A Bedtime Story

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Once upon a time there was a very beautiful but very slutty princess who was always horny but who could never come.

Every night there was a different man in her bed and every morning the same unsatisfied ache.

She fucked the stable boys and the palace guards. She fucked the prime minister, in case a powerful man had the power to make her come, the chief scholar, in case he had the wisdom to. She even fucked the archbishop, in case God would lend a hand. She fucked the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, rich and poor, high and low, young and old.

But every night was the same. The men would leave more than satisfied. For the princess was very beautiful indeed, a face like a summers day, tits like ripe peaches and a pretty pink pussy as tight and wet as a clam. But though by daybreak her sheets and thighs might be swimming in semen, her own orgasm always eluded her.

One morning, after a particular unsatisfactory encounter with a visiting ambassador, she went to see her mother, the Queen.

“Oh mother, why can’t I come?”

The Queen was distressed to hear her daughter’s predicament for she herself came at the drop of a hat, had fucked her way through four husbands and now spent most afternoons on all fours in the stables where a particularly well hung stablehand called Jaspar repeatedly reduced her to a puddle of ecstatic jelly.

“Oh my dear, girl,” said the Queen, “you poor, poor thing.”

Suddenly she had a brainwave.

“Have you fucked Jaspar?” she asked.

“I have,” her daughter replied.

“And no joy?”


“Oh my.”

The Queen was horrified. It hardly seemed possible to enjoy congress with Jaspar and not to orgasm. In fact the Queen was feeling quite wet just thinking about his magnificent cock and made a mental note to slip down to the stables as soon as she had finished talking to her daughter.

It didn’t seem possible.

“I know my dear. We’ll have a Royal Proclamation. Your hand in marriage and half the kingdom to the man who can make you come. That should do the trick.”

“Oh, thank you mummy,” said the princess, who could hardly wait for the contest to start.

So word was spread far and wide and there was much excitement in the kingdom and in the lands beyond.

For the princess was exceptionally fair of face, her tits astonishing pert and her pussy exceedingly tight. And despite fucking half the men in the kingdom already, the other half fancied a go. And her hand in marriage and half the kingdom was no small matter either.

So a great bed was set up in the ballroom. For everyone agreed it was very important to make sure there was no cheating and everyone wanted a good chance to watch.

They were a really very horny bunch and watching the princess fuck was almost as good as actually getting to fuck her.

And so the contestants rolled in. The Queen was on hand to pick the most likely looking candidates just so she could have a first go.

The Prince of the Isles came first. A great strapping man with a cock even bigger than Jaspar’s, the court oohed and ahhed when he stripped down in front of them all.

Even the princess looked impressed as she looked up from her bed, legs spread wide to receive him.

But though the prince strained and puffed for a good half hour, in the end he disgorged his balls deep in that really very tight pussy without bringing the princess to climax.

The Queen was very disappointed but consoled both herself and the Prince by demonstrating that he could at least make her come with almost no difficulty at all (although that really wasn’t saying very much).

And so it went on. A veritable river of semen was spilled between her legs and dripped down those sheets but not a one of them managed to elicit a similar response from the princess.

The court turned into a veritable orgy. Every cock in the court went hard and every pussy moistened as another hopeful mounted the bed. Orgasm or not the princess looked absolutely gorgeous as she crouched on all fours or rode up and down on her lover.

So she fucked and the court fucked.

Sometimes they would wait until she hard finished but sometimes the gentlemen of the bedchamber would lift up the skirts of the ladies in waiting and bend them over and fuck them in time with the princess’s fucking, as though in encouragement.

The princess was having a real wonderful time, with an almost constant supply of cock on hand. She liked feeling all eyes on her as she fucked. But she began to feel quite sad that no man in the kingdom or outside it, would ever make her come.

And then there were the disappointed suitors moping around the court feeling very hard down by, although they’d all had a really marvellous fuck if they were honest with themselves and the Queen was always on hand to reassure them of their virility.

Then one day, a young lad stood there at the foot of the bed. He wasn’t much to look at, a bit scrawny and his cock, when he was stripped naked, was decidedly ordinary.

The princess looked down at bahis firmaları him and, spreading her legs wide, stiffled a yawn as she waited for him to clamber inside he.

