3rd Affair (3 Too Many) Ch. 4

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Erin left Jason’s room, angrily. Dressed only in skimpy black panties and a long T-shirt that went halfway down her gorgeous ass, and carrying a pillow, she went to the closet in the hall. The small, beautiful girl with long, dirty blonde hair grabbed a comforter and headed for the couch.

She was furious that Jason would try to control her that way. Who was he to decide who she can and cannot sleep with? They weren’t a couple!

What an eventful few days she has been through. First, her fiancé Randy catches her with Jason’s dick in her. She was immediately dumped and kicked out of the house. Secondly, a few minutes ago – right after she fucks Jason again, she lets it slip that she slept with Bill earlier in the day. Now she finds herself on the couch for the night, and out of the house by tomorrow. What an asshole!

She sat on the couch, stewing, and flipped on the TV, wrapping herself in the comforter while she tried to calm down. About an hour later, Mike came home.

Mike was Jason’s black housemate. Erin had a threesome with them a number of weeks ago, and then was forced to promise Jason that she wouldn’t sleep with Mike again. Since then she has been fucking Mike on the side of Jason, who she had been fucking on the side of Danny. Mike was 6’1 feet, about 180 pounds, very short hair, muscular black body, and a nice 8 inch cock – Erin’s first black cock ever.

“What are you doing out here?” Mike asked, shutting the door behind him and taking off his shoes. He had been out for a few beers that night, and had a small buzz going, and was very horny. He was wearing jeans and a button up shirt.

“Oh, Jason’s an asshole.” she replied nonchalantly.

“Is he here?”

“Yes, he’s in bed.” she answered. His heart sank. He has never fucked Erin with his roommate in the house – too risky. He was well aware of her promise. He sat down beside her on the couch, slipping under the comforter with her.

“What did he do?” he asked, curious.

“Well, I don’t really want to talk about it, but basically it’s just him trying to control me again.” she said, looking at the TV. He was silent for a moment, trying to convince himself to go to bed but instead found himself becoming more turned on. After a small struggle, he decided to be a little bold, see what she’d say. He placed a hand on her soft, naked thigh and kissed her neck.

“Anything I can do to take your mind off it?” he asked, brushing her hair back with his free hand, lightly kissing more of her neck. His other hand slowly slid up and down the smooth skin of her thigh. Erin took a deep breath, closing her eyes. She wasn’t all that turned on, having just been fucked by Jason’s big cock, and also getting fucked by Bill that day. But his touch did feel very nice, and it wasn’t hard to GET her turned on.

“We probably should wait until Jason leaves tomorrow.” she said. He kissed up to her ear as his hand slid slowly up to her crotch. He could instantly tell she was very hot up there. His lips trailed over her cheek to her mouth. Erin opened her mouth and kissed him, sofly. His hand slid into the side of her panties and over the curls of her pubic hair as he slipped a tongue into her mouth.

When his fingers reached her slit, he was surprised canlı bahis at how wet she was. He naively didn’t think that the moisture he felt was his housemate’s cum dripping out of her. He stupidly assumed that their fight happened without them fucking. ‘smack, smack, smack, smack’ their lips smacked loudly, echoing throughout the living room. Erin sighed into his mouth, his fingers felt really good on her pussy, and what little morals that she still had began to slip away. Mike slipped a finger into Erin’s sopping wet cunt. “Mmmmph” she moaned, kissing him with more passion as her twat clamped onto his probing digit. He began to slide his finger in and out of her cum filled hole, and she found herself writhing against his hand. It was at this point that she admitted to herself that yes, she would fuck this her third man of the day.

He trailed his finger up her soaking wet slit until it found the tiny nub of her clitoris. He lightly tickled it, and she broke the kiss. “Ohhhh” she sighed, softly, bolts of pleasure shooting up her body. She kissed him again, her tongue sliding far into his mouth as his finger gently ran back and forth over her clit. Suddenly, he pulled his hand out from between her sexy legs and threw the comforter on the floor out of the way.

He broke the kiss, grabbing onto her panties. Heart pounding, body all fired up once again, Erin raised her ass off the couch and allowed Mike to slide her panties down her short legs. He pulled them over her tiny feet and off. He roughly pushed Erin onto her back on the couch, and she lay before him, opening her sexy legs.

Her beautiful pussy was his for the taking. The pink lips of her cunt were swollen and quivering, surrounded by curls of brown pubic hair, nestled between two creamy white thighs.

She raised her feet up in the air, legs spread wide as Mike bent between them. He kissed her wet slit, sending tingles up her body. He kissed the top of her leg, just beside her pussy, teasing her. Sliding his hands under her soft ass, he slowly licked from the bottom of her sensitive lips up to the top. “Ohhhhh…” she moaned, feeling every little part of her pussy that his tongue touched on its way up.

He slid his tongue into her steamy tunnel, tasting her. He had no idea that he was tasting other men, too! Still licking inside her cunt, Mike reached down and undid his jeans, pushing them and his underwear down, freeing his rock hard penis. He began to stroke his cock as he licked his way up to her horny clit. His tongue nudged it, sending thrills up her body. Using long strokes, he began to tongue her clit over and over. She wriggled beneath him, hands reaching down to hold his head as he pleasured her.

