22 Ch. 05

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The new Sow settles in

* * *

The next morning saw me up and about before dawn and in the treatment room with my hands full. 22 was receiving the first massage on its teats for the day and after a somewhat sleepless night due to itching hair was catching 40 winks using my shoulder as a pillow.

“Itchy hair,” I had exclaimed in mock surprise.

” That’s hard to believe,” I murmured.

I let it go for the time being and got my finger kneading the soft flesh that was hanging from the sows chest. The swollen nipples were starting to settle down now with their colour returning to normal but they still stood well away from the areola. When the sow had been prepared it came docilely to the milking rack where I lifted and strapped the cups to the hanging teats. With the program accessed on the hand held, the pulsing started its gentle motion and the teats started to experience an increase in blood flow.

The help entered at dawn with my first pipe of the day and a tea tray. My control couch was designed to split open at the part that supported my legs and this the help now opened to get access between my legs. It started her work as I took a drag on my pipe and sipped my tea.

I had strapped the feeding teat to its head and I watched the throat as today’s drugs and hormones started their journey to the stomach. The sow seemed to be fitting into new routines faster than most. There had been no protest this morning when I suggested that it remain bare above the waist for the morning treatments.

The vet would coming this morning and for some reason the Baron had asked for some of my time at eleven. I had invited him for morning tea. I let my mind drift and took pleasure watching the cups work their magic on the trapped teats.

* * *

Old Mr. Charles had been a fixture in the life of the village for years and had the reputation as the best vet for twenty miles. He had the sow up on the rooms examination couch with the body tilted somewhat back and the legs spread wide. He was using surgical scissors to cut away pubic hair in the valley formed by the labia majora. Soon he would use a razor to clean the labia minora in preparation for ringing and the deadening of the sensitive nerve endings of the clitoris.

The canlı bahis House of Lords had faced a somewhat large problem with the introduction of the act enabling the Royal Milk Board in that suddenly there would a large amount of young girls with much reduced minds in very vulnerable position. After all, being naked in a milk rack a sow was somewhat vulnerable to unauthorised penetration and other types of types of stimulation so the Guild Of Registered Virgins had proposed a solution to the Lords standing committee.

All sows would have the lips ringed presenting a physical barrier against penetration and a special cream would be injected into the vagina to deaden the nerve endings that gave sexual stimulation. This would would also be applied to the clitoris and nipples.

With the clipping finished old Mr. Charles gently peeled back 22’s clitoral hood in preparation for creaming and deadening its nerves.

“The sow looks to have good potential Ms. Robbins, I’m sure there will be another ribbon in it for your mantle piece.”

The old man had a soft voice that seemed to carry a weariness with the kingdom and its times.

“Why thank you Mr. Charles, I hope you will take a glass and pipe with me before you depart.

” Aye lass, that would be grand,” he replied.

I left the old man to his work and went to get the help started on a garden tea tray.

* * *

Mr. Charles

Veterinary Practitioner

I was tired and each day seemed somewhat harder to make it through then the last. All was not lost as I still received great pleasure in my work. The journey from young girl to life as a sow could be assisted with the application of modern veterinary practice and I was proud that my skills were of still some use.

I always started at the top and worked down so it was the clitoris that I was working on now. I used the skill of many years practice to tease the tiny stalk out of its hidden resting place. It would be the last time it would make this journey till the sow was released from the milk program.

My skills with a razor had not diminished with time and a small area had been cleared of hair around the rising clit. The sow was thickly endowed with hair and in this area some was quite long. I made bahis siteleri use of this as my circling finger worked out for a moment and snagged a tuft of it and dragged it inward to the tiny stalk. Keeping with the circular motion I wrapped the hair around the rising stalk and was immediately rewarded by the first sexual response. The hips gave an involuntary thrust towards my teasing finger.

The tiny thing was now fully engorged and extended, the course hair being manipulated against 22’s exposed and raw clitoris. I found myself nodding with approval as the clitoris arose and seemed to take pride of place with the lips, folds and hair.

The hips of the sow had started to move now so using the roughness of the hair to increase the rubbing sensation on the tender nub I simply waited for the vagina to lubricate itself which would ease the way for a probing veterinary fore finger at a later stage.

Ms. Robin’s help had bought a tray and decanter. I availed myself of the hospitality and had her pour a triple of Ms. Robbins finest whiskey. I took up the glass offered and let my mind drift as my finger worked the sensitive stalk.

I thought of the great changes the Kingdom had endured since the comet and of the grace shown buy our country’s women and girls with the loss of their civil rights and liberty’s. It was the reason that I always used all of my skill when giving a sow the last orgasm it would receive for quite some time.

22’s hips were now in time with the stimulation my finger was giving. The light abrasion the trapped pubic hair gave to the tender stalk would bring orgasm much sooner than some vets felt appropriate. I myself disagreed for it was the last orgasm that would be experienced and remembered with a sows limited brain capacity so I had always felt it should be a good one. This sow looked like it was a heading towards a good one.

I creamed my other fingers and started nipple stimulation as the sow started to moan towards its coming release. The hips had started to buck now and I knew the moment was fast approaching.

The sow screamed, its hips lifted into the finger working its tender stalk and it came. I was ready.

Using my large syringe I inserted the plastic tube deep into the vagina and thrust bahis şirketleri the plunger home. I used care not to damage the intact hymen and soon a thick white liquid oozed from the over full vagina. I dipped my finger in some of the excess and scooped a portion onto the tiny pulsating stalk and the engorged nipples. The liquid would absorb into the skin and deaden the nerves of the erogenous zones leaving 22 free from sexual urges during her participation in the human milk program.

While 22 started to come down from its orgasmic rush I moved onto the ringing process. 22 lay on her back, legs fully spread her, ankles cuffed to chains hanging from the ceiling. Her wrists were secured to her side so it was held quite firm as I made my piercing needle ready.

A good vet was known for the quality of his ringing and my results were held in high esteem by the village and surrounding farms. I started at the top and when I made the first two holes I carefully fitted the first ring before clamping the free ends together. Keeping correct spacing and alignment I worked down the lips till the three rings had been fitted and the sow was now protected from penetration and a rupturing of the hymen.

With the legs splayed wide the inner thighs were fully exposed and ready for the RMB * brand. I used the razor again and cleared an area of hair from the left inner thigh the using my tattooing gun put the Robbin brand on followed by two “2’s”.

As I packed away my apparatus, I checked over the finished work, applied another batch of antiseptic and felt that once again I had performed well. The rings looked good, straight, nicely placed and seemed to set off the new brand.

I peeled back the clitoral hood and noted the clitoris had disappeared and wouldn’t be rising again anytime soon. My finger rubbed a nipple but this to was now bared any sexual stimulation.

My work was done and I went to the garden to join Miss Robbins for tea.

* * *

Miss Robbins

The Treatment Room

Mr. Charles had done well as usual. I admired his work as I ran my eyes over the sow. I had refitted a feeding teat and the sow was taking more drugs into its system for relaxation and pain relief. The rings suited her and the same could be said with her new Robbin’s brand. The sow seemed to be resting comfortably even with its ankles suspended from the ceiling so I left it for a while and went back to the cottage to write up my reports.

* * *

RMB, Royal Milk Board

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