But something different happened. He didn’t just stick it in her, even though her pussy was extraordinarily tight and extraordinarily wet.

In fact, he didn’t use his cock at all. He started by kissing her neck.

There were murmurs of disapproval in the court. What did this young whipersnapper think he was doing? He should just slip inside the royal pussy, dump his load and let a real stud have a go.

But the young man, Caspar by name and the younger (and less well endowed) brother of Jaspar, wasn’t put off at all.

Like the rest of the court, the Princess couldn’t really work out what the young man was about. This didn’t seem to have anything to do with sex but actually it did feel quite nice. She couldn’t see that it was going to make her come, but then nothing else did either.

So she let him kiss her. And felt his hands running over her body. That really did feel quite nice, especially the way he was squeezing and caressing her lovely firm breasts.

And it suddenly occurred to the princess, and to the rest of the court, that it was a shame to have tits of such surpassing pertness if all any man ever did was slide his cock inside her pussy, no matter how tight or how wet it was.

Tits like hers deserved a bit of attention.

And attention Caspar was giving them. Then suddenly he was kissing them.

The Princess gave an “Ooo,” of delight and surprise as she felt his tongue flicker over her nipples and he suckled and nuzzled her breasts. That really did feel nice. She had no idea that her tits could feel quite that nice.

And slowly the Princess forgot about her frustration, forgot about tying to come and just let Caspar play and kiss and suck her really exceptionally firm and delightfully perky breasts. It suddenly occurred to her that maybe there was more to sex than just cock.

Maybe it was more than an orgasm she was missing.

The Caspar moved south, trailing kisses down her belly and down to her Mons Pubis.

The court held its breath. You could have heard a pin drop. The only sound the short, shallow breaths of the expectant Princess.

Surely he wasn’t going to, he wasn’t actually going to kiss her there, was he? He wasn’t actually going to kiss and lick her beautiful (and really ever so tight) pussy was he?

Such a thing was unheard of. It was shocking.

It was also deeply titillating and there wasn’t a man or woman in the court who wasn’t silently willing him on as he made his way slowly and unhurriedly downwards.

And there he finally was, his face perched between the creamy, white royal thighs, the pink slit of the Princess’s tight, tight pussy just peeking out of her elegant blonde bush.

And then he kissed her. A wet open mouthed kiss on the pretty pink button of her clit.

A sigh passed round the court as they collectively let go of their breath. But the sigh was almost drowned out by the moan of the Princess, a moan nobody had ever heard her make before.

And then he licked her, a deep, long lick from base to clit.

And the Princess moaned again.

The court looked on spellbound as Caspar licked the Princess. Nobody had ever heard the Princess moan like that. Surely Caspar had triumphed. He would make the Princess come and claim his prize.

But his work was not done yet. The Princess had felt butterflies dancing inside her as soon as Caspar’s lips made contact with her pussy. But she hadn’t come yet.

Caspar was not daunted. He licked and he licked and he sucked and he kissed. And the Princess moaned and she writhed. She gripped his hair and the sheets and at times, seemed almost to be pushing his whole face inside her.

The court held their breath as they watched. Would he triumph, would he finally make her come?

The minute ticked by, and still she moaned and still he licked and still she didn’t come.

Sometimes the moans would subside or Caspar would pause for breath and the whole court would let out a great sigh of disappointment. But always be would return to his task with a renewed relish, for the Princess’s pussy (as well as being so very tight and so very wet) tasted really quite delicious.

And on and on Caspar went, licking and licking, his tongue dancing round her labia and lapping deep down in her cunt. He licked her deeper and deeper and harder and harder, licking away all her protection, layer by layer until it felt like he was licking her very soul, the pink, glistening nub of her.

The Princess felt something welling inside her. Was this it? Was this the long awaited orgasm? As soon as the thought crossed her mind, the feeling subsided.

Caspar licked on, the feeling returned.

It rose and fell and fell and rose and rose and fell, again and again coming stronger each time.

Caspar was so in tune with her body now that he was timing it so his licking peaked in intensity as each wave peaked kaçak iddaa in turn.

And suddenly it peaked and peaked and peaked and the Princess was moaning like a whore as her orgasm rose from the very depths of her and tore and shook through her body.