He squeezed the cheeks of her ass tightly as he sucked her clitoris into his mouth. Erin began to hump her pussy into his face as his mouth would not let her clit go. Still holding the sensitive button between his lips, he began to run his tongue rapidly back and forth across it, driving her towards the edge, quickly. He could hear her breathing deepen until she was panting, then he could hear nothing at all as she squeezed her thighs tightly around his head. Still, he was relentless. Licking at her clit as fast as he could, driving her closer and bahis siteleri closer.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned, biting her lip as she tried to keep quiet. Her orgasm was intense. Probably the most intense one all day as her entire body seemed to be in another world, tingling all over. The walls of her pussy pulsated, her toes curled, her hands were forcing his face against her crotch, not letting him go. He continued to lick her clit and she continued to cum, moaning. Finally, it subsided. Her hands released his head, her thighs relaxed on either side of him.

Mike kissed her pussy lips one more time before raising himself up on his hands. Erin looked down his body and noticed that he already had his pants down. His thick black cock was at full attention. A surge of desire went through her as she looked at it. She realized that she needed that dick in her. She needed it in her now. Badly.

It didn’t matter to her that she had already been fucked twice in the past 12 hours by 2 different guys. She needed this guy, now.

He began to crawl up the couch, slowly pushing up her shirt as he went, revealing the creamy white skin of her belly. He kissed all around her belly button, licking inside briefly. More pleasure shot up her spine, and down to her crotch. He continued to push her shirt up, until it freed her beautiful breasts. Two pink areolas surrounded rock hard nipples, and he bent to kiss the underside of her breast.

Erin pulled her shirt the rest of the way off, dropping it on the floor as she watched his tongue slowly lick around the areola of her right breast. He sucked her nipple into his mouth, gently trailing his tongue over it. She sighed, her sensitive breasts sending tingles down to her pussy.

If Jason were to walk into the living room at that very moment, he would see Erin’s small white body, naked on the couch, and Mike’s black one crawling toward’s her. Mike’s pants and underwear were around his ankles, and he still had his shirt on, but it was plain to see from the hallway that his big black cock was out and ready for action.

Mike lay on top of her, resting the shaft of his dick along her soaking wet slit. Their lips met and they kissed passionately. He slipped his tongue into her mouth as he writhed against her. She could taste her own pussy on his tongue, and she sent her own tongue back the other way. He felt so good rubbing that thick, hard organ against her needy cunt. She wanted him to slip it into her so badly!

Erin began to writhe her crotch high up his shaft, trying to get the top of him into her wet hole. They were breathing laboriously into each other’s mouth as they continued to work each other up.

He realized what she was trying to do, and was unable to deny her any longer. He broke the kiss and raised himself up. Erin lay before him, looking at him with a desperation born of extreme arousal. Her short legs were bent, her tiny feet were in the air on either side of him.

He reached down between them, staring down her beautiful nakedness. He grabbed a hold of his long, black cock and ran the thick helmet down her swollen pink lips. Her chest was heaving as she tried to catch her breath. His cock was moving agonizingly slow, teasing her entire slit as it made bahis şirketleri its way to her entrance. He felt like he grew harder at the sensation of her hot, wet pussy lips touching the tip of his member.

Mike stopped at the gateway to her treasure, savoring every moment. He slowly eased his fat penis into Erin’s hungry vagina. Her pink lips stretched wide to accept him, and she was so wet that he was able to gently sink his organ all the way inside her in one stroke. 8 inches of black cock was deep inside Erin’s little white body.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned, that wonderful feeling of slowly filling up hitting her. His lips found hers and they kissed passionately, his member sheathed in her warmth. He felt so comfortable inside her that for a moment, he forgot to move. She ran her naked feet up and down his legs, and he snapped out of his daze, pulling his rod out of her.

He rammed himself back into her, violently. “Mmmmph!” she cried, still kissing him as bolts of pleasure shot from her pussy at the sudden sensation. Holding himself up on his arms, he began to thrust in and out of her quickly. Her eyes were closed, eyebrows raised as the third penis of the day slid in and out of her.

Erin’s tits were bouncing with every thrust, and she began to moan, unable to stop herself. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she did manage to keep her moans quiet, though, as that lovely black dick slid in and out of her pussy.

She raised her small feet in the air, and they flailed helplessly behind his thrusting black ass. The sensation in her cunt was beginning to overtake her again, and she bit down on her lip to stifle the moans. “Mmmmmmm…” she cried, cumming. Her heart was pounding, her pussy was convulsing, and she barely noticed him kissing her neck and ear. He went in her so deep!

She felt his lips on hers, and she opened her mouth, allowing his tongue to dart inside as he screwed her right there on the couch. Both were breathing heavily into each other’s mouth, and now Mike was starting lose it. He pumped in and out of the small woman a few times furiously before sinking his cock into her one final time, and holding it there.

The black man’s cock jerked and shot his cream deep into Erin’s eager pussy. He moaned as he ejaculated violently inside her. She rested her tiny feet on the back of his ass, holding him there, milking his cock of all of his sperm. He couldn’t stop cumming! Still more of his semen fired out of him and into her vagina as her small hands caressed his back over his shirt.

.”What the hell is going on here?” said a voice. Mike jumped, pulling his semi hard cock out of Erin’s dripping pussy. She gasped. It was Jason. He had walked into the livingroom just in time to see Erin rest her white feet on his roommate’s black ass as Mike finished cumming inside her. He had seen more than enough. Mike scrambled into his pants, embarrassed and ashamed. He was at a loss for words, as was Erin.

“I don’t BELIEVE this!” Jason yelled. “After I fuck you, you tell me I’m not the first guy of the day you fucked, I kick you out of the bedroom and you respond by fucking MIKE?! How slutty ARE you?”

“You had sex with two other guys today?” Mike asked. This was news to him, he had no idea she fucked anyone that day, let alone two guys.

“Get your shit, and get out of my house now!” Jason said.

Erin spent the night at her sisters, and the next day went back and got the rest of her things.

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