7 girls, drunk and deflowering my little brother

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7 girls, drunk and deflowering my little brother
We had the house to ourselves that weekend, so I invited my girlfriends over to party before heading off into town for dancing, and dare I say it in this day and age of equality, fucking, we girls like to go out for cock.

We were seven teenagers ranging from 16 to nineteen, the youngest a sister of one of the girls who with makeup could pass muster at any pub, with a wink and a nod, and if that fails, a balls grope or a promise of a shag in the toilets later on.

Modern girls are armed with the pill, the great equaliser in today’s modern age of sexual revolution, sex is good, it feels good, its outrageous and its fun and free, just make sure the dick wears a condom, as disease is embarrassing and puts your pussy out of commission, which for a horny healthy girl is more than debilitating.

But the real reason for my story to you my men friends is threefold, as I unleash the working of the female brain and sex life of girls from f******n upwards, when we become interested in the likes of you. It’s about the real females under the thin veneer of plastered makeup, tiny thongs, so tiny and fragile you can rip them off trying to get them down over our asses, like a fucking hot rap* scenario, yes it all point back to females wanting cock as much as men want our wet pussies, but that crude way of admission, takes something away from the act, I like the idea, nice girl gets pulled into bushes by hot felon, rather than hot male can’t get it up because girl was too aggressive.

Picture this, seven scantily clad girls all drinking and getting boisterous, talking shit and working their asses as if grinding down on a big erection. The room is smokey, not with conventional cigarettes, but weed, a few of the girls carry reefers in their handbags along with clit vibrators, even I have one in the form of a lipstick and use it on boring bus and train journeys, and the stench of hard liquor.

Suddenly the door opens and something very different walks in on this amazonian delight, my poor younger brother, who is fifteen and still wanking off to girly magazines, now he is among girls in their knickers and brassieres and yearning sex, for a virgin boy, is this hell or heaven, answers after the story guys?

There are screams of delight, at last there is a man and the scent of testosterone causes even the prettiest of girls, 16 year old Joanna’s nostrils to flare, ‘Lets see your cock’, goes the chorus, one horny bitch starts and followed by six more and of course my poor brother is over whelmed and embarrassed and he looks at me and I see something in him I never saw before, he was mine.

Call it a kaçak iddaa sister’s protective instinct or a sudden realisation your prominence is suddenly threatened when six more females are suddenly thrown into the mix, I think their was a little bit of drunken jealousy on my part and in my desperation not to appear so, I told the girls he was into girly magazines and and still a virgin, ‘Bout fucking time he lost it then’, shouted Iris, standing in her high cut see through knickers and top, ‘Want to fuck a real woman’, she said pushing forward and her arm encircling my poor brothers neck as she pulled him close and planted her pouting mouth on his, and started seriously tongue fucking him, as the room fell silent.

When a man and a woman start having sex in public, people want to watch. it was like that as my brother tried to respond, Iris could feel that in his weakness as his cock thickened to her machinations, I saw her hand go down his denims as she was obviously all over his erection, she was going to fuck my little brother, high on weed and booze, and the other girls were warming to it, even 16 year old Joanna was touching herself u*********sly, she had had a few sips of booze and would have been easy to lip a cock into.

Another voice rang out, ‘Lets see what he’s like then’, and Liz leapt forward and grabbed my brothers denim’s zipper and button, undoing both, as other eager hands helped dull them down, as Iris maintained her mouth lock on him, sucking the virgin life from his mouth, licking his face and throat, covering it with saliva, she was gone in a sexually crazed lust, I think we were all fearful Simeon would not gratify her crazed need for cock.

Talking of which, came into view with his denims now down with his underpants, at his ankles and his poor cock being choked in Iris’s death grip around his mid shaft.
I had seen my brothers cock on many occasions, as sisters do, but flaccid, so this was a first for his big sister, but seeing it in Iris’s hand and not mine, made me angry, but even here, as I cast a look around the room, at each girl, all focused on my brothers penis, licking their lips and I am willing to bet, their pussies were wetting in expectation, even her I shamefully admit I too was wet, and then, suddenly Iris had competition.