Caspar didn’t stop but now he was sucking as her juices gushed all over him and he was drinking her down in great shuddering gasps as she came hard in his face, came with years of frustration, the pent up sexual energy of a thousand unsatisfied fucks coursing through her and down her, down through her pussy and on in a torrent into his mouth and in into the very core of him.

She came with a moan like a shriek that shook the palace walls and roused every bird in the kingdom from their perches.

The court erupted in a great cheer for Caspar’s triumph as the Princess lay back panting in a semi-swoon with her legs spread wide.

“Jaspar, you’ll be an angel and lick my pussy won’t you?” murmured the Queen.

“With pleasure ma’am.”

Finally the Princess roused herself and looked up at Caspar, her eyes shining.

Finally, her prince had come. And so had she.

Although, actually now she came to think it, he hadn’t actually come up at all and that didn’t seem quite fair.

So the princess had an idea.

His mouth had felt so wonderful on her private parts that she wondered what it would be like to return the favour.

So she sat up and pushed Caspar back so that he was lying down on the bed, his thick engorged member thrusting up from his body.

She looked up around her at all the courtiers watching her. Every pair of eyes in the room seemed to be willing her on (and, she was quite sure, every cock hard and every pussy moist).

The princess looked back at Caspar and his cock. Now she looked at it more closely, it seemed much more impressive than she had first thought. Maybe it was just the post orgasmic bliss or maybe it was that, for all her fucking, she’d never really got quite she up close with a cock before, but she began to think it was maybe the most magnificent thing she’d ever seen.

She moved closer, she parted her ruby red lips. She wetted them with her long pink tongue.

She paused. She breathed. She closed her eyes. She sucked his cock.

It felt so much better than she had ever imagined. Not as good as cock in her ever so tight and ever so wet cunt of course but quite wonderful all the same.

She looked up at Caspar’s eyes and suddenly thought that she didn’t think any man had ever looked sexier.

“Oh God,” Caspar moaned, overcome with pleasure.

“Oh Princess,” he moaned.

“Yes, Caspar,” she said. Or at least as close to that as she could manage with her mouth full of his cock.

“Oh, Princess. Let me come on your majestic regal breasts, your worshipful bosom, your magnificent royal rack, your perfect princess tits.”

Since he had asked so nicely, she could hardly refuse.

The princess rubbed his cock between her pert tits (which were as round and firm as peaches) and almost straightaway felt him pumping gallons of hot, white cum all over them.

She lay back on the bed panting, his cum dripping off her, revelling in the afterglow of her orgasm.

The court cheered. Caspar had succeeded! The princess had come!

The court was very happy (and very horny) to have been able to witness the happy event.

The cheering carried on but soon died down as the court were keen to put their mouths to a better use.

The queen sat on her throne with her legs spread wide, each calf dangling off a gilded arm of the throne, Jaspar’s head already busy bbetween her thighs.

Soon almost every one of the ladies in was down on her knees, with a gentleman’s cock in her mouth. Henrietta (who was almost as slutty as the princess) was on all fours being fucked from behind by the Lord Chamberlain as she sucked off the Keeper of the Keys.

At least one of the ladies in waiting, a fair and busty young duchess called Abigaile with a dress cut so low her tits were almost tumbling out of them, remembered her duty and scurried over to attend the princess (although this may have been because as Henrietta was taking more than her fair share, there weren’t quite enough cocks to go round).

She lifted up her skirt to clean the cum from the princess’s tits (from which it was quite clear that Abigaile wasn’t wearing any underwear). The princess purred as she felt her lady in waiting rubbing up against her bounteous breasts.

“Oh Caspar,” she murmured to her lover who was watching with interest.

“Be an absolute sweetheart and lick my pussy again while Abigail plays with my tits.”

Caspar set to work with alacrity and in no time at all he had the princess purring like a kitten under his expert tongue.

This was no hard won battle this time, her orgasm came quickly and explosively, juices streaming out of her pretty little cunt.

“Oh Caspar,” she cried, “what a perfect angel you are.”

“Oh Caspar,” she cried again. “Oh Caspar. Fuck me, fuck me, give me your kaçak bahis cock.”

“Of course, your highness, your peachiness, your scrumptiously fuckableness,” he replied, like a true gentleman, his cock hard as steel again already despite having just come so copiously over those peach like tits.

