month mark before it became really noticeable. Right now it just looked like she’d gained a couple of pounds, a relatively normal fluctuation for her.

“I talked to Ashlyn today, about you two.”

“And?” My curiosity piqued.

Taylor grinned. “Well, I think it’s obvious. She went from near-suicidal to happy- go-lucky after one session with you. My man is a fucking STUD in the sack.”

I chuckled. And I mustered up all the seriousness I could. “This stud is YOURS whenever you want, all for you, okay?” Taylor’s objections to the contrary, I knew there kaçak bahis had to be SOME jealousy in there somewhere and I was compelled to make an extra effort to show that I loved her. I gestured to my crotch. “This woman-pleaser belongs to you, my woman.”

“I know, I know. I’m good for today.” Taylor grinned at Charlotte, who looked down and blushed. And now that I looked at her, Charlotte’s hair was matted down where it looked like straps had been wrapped around her head. I gathered my wife and her assistant had been visiting the dungeon while I was out.

With concern on my face, I cautioned, “Just be careful about exercise, honey. Aren’t there rules about how fast you can get your heart rate?”

Taylor held up a book. “I know.”

She changed the subject. “Anyways, I worked things out with Ashlyn today. We’re going to treat her as a houseguest, like Rebecca or Mia. She’s got plenty of money and she’ll be paying rent. She’s not a girlfriend or mistress or anything, so there are no obligations there. And she says she has no designs on being a girlfriend or taking any part of you away from me. So if… encounters… happen between you two, that’s okay.”

“You sure?”

“Of course,” Taylor shrugged as if this were the most ordinary thing in the world. But then she got a hard look in her eye. “Why? You think I shouldn’t be?”

“What? No! No!” I sat back defensively and held up my hands.

Taylor started chuckling. “Just teasing you. I’m assuming Cassandra won’t have any issues. But if you really consider Kate a girlfriend, you probably want to run this by her as well. Technically, since Kate didn’t know about last night, you cheated on her.”

My jaw dropped.

Taylor shrugged, “Yeah, I didn’t think about that either until this morning. I don’t think she’ll have a problem since she worships the ground you walk on, but talk to her, okay?”

I nodded.

Taylor waved at me. “Go talk to your girls now. I’d start with Kate first.”

I stood up.

“And Johnny?” Taylor stopped me.


She tilted her head and looked at me with big eyes. “I’m not jealous of you having sex with them. But at night, no matter how late it is, will you come to bed with me?”

“Of course.”

“I love you, Johnny.”

“I love you too.”


When I got down to the guest rooms, most of my body wanted me to immediately go into Ashlyn’s room without knocking, throw her onto the bed, and go straight to fucking her brains out.

But the mature part of me remembered my wife’s advice as well as how much I really did care about Kate’s feelings, so I turned to the opposite door and knocked at Kate’s room. It was late, and it was around the time the girls usually were going to bed.

Kate answered the door in her pajamas and gasped, “John!” Eagerly, she stepped forward and hugged me.

I wrapped up her skinny body, lifting her off the floor while she kicked her feet in the air. I brought her head to just an inch above mine and kissed her firmly. “Hello, girlfriend.”

“Hi…” Kate smiled and floated happily. Without the heavy dark makeup, she looked so much younger and fresher. The makeup made her alluring and sexy, but without it I could see her as a cute and bubbly girl.

I set her down and then walked us both into her room, closing the door behind us.

“Oh!” she suddenly sat up and immediately began to tug at the sleeve of her pajamas. “Did you want to…?”

She was asking if I’d just come to screw her and I quickly shook my head. “No, no. I mean, yes, of course I’d love to, but that’s not why I’m here and you don’t need to just… put out… every time I show up.”

She nodded in understanding and then pulled her knees up to her chin, wrapping her arms around her legs while I sat down in front of her on the bed. “So what’s up?”

I took a deep breath. “About Ashlyn, I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you first.”

She picked her head up and shot me a confused look. “About what?”

“Well, permission, I guess.”

Kate barked a short laugh. “You don’t need my permission to fuck her, John.”

“Well, boyfriends are supposed to clear it with their girlfriends. Since I didn’t do that, technically I cheated on you.”

She shrugged. “I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been a real girlfriend before. All my other boyfriends just banged whoever they wanted and they never asked me for *permission*.”

I sighed. “But I was supposed to be different. I’m trying to show you that I do care about your feelings. And I’m sorry for not talking to you first.”

Kate looked at me like I’d just grown a horn out of my forehead. “Uh, if it’ll make you feel any better, apology accepted. But seriously, Ashlyn already told me everything. Taylor walked you straight to her door and shoved you inside. It’s not like you had time to think, ‘Oh, maybe I should go ask my girlfriend before fucking this INSANELY gorgeous woman.'”


“It’s okay. I’m used to it.”

I sighed. “I don’t want you to be USED to it, Kate. You’re not my mistress. You’re not just a convenient toy for me to play with whenever I want and ignore the rest of the time. I want you to be a girlfriend with hopes and desires of your own. You need to know what you want and be willing to take action to get it.”

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