It was getting too much for Sandra, who also high on weed, she had stepped out of her dropped wet panties and dropped to he knees, and my brothers cock head suddenly disappeared into her willing mouth, and I watched in almost disbelief, the fun bit was out of it, and the real sex had begun, there was no turning back, as her head bobbed up and down to Iris’s hand where pinbahis she still gripped him, what’s more, Sandra was rubbing her pussy in front of all of us and then another girl chipped in, ‘Don’t rub it girl, put his cock in it’, and then they all began to chant slowly and deliberately, ‘Fuck him, Fuck him’, and some of them were taking their panties off, this was going to be a girl gang ****, and I felt powerless, as iris began to force him onto our carpet, and the girls dove in, and tore his sneakers and denims underpants and everything else from his boyish masculine body, and he lay naked as Sandra straddled his torso, and Iris laid claim to be second, by calling out aggressively, ‘I’m fucking next’, and one by one each girl staked her claim to my brother’s cock, with 16 year old Joanna designated as last.

Now here was the dilemma that women have faced since time immortal, what if Iris’s pussy was so good that my poor shot his load, the rest of us would be left wanting, and besides, what man or boy, would want to pass up on feeling the inside of seven girls wet pussies?

So before Sandra could bend her knees a plan was hastily drawn up, we drew names from a hat in order of penetration, and a set number of strokes each girl received before pulling off, that way, each girl had a fuck o his cock and everyone was equally guilty, at this point all eyes rested on me, as his big sister I might be excused the inc*stuous fuck, but no, as some of my friends had experienced their own brothers family sex, so I had agree to mount him and have my ten strokes, which as many of you already knew I was up for i the first place, as my head says one thing, but my pussy does the opposite, as it would in shagging my brother in front of my friends.

All the while this was going on my poor brother was being touched and caressed to keep him in a heightened state of readiness, the smell of wet women all around him reduced him to being a little boy again, well actually, he was a little boy, we were going to make him a man and only then I realised I was the only girl present wearing clothes, all other were naked and touched him, he was being kissed and sucked in the oddest of places, even his legs were upright and his toes in mouths, and his pink anus and tight little ball’s scrotum, licked and lashed with saliva soaked tongues, as the familiar slapping sound from a girls slapped pussy were evident before descending onto a man’s friendly weapon to fuck.

I heard the cry, first from my blindfolded brother, and then from Joanna, as her pussy devoured my brother’s cock, a match made in heaven, as she finally squatted on his pubis, pinbahis güvenilir mi he beautiful thighs quivering as if she had lost all control, and she lent forward in an effort to raise herself back up his cock length and finally when she did, her beautiful shock pink pussy showed a perfect seal locked around my brothers cock, she was obviously not letting go, her suction was nothing short of magnificent, and some of us groaned, there was a time when our pussies were like that, and the look an Joanna’s face was exquisite, whilst on my poor brothers, we could only guess, as his was hidden from who it was fucking him.

Joanna was pulled from him, by then she was angry and openly cried, she was just getting into her stride when it was cruelly over and I stepped across my brothers rigid dick, gleaming with Joanna’s own pussy moisture, as I knelt down and felt Iris’s hand guide my brother home, and as we merged int one being, all the girls let out a sign of acknowledgement, seeing a brother and sister fuck each other, as a natural and normal sexual function, their train of thoughts suddenly interrupted with my violent slapping noise, as my pussy made contact with his base, by the third and forth stroke, I was cumming and I cared not who knew, as I fell forward on to him and placed my head alongside the coat that covered his face, my hips thrashing wildly to finish my orgasm and I whispered to him over and over, how much I loved him, so he knew it was me fucking him.

Eventually I felt hands pulling me off my brother, the girls were angry, they had been counting my orgasmic strokes and I was stealing into their time, ’15’, shouted someone, I cold only laugh, I felt so good, as I staggered out to console poor Joanna, I heard a chorus go up as another girl hit her orgasmic target, if anything, fucking teaches a women how to get to that point quickly, like poor Joanna here, got to feel the joys of a cock inside, but got lost in the feeling and missed out on her orgasm, but time and lots of cocks later, she will manage it, if not, then nymphomania and worse still.

Needless to say, my brother lost his virginity to seven girl including his sister, he had experienced the insides of seven girls pussies and seven girls outrageous behaviour, he knew from that night, that sugar and spice and all things nice are not what women are made off, sausages and salamis are more of an apt rhyme for little girls, as we put a lot of things into our pussies and just tell men what they want to hear from us before we fuck them, not the other way around, we are the stronger sex, more determined and more aggressive and as you can see from my writings, or dirty in thought and action.
How many men can take a knot in their ass and live to enjoy the experience?

Do you sense a story there? All answers after the story please, they are worth the effort and truly appreciated, Love Frida.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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