And so saying, he spread her legs and slid his cock inside her.

Caspar sighed a sigh of deep satisfaction as he entered her. She was even tighter, wetter and warmer than in his wildest dreams. It was lucky he had just come once as otherwise he couldn’t imagine lasting five seconds in such a sweet little cunt.

The princess sighed too. Caspar’s cock was far from the biggest but in her sensitive state, her pussy puffy, swollen and tingling from her first (and second) ever orgasm, it felt just like heaven to her.

Now that the pressure to come had been satisfied, she could relax into the fuck, revel in the feeling of Caspar’s beautiful cock moving inside her.

He felt good inside her. It felt good to have his cum on her chest too. Abigail had done a really terrible job cleaning her up. She had done little more than smear his cum all over until her tits glistened like candied apples. Still the princess didn’t really mind and she liked having Abigail’s hands on her as Caspar slowly fucked her tight, wet hole.

Caspar had noticed Abigail’s ineffective, if nonetheless welcome, ministrations to her mistress’s breasts.

“Try your tongue,” he suggested. “I find it works a treat.”

So Abigail began to lick the princess’s tits. The princess murmured in reverie.

When Caspar was confident that Abigaile had done a good enough job, he pulled out of the princess and flipped her over, so that her round perfect arse thrust up in the air.

Then he smoothly commenced fucking her again.

He looked round the room. The whole court had descended into scenes of utter debauchery.

Jaspar was no longer going down on the queen as she had doubtless come almost immediately. Now Jaspar was sat insolently on the throne as the queen sucked him off.

Ladies were bent over railings or sprawled on their back, legs sticking out in all directions.

One young lady was quite literally swinging from a chandelier as her lover filled his face with her pussy. Henrietta continued to satisfy two (apparently different) young bucks simultaneously.

Caspar smiled to himself, pleased with his work.

Only Abigaile seemed at a loss now her work seemed to be done. She looked round the court room uncertainly, but every cock still appeared to be engaged.

Caspar smiled at her fondly and motioned her to the bed.

She looked uncertain again, until she seemed to get his meaning.

Abigaile mounted the bed sitting facing the princess. She spread her legs and hoisted up her skirts, her warm, wet pussy (which although not quite as tight or quite as exquisite as that of the princess was still a thing of surpassing loveliness) was angled upwards towards the face of the princess.

The princess stared in wonder at the delectable wet pussy which seemed to be being offered up to her. Her sexual experiences were so far entirely limited to cock. For all her sluttiness, she had limited encounters with other ladies’ vaginas and was surprised how inviting this one was.

She looked over her shoulder at Caspar, seemingly for approval.

“Take a taste of peach, my darling,” he said. “You’ll fucking love it.”

The princess did not need telling twice and straightaway buried her face in Abigaile’s hot, wet cunt until Abigaile’s juices were dribbling down the princess’s chin.

Abigaile squealed with delight as the princess’s hot thrusting tongue lapped up inside her. Caspar continued to fuck away, enjoying the view immensely.

The princess was having a simply marvellous day. Not only had she had her first (and second) ever orgasm but this was the first time she had realised what a treat a sweet juicy pussy in the face could be.

This time her orgasm seemed to sweep up on her almost without her noticing it coming but was if anything even stronger than before.

Caspar thrust deep inside her, her orgasm triggering his as he came hard inside that perfect tight, wet hole.

To compete the circuit, Abigaile, who had the sexual trigger reflex of a horny schoolboy, came too, her thighs squeezing the princess’s head, her quivering cunt smoothering the princess’s face.

For a brief moment, the princess had something of an out of body experience. The combined effect of her own orgasm, still something she was not at all used to, and the orgasms of both Caspar and Abigaile to fore and rear, were simply too much and she seemed to float off in a moment of transcendental bliss.

And then she was back in the thick of it, in all its sweaty, messy, glorious reality, pussy juice on her face and cum dripping down her thighs.

She lay back and looked up at the ceiling, Caspar snuggled up to her on one side and Abigaile came and snuggled up on the other.

“Mummy,” the princess called out. “Mummy, can I marry him?”

“Of course, my dear,” came the muffled reply. Or at least that’s what the princess thought the queen had said but it was rather hard to tell because the queen’s mouth was so full of cock at the time.

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